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  1. Maros

    Fish emulsion vs hydrolysate

    Interesting discussion indeed. I was just wandering, as non-native speaker what kind of accend Ian had.
  2. Maros


    Regarding substrate Im not fundamenlist. Im rather opportunistic, I use different combinations of Zeolite, Terramol, lava and pumice. Generally I mix 10-30% of rough peat into modern substrate. I For smaller trees I mostly use Zeolite based mix because it is cheapest, I have local source and buy...
  3. Maros


    I left pot with seeds in the substrate untouched outside whole winter. I curious if any seedlings will pop up. Thanks for your kind words. Actually, tree do not want to ramify too much anymore. I tried last year help it by removing 97% of the flowers after spring but it didn't work.
  4. Maros


    Learned my lesson, last year seeds are in the fridge. But actually, I'm not craving for seedlings, its just sideshow.
  5. Maros


    I planted few seeds from this tree last year but none of them germinate. Few years ago birds costumed fruits from the tree and dumped residues which produced new plant. So I have one seedling. Birds are better in horticulture than me.
  6. Maros


    Hi Nellie. It is lava on top, you are right. Surface was cleaned from saw chips from winter storage, it is hard to do without removing some of the substrate particles so it was just added on the top. I may do a little root work on the tree in few days to sit deeper in the pot and could add moss...
  7. Maros


    A couple of spring pictures with flowers, just after being taken out from winter storage. Seems like it is way too early spring this season.
  8. Maros

    Powerful Prunus mume

    Good trunk mate. Curious to see how it will develop further.
  9. Maros

    Short story of my little Birch

    Try it and you will see if it works or not. You gain some experience along the way and possibly have nice tree at the end. My birch will come out of the winter storage in few weeks and pictures will be posted shortly after. Greetings
  10. Maros

    Wild trees for bonsai 2019 (UK)

    Hawthorns are problematic according to almost everybody I spoke with. I know only about one of my friends claiming he is able to collect them successfully without major losses, and his approach differs from mine only in fact he is straight after collecting removing all old soil, which I'm not...
  11. Maros

    Kinzu (Golden Bean kumquat)

    Many years ago I read an article in the gardening magazine about bonsai which triggered my interest in bonsai. One of the attached picture was Fortunella hindsii.
  12. Maros

    Hornbeam No.11 progression

    Thanks for your compliments, I appreciate it :)
  13. Maros

    Hornbeam No.11 progression

    You are right, your preferred view angle is nice, so are others. That's why I took more pictures. It is not 2D tree but it should be more 3D living sculpture. Thanks for your comments.
  14. Maros

    Hornbeam No.11 progression

    Some update on this hornbeam recently. Hornbeam without foliage in the stage when went into winter storage a few days ago. A middle part of the crown (on the left side of the first picture) was severely cut back in spring and now it will be regrown during the next few seasons. Long branch...
  15. Maros

    Hornbeam material-The Four Brothers

    You will become a master carver with that attitude mate.
  16. Maros

    Anyone with info on growing ash as bonsai?

    Thanks Paul. This is Fraxinus ornus (probably) collected from wild. I do not know all the ash species possibly growing in England but I think most common is Fraxinus ornus and Fraxinus Excelsior. There could be other for sure and there are maybe some hybrids (?). But as ashes are members of...
  17. Maros

    Anyone with info on growing ash as bonsai?

    Fraxinus ornus in my collection. To me it has all from your bucket list. But it depends on taste as well.
  18. Maros

    Wild Plum

    The fascinating tree as most of it from their collections. Waiting for the spring pictures with flowers. Did it start to flower and bear fruits already, how are those plums behaving in this aspect?
  19. Maros


    Winer images after foliage fell off.
  20. Maros

    Dogwood - Cornus alba for bonsai?

    I have three Cornus mas trees, one I call "Vesna" ( could be seen in my Dogwood thread you linked already. The second one is the tree I call "Attila" ( collected in Hungary in...
  21. Maros

    European Hornbeam #5

    Walter, do you defoliate (partly?) any of your hornbeams then? If not how you protect density of the crown from dieback from lacking of sunlight? Thanks
  22. Maros

    Woops :)

    Wau that was long. I started to worry war against Skynet strated and rebels triggered EMP 😉
  23. Maros

    The Tree Thread

    Maple with autumn colours
  24. Maros

    Communis dying in Akadama

    Juniperus communis is known for its terrible reputation as a material for bonsai. I heard many times it is attacked by a fungal disease which is killing it or forcing it to loose whole branches. The story goes they tend to die suddenly after a few years (2-10). My very first collected tree was...
  25. Maros

    Show us your Oak (Quercus) Pre-Bonsai

    My Quercus pubescens
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