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  1. GrimLore

    The Little Hino that Could :)

    On June 20th I received a lovingly delivered Hino - They were a bit tough on it to say the least, This is the pot it was in upon arrival - After finding an always available trainer for these situations I repotted it, trimmed it as it was the right time here. It was far more full, regardless...
  2. GrimLore

    Juniperus procumbens 'Green Mound' from 2015

    @sorce back in 2015 I bought this green mound and a blue mound. The blue mound I killed by leaving it in a hanging basket unattended all Winter. This one however I just took out of the 4 inch deep pot, filled an 8 1/2 inch with 5 inches of high fired slate for weight and jammed it on top of...
  3. GrimLore

    Tide Pods - The Final Word :P

    The only way to cleanse your Soul... Grimmy
  4. GrimLore

    Happy Birthday Greg!

    @Bonsai Nut Happy Birthday and many more! Grimmy
  5. GrimLore

    The Solstice, Holiday, and Christmas wish from me to all of you!

    Be Safe and Enjoy! Grimmy ;)
  6. GrimLore

    Gun Owners have rights too

    Yesterday - Grimmy
  7. GrimLore

    Heat mat - what temperature is the surface of yours?

    Curious as I will be experimenting in a small space. To small for a mat but the surface temperature averages 95F and I would like to try some unusual seeds on it... Thanks in advance! Grimmy
  8. GrimLore

    Not certain why, checked this end, all good

    I have been noticing after being logged in awhile the site freezes up on me. After a few refreshes this pops up - When it does I go to task manager and end the process. The page refreshes normally and the browser states it has recovered the page... No malware, no virus here. Fiber hardwire...
  9. GrimLore

    Ulmus parvifolia 'Sempervirens' a few have asked in conversation

    Several people here and on the phone have asked me if the Ulmus parvifolia 'Sempervirens' Weeping needs assistance such as wires, weights etc... I was looking through a lot of pictures on the camera today and came across this picture which shows its ability to "weep" by itself. Quite opposite of...
  10. GrimLore

    Quince Cuttings question ALL/ANY info appreciated :)

    I have at leas a few different types of Quince and most likely have had "most" all varieties over the years. Could you state what type of Quince, what time of year, what Zone you are in, and what type of cutting that you have had success with? I have two right now that that I want the best...
  11. GrimLore

    Goji Experiment

    I took receipt of a small Goji earilier this year. Not Bonsai but potted. It threw so much new foliage I had to stake it and hedge it back a lot. None of the growth was back buds on old wood... I waited a few weeks and it continued the same whippy growth pattern so I hedged it again a couple...
  12. GrimLore

    African Sumac, Willow Rhus, Karee - Searsia lancea OUCH!

    I read up on African Sumac and came to believe they produce the same oil as Poison Oak which does not bother me the least... Well I trimmed two small ones on Saturday and discovered this Sunday - It did swell but does not itch or burn, just looks nasty in person. I guess I finally found a...
  13. GrimLore

    Odd Serrisa root work progression

    I call it an odd Serissa not because it is uncommon but because most people do not consider variegated plants in Bonsai as many tend to be slow growing. I find this plant does not grow slowly in ANY aspect and it needs a lot of attention unless one wants a landscape bush :oops: I received and...
  14. GrimLore

    Quick useful Jiffy Tray fix or two

    As the standard Jiffy tray is rather flimsy I do a quick modification or two to make them useful :) I start will plant flats that any Nursery is more then happy to give anyone free. I asked for 6 yesterday and they gave me 10 anyways - I drill 1/8 inch holes for drainage in a Standard Jiffy...
  15. GrimLore

    Greg! Need assist :P

    @Bonsai Nut As far as I know no settings have been changed on my account... Today I have this tiny font and it is the same if I reply... There is no tool bar so I cannot change it or use the toolbar utilities - Could you please look into it? Thanks in advance, Grimmy Edit: Just noticed...
  16. GrimLore

    baileyana species of Acacias

    Actually see them listed under several different names but would like to purchase one that blooms yellow flowers. Looking for a starter, young perhaps a foot or so tall. They grow fast but are on the short lived side so a younger healthy plant is preferred - Thanks in advance Grimmy
  17. GrimLore

    Peach tree(s) question

    We have two Peach Trees I potted bare root Spring 2016. One is a Hale Haven and the other is a Belle of Georgia variety. Both appear just fine but we traveled for a couple of weeks and I noticed what looks odd to me unlike other fruits we grow. It appears like small flower petals of pinkish...
  18. GrimLore

    Old but new

    I was happy to receive this Pietro Gardone V.T. Beretta 7.65 model 70 from Grandmother along with the story. Grandfather bought it in the early 60's and fired it once and put it in a drawer where it sat since. He hated it saying it was built "upside down" and "backwards"... I know it is a belly...
  19. GrimLore

    Rhododendron 'Olga Mezitt" Northern trial...

    Had tried a lot of different types of Rhododendron here and none seemed to survive Winter even as mild as it is. In fall of 2015 I tried another and left it in its' 5 inch pot outside. Not much to look at in the Spring but it lived so I bumped it up to an 8 inch pot and although I bent it a bit...
  20. GrimLore

    Bald Cypress Question(s)

    First and foremost I have had a lot of BC growing just fine for years at the other place and here. We had problems with the land drainage at this place and lost all, not just BC due to a bacterial problem in Spring 2015. This season we are past reclaiming the land and have corrected the...
  21. GrimLore

    Fall Colors 2016 - Post 'em up!

    Although it is near October the weather has been mild and the flora here abundant- Grimmy
  22. GrimLore

    Preparing for wintering plants indoors -

    I have spent a few days disinfecting and cleaning the plant room for use in a few weeks. Right now testing and retesting Humidity and light levels in a couple of areas for a week to set the humidifier correctly. Will proceed and balance it out the following week after setting up the left side of...
  23. GrimLore

    Toyo Nishiki question(s)

    I noticed this bud the other day and am a bit mystified. I received this clump in a 2 1/2 gallon container and as with everything else this year just growing it out testing for previous problems. The plant as received was healthy and still is. When I received it had one final bloom left in late...
  24. GrimLore

    Reclaimed the back yard, not much to go :)

    As many of you know we got hit with a bacterial infection in the soil in Spring of 2015. This place we bought was not draining properly so since then I cleaned up the infection, destroyed the lawn doing topsoil removal, and have bought nursery plants of similar species to test. A few days ago a...
  25. GrimLore

    Bored enough to try a different cascade method...

    Landscape still not finished and nothing to work on so I figured I would show a way to start a cascade from a Blue Pacific Shore Juniper. As it grows I will continue to trim out the low interior growth and stake the long runners up a bit to create air movement inside. Thinking @sorce may see use...
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