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    The Tree Thread

    Here is an old Washington Hawthorn. 30” tall, multiple white flowers every year. Multiple problems stylistically with the tree, too tall, limited taper in bottom 1/2 tree and poor nebari. Yet I don’t want to let it go, started by Dr. Bruenner in Seattle, who has since passed. Several of his...
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    Shimpaku from Evergreen Gardenworks

    Great tree. Nice to have a 2 front tree. I favor the original front. Great movement, shari and taper with both at bottom 1/3 of tree. It is the top 2/3 of tree that leads me to favor the original front, as the straight segment of trunk is disguised and apex is directed forward. Primary...
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    JBP under development

    This is an awesome tree, optical illusion or not. I like the new planting position, more movement and taper. A couple of years with pads developed, this tree will be outrageously powerful. Nice job. Wish it were mine. Now the kitchen, and your tree. Are you married? My wife would throw...
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    Root/Crown Gall

    Thank you for your reply. It sounds as if you have a scientific background, a good resource. I don't know the pest specifically. How can I tell? Michael Hagedorn @ suggests this problem is often caused by both a nematode and bacteria, therefore the suggestion of Phyton 35 and...
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    Root/Crown Gall

    Has anyone experience with treating root/crown gall? I have a bad case of it involving a mature crab apple. Repot 15 months ago, to find hundreds of root galls. Cut as many out as possible and potted into Boon mix. Tree is starting to leaf out for spring (second spring since repot). Appears...
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    Shohin dwarf maple

    You have a nice start: nebari, trunkline, taper and first branch. However, 2/3 the way up the tree, multiple branches emerge, several of which are heavy, and on inside of a nice curve. This reverse taper will produce a big blob in the middle of your tree, which will be very difficult to fix...
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    The Tree Thread

    Bobby, I like the beech. Nice taper, could be a very elegant tree. Keep us posted
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    The Tree Thread

    Spring in South Dakota took a drastic turn yesterday. Benches waiting for trees, looks like it will be a while. On the bright side, Deshosho sp?? maple in green house is leafing out nicely.
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    Ulmus parvifolia from cutting (2006-...)

    You created a great base. Roots and transition to trunk will flair more with time. Now decide how tall you want final tree, and build your branches. Great job
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    Malus Domestica advice

    Crab are exceeding tough. Root work you have done, and drastic cut back proposed by Van Fleet can be done in same season. Fine to do cut back now. New buds will pop, and you can start building usable branches.
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    Fresh Buds and Leaves!

    Thundercloud Plum this week in greenhouse
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    Pine Progression Thread

    I posted a 4 year progression under pines, Chuhin JBP 2 weeks ago
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    Japanese maple shohin

    Before you get too carried away with chop location and branches, the nebari needs to be addressed. Looks like 2 big roots. Might need air layering. And you may want to keep some canopy to get your layer going
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    To chop, or not to chop

    Here is a trident I chopped a month ago. Intended to be small tree. Base 4” or so. Chop 2” across, about 5” from soil. Chop at angle to accentuate taper and movement. Next trunk segment wired up, which I will let run this year. Helps heal chop. Repeat as needed. Key: for fastest development...
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    To chop, or not to chop

    You are asking a long term question, and for that answer, one needs to know what height you ultimately want tree, and how fast do you want to get there? If it was mine, first order of business are roots, nebari. If you are replanting into ground, good time to work roots, get good radial spread...
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    Chuhin JBP, progression

    Healthy, and interesting trunk to work with
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    Japanese Maple rootstock

    This will be an awesome base
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    Chuhin JBP, progression

    Augustine, This tree was developed under the teaching of Boon, my teacher in the Bay Area. I wanted to "build", or finish a pine under his direction in a reasonable time frame. I brought this to his attention, and he directed me to several trees for sale. He suggested I could make a finished...
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    Kifu JBP

    Field grown in California. Newer pics on 2 other threads by myself, most recent is “Chuhin JBP, progression.” Pictures date back to 2014 when I bought the tree
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    Chuhin JBP, progression

    I would estimate tree to be 25-30 yrs old. Field grown. Chopped and potted at about 25 years. Yes, there are needles in close on lower branches. No grafts. I was taught while building branches to keep some needles, don't decandle and strip ALL needles. Needle buds form. It sounded...
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    Chuhin JBP, progression

    I posted this Chuhin JBP 2 year’s ago, and again last week. Reviewing the progression prompted me to believe posting images across this time period would be of interest. The first image at time of purchase, 11/2014. The last image, last week, 2/2018.
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    Trunk Taper!

    Want more taper, chop trunk to first left branch?
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    Kifu JBP

    <12” JBP Kifu, coming along. Another year or two to fill out profile. 8” trunk, Japanese pot. Field grown, Diasaku styled.
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    Kifu JBP

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    Trident Progression, 5 years

    Giga, About the lanky branches ... good observation, you are right. In building the branches, I have let tree grow unchecked in spring, wired branches out and let them run. Don't get good ramification this way, but able to set general branch structure. With leaves gone, I will cut back...
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