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  1. Smoke

    "3 D" View Thread

    I know I'm interested in this kind of thing. I would really like to see how this shakes out. Post your favorite tree from all four sides.
  2. Smoke


    Don't forget to set your clocks ahead one hour tonight.
  3. Smoke

    Root Cuttings 2018

    I took these root cutting last year. I didn't do many but did some as an experiment. I did lots of cutting on the Miniature Privit and Willow leaf so didn't spend as much time doing these. Of course, if you can't grow a elm root your just a loser (@bonsainut ), So I don't spend too much time at...
  4. Smoke

    The Elusive Maple Flower

    In recent years it has been brought up about maple flowers. Many people thought maples did not have flowers and were very surprised to know about this. But, like all plants that grow from seed, if there is seed there is a flower. Ahhh, but how do you see a maple flower? Well it is very quick...
  5. Smoke

    Ten Year Club

    Post a picture of a bonsai that you have owned for at least ten years being in a bonsai pot for ten years. If it's been in a bonsai pot longer, then that is even better. Please post a before picture also. That is always nice to see where the tree has come from. I feel ten years is a great...
  6. Smoke

    Making some hard to find stock

    During the last couple years I have been working on two species which are new to me, but may be old standby's for others. The Willow Leaf Ficus, Ficus salicifolia and the Dwarf Japanese Privet, Ligustrum japonicum "Rotundifolium" Both make excellent bonsai and both seem fairly elusive to find...
  7. Smoke

    I want this...

    I got to have this tree in my collection
  8. Smoke

    The real Winter Display Exhibit

    Most your beautiful Winter Bonsai in proper pots and display accouterments. Shohin Box Stand. Black Pine, Shimpaku, Trident Maple, Elm, Hornbeam
  9. Smoke

    If I could spend a day with a Nutter

    Pick three of the characters you would like to spend a day with. Maybe a why would be cool too. I would love to spend a day with Mark Rockwell. ( @rockm). I think the longevity of working thru the many forums we have been on thru the years would be fun to talk about. Would love to spend a...
  10. Smoke

    Smoke and Mirrors - 006

    San Jose Juniper. 2015 I received this tree as a gift from Steve DaSilva, the guy who supplied lots of material I use like the big Cork Elm in SM003. This was a tree that he tried the Jim Gremel wrap it up in wire and put it into a field for a few years method and this was one of them. The tree...
  11. Smoke

    Smoke and Mirrors - 005

    Prostrata Juniper In 2012 the Fresno Bonsai Society had its yearly show. One of its members was moving and had bought this prostrata juniper that was left over from a GSBF convention workshop. He donated it to the club as a silent auction piece and no one wanted it. I placed a bid of 100.00 on...
  12. Smoke

    Smoke and Mirrors - 004

    Trident maple I picked this tree up from a club member in 2010 at the yearly bonsai swapmeet. I believe that was the first year we did it. I wanted the tree because of the unusual nature of the trunk. It was weird but didn't have any scars. I thought I had a plan and took it home to work on it...
  13. Smoke

    In Smokes Head

    This question popped up in a recent thread. I really love the question as it allows me to talk about my favorite person. (at least that's what I'm told) So...allow me to talk about my history a little. The easy answer is I like both styles, but for different reasons. Allow me to elaborate...
  14. Smoke

    Smoke and Mirrors - 003

    Cork Elm I purchased this tree from a friend of mine that grows material in the ground. He grows everything from elms, quince, maples, pines and junipers. It is a great thing to have a person who is a personal friend that has the property to grow things and also be generous enough to share them...
  15. Smoke

    Smoke and Mirrors - 002

    Shimpaku Juniper This is another Ed Clark pick up, and I bought it with the other juniper. I did some preliminary work on it also but not as much detail as the other. This tree is much more rough and open for ideas. I know where I'm gonna go I think but I do like hearing what others have to...
  16. Smoke

    Smoke and Mirrors - 001

    I have decided to spend more energy on giving back. I intend to post small tutorials about some of the work I do. Mostly it will be trees that have been built in a rather short length of time hoping to show that this hobby needn't be devoted to decades of one's time but that in a couple of...
  17. Smoke

    Retirement Party

    Having posted number 9,9991 in Judy's thread I wish to make 9,992 the retirement of Smoke. This year in May I did my last demo for the local club and retired from the monthly Shohin study group I co-organized after 7 years. I also retired from The Fresno Bonsai club. so...with a very close...
  18. Smoke

    Shout out to a few fans.

    I had no idea. I had no idea that the thought of having a fan base here was something one should strive for. In reading this I am truly saddened. I had no idea that my "like" was that important. I have belonged to the Eagles Club since 1976. It is a Great Mens club that gives back to the...
  19. Smoke

    Are you a Parrot?

    What is a parrot. It's a bird, sure. But it also listens to everything it hears and regurgitates it over and over again finding entertainment with anyone willing to show it some love. What a parrot doesn't have is an original thought. It doesn't think for it'self and it only repeats what it...
  20. Smoke

    The Frankenstein Maple

    In the year 2013 I made a paradigm shift in my thought process about how a maple should look. Even though I was having success with traditional moyogi styled trees it wasn't what I wanted. Look as I could the material was not around. I looked for something I could cut down into the oak tree...
  21. Smoke

    Just a trident Literati

    Just a small trident I picked up at a swapmeet for $10.00. Bought it last year around this time at Club BBQ swapmeet. Accent is over 18 years old in a pot. Isso pot. Tree is in cheap Chinese pot, but getting worthy.....
  22. Smoke

    Teach me about "Hardening Off"

    Please explain this process to me. Please explain why you do it and its benefits. Please use pictures to explain your process and its method. I am most eager to see why I been doing it wrong and how I can improve on what I already have.
  23. Smoke

    "You have been warned"

    I started here in 2006. Twelve years ago. In that time I have seen a lot of people come and go. I have seen many really good people come and go and I have seen some idiots come and go. In that twelve years I still have not reached 10,000 posts. There are some here that have managed to do it in...
  24. Smoke

    How big is your Trunk

    I look at all the new posts each night and all I see are threads about cuttings, little tiny trees from mail order houses. Scrawny trees dug up from the woods, fruit trees with trunks barely 1/2 inch across. Now please use common sense and only post replies that have to do with "bonsai". You...
  25. Smoke

    You be the Judge

    Its not often that we get to be judge and jury of a display contest. These are the six entries for judging. Please place first, second and third.
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