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Tutorial The Fine Art of "Baby Bending"

Nice tutorial allot learned while reading deffanatly going to try this technique!

Well done Will! A technique that I also hadn't heard of. But can very well benefit from living up north as I do. Thank you for taking the time to put this together for us to learn from.
I've had good success bending ficus benjamina branches this way. Several of my trees now have weepy, twisty branches achieved primarily by selective trimming and bending this way.
Technical/photo difficulties aside:
This is probably the most straightforward explanation, about a vital aspect of our art, that I have seen in a while. Kudos on breaking down an often poorly executed technique simply enough that even "my brother George" should be able to understand.
Thanks for your kind words, and I'm glad the tutorial might even help George. :)
Great tutorial! I never heard this technique used in any book before, great! Some photos are only thumbnail size, could the author add full size photos? so we can get a better look!
The author tried for about an hour and a half late last night, long after his bedtime, to figure out how to get more than six photos to load (he intended a progression of four for each tree), and he did indeed try to embed them as full size images - but all to no avail. The author has been uploading vast amounts of files to this site over the years with never a hassle, but the new "Resource" section - supposed to be designed to be helpful with tutorials and such, which he foolishly assumed would include sizable bandwidth and simple mechanisms for the uploading of these sorts of helpful photos - was beyond his apparently meager capabilities. He apologizes.
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