Youtube Bonsai Channels/Video's/Playlists

Youtube Bonsai Channels/Video's/Playlists

Here is a collection of Youtube channels,playlists and video's I've collected, sorted on updates and quality for you! You can comment recommendations so I can add them, or give this resource a review.

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MOAR!!! :-D

Loving this rabbithole of education. Thanks for sharing.
Great post! Includes most good channels (bonsaiilligan, appalacian bonsai, bonsai junkie are other good resources). More excellent videos from Bonsai Mirai seem to be surfacing now too. Their capitalist business model is both good and bad I guess. Thanks for the larch doc! :)
For me as a rookie is a woderful discovery. A lot to learn
David Cortizas sub here!
David is brilliant, too bad I cannot speak Spanish :)
Nice work putting this together!
I give this resource 4 stars because there are some good links here. 5 stars would be if you gave a short description of each link...
Thanks for ur input man!
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