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  1. mcpesq817

    Rocky Mountain Juniper

    Nice looking tree. Good pick up!
  2. mcpesq817

    Outside Boots for my backsaver

    I need to add the off-road tires to my hydraulic cart. I saw that Meco Bonsai sells one but it's a bit pricey.
  3. mcpesq817

    Large boxwood

    My sense with these is that, like yew, they can be deceiving in seeming to respond well after collection. I think however, that they expend a lot of stored energy to push out new foliage and roots, and depleted, they weaken and tend to die or dieback. Graham Potter suggested leaving collected...
  4. mcpesq817

    Julian Adams wire?

    Don't think I've ever experienced that with Julian's wire. The knock on his wire is that the spools are a little tighter - some people prefer the larger spools that Gremel offers because there is less uncoiling. I haven't found that to be an impediment with Julian's wire though.
  5. mcpesq817

    Julian Adams wire?

    Hmm, I was thinking about ordering some from him. Hope he is still selling, I've used his wire for years.
  6. mcpesq817

    Bald Cypress "Briseuse de Coeur" Video 2 of 2

    Awesome work as always Bill. Thanks for sharing!
  7. mcpesq817

    Big juniper is waiting for transplant!

    Really nice tree, glad to see it's in your care. All that work in repotting seems to be paying off with the tree thanking you.
  8. mcpesq817

    Trees waking up early...

    My amurs, along with my red maples, are already pushing hard. :rolleyes: I overwinter most of my trees in a detached garage. Not going to be a fun 6-8 weeks I don't think.
  9. mcpesq817

    How should I go about acquiring Blue Atlas Cedar?

    I have a couple of his green atlas cedars that I’m growing out. I bought them as 1 gallon trees. Very nice, really nice green color to the needles. Interestingly, one of my trunks is darker brown/gray and looks more like it’s barking up than the typical smooth steel gray color you see on these...
  10. mcpesq817

    How should I go about acquiring Blue Atlas Cedar?

    Nice! I've been thinking about adding one of the blue atlas cedars - I assumed Brent was out because they were off his site. I'll have to check in with him.
  11. mcpesq817

    Princess Persimmon Anyone?

    I bought a bunch of seedlings from FB auctions two years ago (I forget the seller). You can get some good deals on them there. They grow very slowly as an FYI. If you want the twisty shohin that you see in various pictures, get really young seedlings that you can wire to shape. A year later...
  12. mcpesq817

    How should I go about acquiring Blue Atlas Cedar?

    Thanks Adair. I thought I had read that these did not like to be repotted and were finicky about their roots being worked.
  13. mcpesq817

    To celebrate a 6th Super Bowl title...

    Lucky you aren't playing the Giants, or that maple would go back in the ground o_O
  14. mcpesq817

    My year around bonsai work in the Inland Empire, CA

    Very nice trees Bonhe. Very smart to use the Hoyer/hydraulic cart combo. My trees are not quite as big as yours, but that is a very nice system you have. Thanks for sharing it, back issues are no joke!
  15. mcpesq817

    How should I go about acquiring Blue Atlas Cedar?

    Adair, thanks very much for sharing. Any advice on repotting (how much roots you can remove, timing, etc.)? I have a green atlas cedar I bought from Brent years ago that I've been training for a semi-cascade. It's in a 15" pond basket that past few years, and it might be time to think about...
  16. mcpesq817

    Sam Miller, New Friend, New Pot!

    I have a few Sam pots too that I picked up a year or maybe longer ago. Great glazes, heavy clay, and lots of drainage and anchor points.
  17. mcpesq817

    Can you bareroot a nursery yew?

    For what it’s worth, barerooting on collection isn’t a problem - at least in my experience. I’ve gotten very good root growth in the year following. I think the key though is to let the trees rest 2-3 years to recover. My sense is that the tree really depleted it’s stored reserves to put out...
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    Thanks Zach, that’s great to know.
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    Zach, just out of curiosity, does defoliation slow the tree down any, especially if you are trying to heal a chop? I've never defoliated my BC before, but I also have larger trees with chop sites that I'm trying to heal over. Thanks!
  20. mcpesq817

    How to create large black pines?

    I think BVF said this earlier, but growing JBPs in the ground is tough. The roots run quickly and you have to control the top growth or you’ll get very weak lower branches. Seems like they can be prone to girdling roots too no matter how careful you are about spreading them. I had one that...
  21. mcpesq817

    Award Winning Sea Hibiscus from Taiwan Hwa Fong Show

    Absolutely stunning. Thanks very much for posting. I bet they were mind-blowing in person.
  22. mcpesq817

    Fantastic juniper bonsai from the recent Taiwan BCI shows

    Are these shimpakus or a type of juniper local to Taiwan? I also thought I read somewhere that many of these were field grown, which is incredible if that's the case. Their growth rates must be much faster than for other types of junipers, climates, etc. There are a lot of great trees from...
  23. mcpesq817

    Preparing American deciduous broadleaved trees

    A year or two ago, I spoke with one of the American professionals that spent a few years as an apprentice in Japan. He said that deciduous trees in Japan are like on an 80-year timetable to get to a "finished" product. They are slowly grown, with lots of attention paid towards eliminating...
  24. mcpesq817

    What happens when a big tree hits a bigger tree...

    Crap that sucks Dave. I worry about that happening in my yard too with big trees in my neighbor's yard. Good luck with everything.
  25. mcpesq817

    My Portulacarias

    Sorry to hear, that was a nice tree. I had one many years ago that my cat killed too. And these things are supposed to be impossible to kill o_O I've always been curious about these - any special care during the winter? Do they need a lot of light? I don't want tropicals because I don't...