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  1. namnhi

    What can I say..

    Am an addict. Wife and older kid are on cruise so I have nothing to do. Already told myself not to buy anything until the big show in April. Wander to JRN during lunch break saw a couple maples of interest. Also bought a couple flower to put in a landscape pots for the wife. The flower ones has...
  2. namnhi

    Reflection on your bonsai journey...

    My life is still very busy with work and two little kids that I have no time for anything else. On top of that, I have too many plants. My main task right now is to keep them alive for the next 5 years so by that time I will have more time to focus on this hobby. I actually started this journey...
  3. namnhi

    Trading up

    In the spririt of @fourteener thread about how he selling 10 trees to get one awesome one. Am doing my baby steps in that direction. I traded 4 of my black pines for this one. Nothing as grand as fourteener but I think I headed in the right direction. It's a bald Cypress with 3 inch trunk.
  4. namnhi

    Just in time for my birthday.

    This will be hopefully my last purchase for this year. As a hoarder, I can't just get 1 so I got 2. Also that help to justify the cost of shipping. I already have a few male plants so am hoping to use these as scion to learn how to graft. @thumblessprimate1, are you up to show me how to graft?
  5. namnhi

    Will be busy next month....

  6. namnhi

    What the heck with "This is not a contest tree" threads Popping up lately

    Started to get annoyed by that. What the heck does that supposed to meant? Are you asking for advice or bragging how bad your tree is?
  7. namnhi

    Multi-trunk planting

    Lately, I started to like multi-trunk planting much more than single. I did plant quite a few tridents as a group. I have a 2, 3 and 5 trees groups. My question for you is do you plant them really close to each other from the start or do you actually plant them a bit a part so that when their...
  8. namnhi

    LARGE Yaupon Holly free for pick up

    I have 4 of these but plan to keep 2 because of time constraint. Must be local to Katy area since you have to pick it up. Can't get any better than this since they are already out of the ground... Just need to be potted. Here are the pics. First comes first serve. Must pick up this week before I...
  9. namnhi

    'Shin' in Ryan soil video

    I want to get this out there. I didn't finish watching the video. I also didn't hear his explanation as I wasn't able to focus on the video. I have question because I saw him draw the pictures on the whiteboard. I believe he stated that the 'shin' is the center of everything in bonsai...
  10. namnhi

    Chúc Mừng Nam Mới

    Happy Lunar New Year to you all. Good health, good fortune...
  11. namnhi

    Neea Buxifolia (Nia)

    This year is the year I upgrade my collection to something a bit bigger. I have been to a few of @markyscott workshop JPB workshop. There are just a lot of work on these trees and I have too many. On the last session, I brought 3 of my pines and traded for this. Very happy with what I...
  12. namnhi

    House of Bonsai - Flowering Apricot

    Just pull the plug on this one. It came from House of Bonsai in CA. Have never bought a tree this expensive before but since 'Tet' is around the corner and the flower of this guy is the sign of the New Year for us. I can't help myself. Hopefully $310 is an ok deal. Am doomed!!!
  13. namnhi

    Namnhi's 6 year JBP contest entry

    Thanks to @theone420 for sending me about 50 seeds.
  14. namnhi

    2017 Last purchase tree(s)

    Hi all, It is that time of the year again. This is what I bought for myself as Christmas gift. Haven't been this happy since my kids were born. Just got it yesterday. I hope one of them is a female! Post yours. NN
  15. namnhi

    Trading seeds

    In the spirit of 'The six year Japanese Black Pine contest" starting from seeds. Looks like many of you have already purchase the seeds in massive quantity. I also have seen other posters interested in growing some other pines as well as native that is suitable to their climate. I, on the...
  16. namnhi

    Did this over the weekend

    These are from the cuttings I struck about 10 years ago from pencil thick. They have been in these pot ever since. They grow tall and the leaf size is as big as my hand... I feel like it is time to do something about it. Not sure why the "Upload a File" isn't working for me.
  17. namnhi

    Been busy last few weekends

    Finally got it all trimmed yesterday. Needle pulling and wiring will have to wait until the Fall...around Thanksgiving.
  18. namnhi

    ...hiring a pro.

    Y'all, I was just thinking after seeing @choppychoppy post about having Bjorn coming to his house for a day. That got me curious... How much do pro charge for a day (8 hours)? What type of trees are they willing to work on? I ask this because I only have entry-level trees. Are they picky...
  19. namnhi

    Cherry leaf issues

    Got this on two flowering cherries. The leaves got crispy around the edges then turn yellow and fall off. Looks like some kind of fungus. Does anyone know what it is and how to treat it? Thanks
  20. namnhi

    Petrified wood anyone???

    I had these for about 15 years. Been planning on building a small mountain scene out of them but haven't figured out how to cut them. Some of these can weight about 40 lbs. The first one weight at least 100.
  21. namnhi

    Is this possible? Growing bonsai in water? All species.
  22. namnhi

    ... your bonsai hours

    Looks like there are quite a few nutters here that has little kids that aren't quite independent on themselves. I know Wee Mac and little sorce. I have two little ones as well. One is almost 6 and another one just turning 9 months old today. Since I have them, there is much else going on...
  23. namnhi

    Anderson Flats sources

    All, Where you do guy get your Anderson flats? I did a Google search and found from this for 3.50 a piece. Not sure about the shipping. Is there a better place for this? Thanks, NN Just found out that shipping is about 65 bucks. That's a bit much.
  24. namnhi

    Smoke inspired tread

    Please feel free to post anything that you have learned from this man. Over the weekend I did this... From this... Smoke inspired1 by namnhi posted Feb 13, 2017 at 10:02 AM To this... Smoke inspired Trident4 by namnhi posted Feb 13, 2017 at 10:20 AM Smoke inspired Trident3 by namnhi posted Feb...
  25. namnhi

    Winter temp and dormancy

    I have read that dormancy is triggered by day light and temperature but haven't figure out how the up and down temperature on a weekly basis impact it. Lately in the past month we have had temperature ranging from mid 80s to around freezing happen weekly. In the next two days we will have...
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