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  1. Eric Group

    Flowers 2018

    Got to love those Miyuki! Yours are blooming earlier than mine. When I left the house Friday I did not have a single Azalea popping yet!
  2. Eric Group

    Flowers 2018

    You will likely get a few solid pink blooms in there as well as it matures. Still have the one you sent me- ever get any clarity on a variety name?
  3. Eric Group

    Buds opening, tree said its time...

    10 trees? LOL That requires a day off work? Sounds to me like someone just wanted a day off to play with their Bonsai! LOL
  4. Eric Group

    This weeks task

    I would also get that moss off the trunk! Cool twisty trunk, a nice rock but I am personally not a big fan of it with this tree... IMO might look better if planted at an angle without the rock...
  5. Eric Group

    Now THAT'S a spider!

    This whole thread 🤮
  6. Eric Group

    My Shohin Collection ....

    Fantastic- thanks for sharing! This is massively helpful to those of us developing stock from young seedlings and cuttings.. I have twisted mine up a bit but have been concerned about breaking them. Seeing yours shows me I can go harder, and using rafia is probably wise!
  7. Eric Group

    Do you have plans to improve your Bonsai Garden (display area) in 2018?

    I plan to improve mine by improving the quality of the trees on the benches and reducing clutter by selling a bunch more cuttings once Spring rolls around!
  8. Eric Group

    My Shohin Collection ....

    They have quickly catapulted to near the top of my list recently as well though the only ones I have are young seedlings...
  9. Eric Group

    My Shohin Collection ....

    The Hornbeam and Persimmon are really special!
  10. Eric Group

    Virginia pines

    I do think the foliage looks a lot like Scott’s too actually! I don’t know if short leaf and Scott’s are related or not but this does resemble a Scott’s some Vance
  11. Eric Group

    Virginia pines

    Yes, Virginia Pine can be made into Bonsai... John G here in SC has a few, I have a couple but they are very “pre” Bonsai at this point... I also doubt that is Virginia and certain it is not Pitch Pine... Loblolly is unlikely as the needles are just too short... maybe... Shortleaf Pine...
  12. Eric Group

    Advice on grafting

    Generally Pines should graft to Pines, Juniper to Juniper... but you can ask @Adair M about grafting Ume to Juniper, I don’t think that works.
  13. Eric Group

    I appended this to another LONG thread but want to separate it.

    All depends on so many factors- size of the pot, health of the tree, how tender the new growth is... Neither variety you mention is a real trooper in cold weather and if you have aclimated them to indoors, they will be especially squeamish. That said, if you want to move then out now, as long...
  14. Eric Group

    Ikea Soil Components

    The roubd things are a hydroponic soil, forget what they call them! Not Akadama, and the more regular shape, large particle aize jave always turned me off...
  15. Eric Group

    DIY hydraulic turntable

    I was thinking of some sort of impliment between the mounting plate and the table top... it will be hard to mock up until I get it- just ordered it tonight! I bought an office chair to try to make something smaller out of but I cant figur eout how to get the damn wheels off the bottom and dont...
  16. Eric Group

    DIY hydraulic turntable

    Just ordered a base like this myself! I hope to rig something to increase the height a good bit, I would orefer it to be a couple feet taller...
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    🏆 Emojis are here!

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    Speculation works great... until it doesn’t. Investing WORKS.
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    That is a cool story! I hope nobody here put any money into Bitcoin recently!
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    Kishu An itoigawa cuttings

    Juniper are easy- cuttings can be struck in mid winter right in the ground man, no real need for fancy technique. I know an old guy who used to grow them by the thousands and that is how he did it... the warm temperature and fancy mediums are not a requirement. I am sure misting is helpful...
  21. Eric Group

    Show auction tree

    Kind of reminds me of a smaller version of the tree Ryan worked in the second half of the Mirai live stream last night! Has similar branch structure- potential for a double apex and the branch about halfway down on the right has some kind of funky angles in it that could add interest... if you...
  22. Eric Group

    Anybody ever done an emergency repot in winter ?

    Mouse just gave you an early start on the repotting season! That is a really nice tree I hope it is ok... If anything is bullet proof enough to survive that type of mistreatment, an Elm should be. I have had to do a couple repots in Winter due to broken pots, squirrel attacks... low surviver...
  23. Eric Group

    New Water Elm

    They get twiggy pretty quick, I would cut those shoots back into a shape a bit shorter than the rough outline you want and let it back bud, rinse, repeat to build some ramification where you want it... thin out some of the shoots down low to highlight the multiple trunks... looks like a decent...
  24. Eric Group

    Some photos from Saturday 12th Jan.

    Always great trees Jeremy, thanks for sharing! Love the Amur Maple!
  25. Eric Group

    Huge Wild Root Cutting

    There is no way of telling if it would work or not without knowing the type of tree. I do not think Oak take from root cuttings, Maples do not, Elms should be easy.... Never seen a yellow root like that but if you cannot identify the tree it is likely wasted effort taking something like...