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  1. mark_g

    Bonsai/ pots/ tools suggestion

    Hi, Anybody who can suggest where to buy bonsai pots / tools in general tokyo area?? Thanks..
  2. mark_g

    Chamaecyparis Pisifera 'Filifera Aurea'

    Well, im located in toronto canada.. So basically, we only get 5 to 6 months growing season. This plant is actually the one of the first 2 plants that i bought since i started learning/growing bonsai. And i killed a lot, since then. Haha
  3. mark_g

    Chamaecyparis Pisifera 'Filifera Aurea'

    I bought mine as a nursery stock and been growing it since 2012.. When i got it, it was only bout less than a pencil thick. They are very slow grower. But this is only pot grown since i had it. I treat it like a hinoki. They like water and fertilizer.. And lots of sun. But dont let it dry out.
  4. mark_g


    saw this one at the show and picture doesnt do it justice. Its really a big bonsai.
  5. mark_g

    Growing some JBP

    Hehe maybe thats for another thread then.. Thank you though for your input. Much appreciated.
  6. mark_g

    Growing some JBP

    Ok i get it.. Thank you for your reply. Can you please tell what bonsai master aoki do when making pre bonsai.
  7. mark_g

    Pinus: Black Fire Dragon

    @Kendo Tried searching the net but nothing comes up except this thread. Is there a specific pine specie or cultivar?
  8. mark_g

    Growing some JBP

    @Kendo please elaborate on these. Do you mean to grow the seedlings in proper bonsai soil as early as possible? What kind of problems do you encounter when growing in this kind of condition? Thanks. Mark
  9. mark_g

    My pomegranate collection

    @bonhe in your experience how thick of a cutting can you get away from a pomegranate?
  10. mark_g

    Beech questions

    I thought this might be of help. It is written in spanish. Google translate is a big help.
  11. mark_g

    Underdogs Hinoki Challenger

    My two cents for this tree.. Styling wise i can see a really nice literati in there.. 3 middle branch. As for care. Do not repot until the tree is really healthy. From what i see on your last photos its improving. You should apply fungicide before winter and spring. Also from my experience...
  12. mark_g

    Where Can i find Japanese Maple "Arakawa" in Canada?

    try this one, they are based in PEI, the website says they can ship.. I've seen one before in 5 gallon container in a nursery here in Toronto. But its very rare they have it all the time. when I came back its gone. I been looking all over...
  13. mark_g

    building a bonsai garden against my in-laws comments.

    good job on the bench.. just the perfect height to get all the sunshine. just wondering where did you got your pines? I also live in Toronto. thanks, mark
  14. mark_g

    The hunt for crushed lava rock...

    hi amkhalid, im also here in Toronto, and cannot find a source of this stuff.. would you kindly please tell your source :) thanks in advance.. mark g
  15. mark_g

    Gifting the bonsai hobby: for $350, what to buy for the ideal starter set?

    as a beginner, I would advice to join a club and learn the basics before buying a good piece of specimen. I learned from my mistakes.. I don't want somebody to do the same. hehe bonsai is an expensive hobby too. especially here in Canada if you don't know where to look for materials. once you...
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