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    If using benches/tables, what are some good things to plant *under* them?

    I've been placing/planting things that bugs/pests/bacteria prefer to avoid. Like citronella, sage, rosemary, peppermint and spearmint, etc. Also, I'm slowly adding dropped foliage or leaves from those into my mulch pile hoping to benefit from their natural repellent properties for next year's...
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    Kalamata Olive Starters $15 (Olea Europaea Kalamata)

    I would like 2 , dibs on the 3 year olds?
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    Oddity on mugo trunk

    I always thought it to be dried out sap crust. I'd like to know as well ;)
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    New Site Host

    WiredTree sounds like a perfect home (namewise) for bnut, or are you admin'ing things other than bnut?
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    Lighting for an Indoor Bonsai

    I have two which grew under about 68W/200W equiv. cfl's. Used a custom made light hood that cost me about $10. Grew alright. I added another light, and it went nuts growing, had it for about 2 years now.
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    Grow stone

    I tried some with a juniper from lowes. Mixed in with clay pebbles and a smidgen of coarse perlite. Worked fine so far (~6 months).
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    Silicone collapsing colanders?

    They would be for seedlings and shohin trees. I hadn't noticed the lack of holes on the sides. I thought perhaps the collapsible containers would make it easier to take the tree out of the pot for maintenance.
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    Aquarium water for watering and fertilizer?

    I don't think people here are considering that the nice fish emulsion fertilizer cakes they love, are the collected and dried version of what the OP would be using. Aquaponics involves two separate parts. One part a fish tank with lots of fish adding fertilizer to the water, and another part...
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    Silicone collapsing colanders?

    So a lot of people love their colanders for training pots, I was wondering if anyone is using the collapsible silicone colanders and how they like them? I think this one has a decent shape, and am considering buying one to try out...
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    My plant !

    I've kept mine inside knowing it was an outdoors tree, it's a juniper procumbens nana. I wanted to do an experiment. This is the beginning of the second winter it has been kept inside in my grow tent.
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    LED grow light settings

    I'd like to mention to those who aren't aware of it, but you can also just go with some high power white LED's. It would be less efficient since your using energy to produce colors of light that the trees use less of, or none of. Blue and Red are the two that are used the most. Google PAR...
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    My plant !

    They will if you do it right. As suggested, a high power grow light can keep it alive for 18 months. This coming December will make it 24 months alive, and growing.
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    That doesn't sound anywhere close to being remotely bright enough. Growing things inside requires very bright light. Very bright. Minimum lumens should be over 5,000, especially if its 2 to 3 feet away. Google grow lights. Dont be afraid to look at cannabis forums for lighting...
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    Good fertilizer for my trees?

    I use a commercial cucumber oriented chemical fertilizer which is 8-16-36 at the recommended strength according to the packaging. It works great.
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    GIANT SEQUOIA bonsai question...

    I love seeing posts like this. Rock on with your experiment, I'm about to go into year 2 of a similar one w/out dormancy. Mine aren't dead yet either.
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    900W Mars 2 LED Trial

    Its the different colored LEDs in the light panel.
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    Bench build

    I would think the marine grade finish would be what keeps your bench in perfect shape for years to come, along with the fine skill you are demonstrating in the construction. If it's good enough for a few years on a boat in water, I doubt any level of watering would effect it. I look...
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    needle plucking, DUH!!!!!

    It's ironic that turpentine is distilled from pine sap. Maybe its the part of the sap that separates the molecules of the sticky part.
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    A Short Video from the 4th US National Bonsai Exhibition...

    Maybe the aluminum tree would have been better received if it were in copper. Maybe electroform/electroplate it to a jin. It would be really outrageous to have wire fused in and coming out of the copper section..
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    Indoor Light Setup

    I had wanted to try LEDs for a few years, but only recently after seeing the COB models did I really seriously begin researching. I ended up going with a Cree CXA 3070 chip, which has several different color temperature options. You do have to build it yourself, but that's 90% of the fun. As...
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    BREAKING NEWS –Box Store Challenge Results!

    Thanks for setting up the contest, it was great fun and allowed me to add two more trees to my collection than I was previously "allowed". Congrats to the winners, and thank you to the judges!
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    Indoor Light Setup

    I hope you update again in a few months, I was heavily considering using the red and blue lights only. I also like your tent, did you build it or buy it?
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    Doubts about indoor lighting

    The different color temperatures of the lights provide different strengths of different areas of the color spectrum. Higher is bluer, lower is more orange/yellow. If you search online you'll find mentions of these two being better for normal growth and flowering. Either should be fine, but I...
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    Indoor Light Setup

    I used to use a pair of 68W CFL's for over a year, and a few months ago started trying out cob LEDs. Search for em on ebay, amazon has a few sometimes as well. For the LEDs, there is a bunch of decent tutorials on the aquarium forums about building a light panel. I like the LED chips because...
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    Beginner Category Box Store Challenge Final Photos

    Here is my entry, a blue pacific juniper. I tag teamed this with the help of my brother in-law who has picked up my interest in bonsai. We both saw a semi-cascade, but since there were two separate trunks, the left was chosen for the cascade, but the right wanted to become more of an informal...
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