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  1. aml1014

    How about some ficus benjamina love? (Let's see yours)

    Only doing it part time when I'm needed, haven't actually been sent out to one yet. Aaron
  2. aml1014

    How about some ficus benjamina love? (Let's see yours)

    Been awhile since I've posted, but here's another update on my childhood benjamina. Aaron
  3. aml1014

    Nursery Vitex (chaste tree)

    I sit back and read mostly nowadays, I don't comment often lol. And I haven't had any issues with my elms losing branches. I need more vitex for sure! Aaron
  4. aml1014

    Nursery Vitex (chaste tree)

    I think my vitex take heat/droight by far the best of any of my trees. Aaron
  5. aml1014

    Nursery Vitex (chaste tree)

    What, you don't have any Siberian elms?!?!?😂 Aaron
  6. aml1014

    How about some ficus benjamina love? (Let's see yours)

    Little update on my oldest benjamina. It's in serious need of a rewiring! Aaron
  7. aml1014

    Ponderosa (?) problem...

    Pine tip moth is what it sounds like. Try cutting the dead needle cluster off at the point it started growing (last year's needles) it'll more than likely be hollow and you'll find a borer residing inside. SQUISH IT!!! Aaron
  8. aml1014

    Possible akadama replacement?

    I do still have a few trees in this stuff that haven't been reported since I started the thread. It seems to hold it's structure better than akadama. So an akadama, no, but a good soil either way. Aaron
  9. aml1014

    What am i?

    Apple of some sort for sure. Aaron
  10. aml1014


    Very true, same signs may lead different ways in our different climates. Glad to hear yours is growing strongly even though it had the severe rot. If it ever gives you to many problems, you know who will snag it up from you😉 Aaron
  11. aml1014


    I have a couple gray oaks from him and they all do it every winter, as do the gray oaks out in the wild I've seen. They always drop come spring and new growth comes in just fine. Aaron
  12. aml1014

    "Ginseng" Ficus mallsai

    Always a big question😉😂 Aaron
  13. aml1014

    Large and Awkward Japanese Black Pine...

    IMO that low branch is FAR to thick for the design. I feel if you jinned or shortened it back to those small branches higher up, it would drastically improve the design. Nice start for sure though! Aaron
  14. aml1014

    Another Irma rescue

    Here's just a couple examples of my collected elms where they did in fact bud out from the th chop. Sorry about my broken camera on my phone lol Aaron
  15. aml1014

    Another Irma rescue

    Well I'll have to take some pictures later for you, mine seem to come straight from the cut end. If I remember correctly uncle fester up in Michigan has the same thing happen with his elms. Aaron
  16. aml1014

    Another Irma rescue

    I never seal big chips on elms I collect. They like to bid from the callous at the cut end, and sealing it will just make it harder on the tree to throw branches. Aaron
  17. aml1014

    Pines zone 7-7b

    That's pretty interesting as I live at a much much higher elevation than OK, and we are definitly hotter and dryer in summer time. Yet, somehow all the blackpines I've ever seen here do perfectly fine, even at a mile high elevation ( as we know, jbp are coastal trees). Funny enough, it's white...
  18. aml1014

    Another Irma rescue

    The problem is that not only does the scion have to be active, but so does the stump. Grafting will not work on this tree unfortunately. Aaron
  19. aml1014

    I'm going to be in Vero Beach, FL

    Maples are fine here in winter buddy, they just need some root protection at most. Aaron
  20. aml1014

    Prunus Spinosa

    No close up shoots of the blooms?😉 Aaron
  21. aml1014

    Shohin Aleppo pine

    We have them all over here in Albuquerque, many did get dieback though in 2011 when we got down to -11°f, but most survived it and are finally looking decent again. Aaron
  22. aml1014

    Acer Grandidentatum (Bigtooth Maple)

    I'll snap a quick picture of my favorite when I get off today. Aaron
  23. aml1014

    Acer Grandidentatum (Bigtooth Maple)

    I have a few bigtooth maples I collected a couple years ago. They can handle more sun than JM but they are slow to progress as they are single flush only. I let mine grow all season and prune in early fall. Aaron
  24. aml1014

    Trash elms(Chinese Elms)

    Also Siberians seed in spring where as the Chinese elm produce seed in fall. Aaron
  25. aml1014

    Ground growing ficus?

    Why not build a small raised bed filled with bonsai soil, then pot the ficus into a good sized grow box. Leave it on the raised bed all year and let the roots run as they please, than in fall, just snip whatever roots have escaped. I've had good results with this kind of technique. Aaron
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