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  1. erb.75

    Field Maple #10

    as always @Walter Pall , thanks for sharing and great tree. The world of bonsai is much better with all your work and photos that you share
  2. erb.75

    My First Monster and Meeting Mach5

    I've started to use it and it's wonderful...keeps the moisture more even throughout the pot
  3. erb.75

    Giving back for three great years. Another pot giveaway.

    Dang! Thanks for doing this...both pots look great! Do you have an online store?
  4. erb.75

    I should have started bonsai long ago...

    I'm glad I started bonsai in my 20's, so I could get a lot of the failure out of the way by the time I got a house :) Now I'm rock'in with a house, yard, at age 35!
  5. erb.75

    I should have started bonsai long ago...

    when did Victor start doing the stamp with the yin-yang thing? Does that designate a SE pot? All of mine only have the "ERIN" stamp
  6. erb.75

    My First Monster and Meeting Mach5

    Ya, malty beer is where it’s at...or something like big wave from Kona brewing co.
  7. erb.75

    Hi from Ohio

    it should be noted that "welcome to crazy" is the official greeting of @sorce and I stole it from him :)
  8. erb.75

    Hi from Ohio

    say hi to Ken for me!
  9. erb.75

    Hi from Ohio

    ya Ohio! I'm a little farther south of you. welcome to crazy!
  10. erb.75

    Princess persimmon - going for big bucks...

    I know! did you see how much the cuttings were going for?
  11. erb.75

    For all my nuts

    merry xmas!
  12. erb.75

    Choosing a rock for next year's maple root-over-rock project

    #1 you might be able to carve out some root all 3 though :)
  13. erb.75

    Grouper52 put a disturbing message on his profile page...

    @grouper52 we're all thinking about you friend!
  14. erb.75

    One of my favorite pots

    Absolutely. Maybe I'll be my mark on bonsai! :) I have like 20 ROR projects going right now and half of them are with minerals...will post much more in the spring and the coming years I'll at least start by outlining the minerals and showing before pictures of them without trees attached in a...
  15. erb.75

    My first Trident

    Well this was a lot better than I imagined from the title...welcome!
  16. erb.75

    my naked trees.

    I think pro choice for the new beauty berry pot
  17. erb.75

    Kilnin' Myshelf

    coming to, to my house ;)? love the other rectangle I got from you :)
  18. erb.75

    Sorce Pots

    @sorce , the pot is super. Thanks and I'll post pictures once I plop a tree in it. Finally got one of your pots!
  19. erb.75

    are "great maples" chopped ? - come share your thoughts

    :) I need to take this forum much less seriously, lol.
  20. erb.75

    are "great maples" chopped ? - come share your thoughts

    they don't have any great deciduous Penjing? man, you must be living under a
  21. erb.75

    Sorce Pots

    I got it! I got the purple one! woohoo! Proud owner of a @sorce pot now. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find purple bonsai pots! :)
  22. erb.75

    Sorce Pots

    rain and wane is pretty! is that a blue color or purple? also, how much? ;) Christmas is right around the corner
  23. erb.75

    Not To Be Missed Podcast!

    listening to that one now, then found this post!
  24. erb.75

    Flowering Crabapple cutting???

    first successful airlayer for me was from a crabapple
  25. erb.75

    ROR Trident project

    @Brian Van Fleet really inspirational...I have looked at this thread many times over. I started several (6) ROR plantings this year, and have 8 more to do either now or in the springtime! :)
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