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  1. milehigh_7

    My name is...

    Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle!
  2. milehigh_7

    My name is...

    Clyde here... You know like the walrus at Sea World or the Orangutan in the Eastwood movies... They get more respect than me though.
  3. milehigh_7

    A (re)introduction thread

    Welcome back from a fellow walker of the winding road...
  4. milehigh_7

    Success of a zone 3-7 tree in zone 9b

    After spending the better part of 20 years growing in Phoenix and Vegas, one of the things I learned was when you pee in the wind, the only thing you get is a wet leg. In all seriousness, there are loads of trees you can grow in your zone. Life is too short to reach for ones that don't. Crepe...
  5. milehigh_7

    Kinzu (Golden Bean kumquat)

    That's where I got mine as well. Just think, all of those fruits have 3 or more viable seeds!
  6. milehigh_7

    Zelkova from Cuttings

    Congrats! Good luck with your venture!
  7. milehigh_7

    Meyer Lemon Seeds

    I did my kumquat seeds by soaking for 24 hours in a 20:1 water/peroxide solution. Wet a paper towel, wrap the seeds in the towel, throw in a plastic bag and wait about a week until the radicle pops then plant. (I planted in peat pots). This certainly seems to be the case with kumquats.
  8. milehigh_7

    Anyone in Chandler AZ area want some freebies?

    My eyes were bigger than my current ability to work on trees. I have three Chinese elm 'true green' and one Ficus Microcarpa 'Green Mound' in 5gal Lowe's cans. Nothing special but free to a good home. PM if interested. I may end up doing a curb alert and would rather a bonsai person come and...
  9. milehigh_7

    Lycium andersonii (A Southwest US Native Gogi)

    I would just use a very free draining mix. Where these are native only gets 2-3 inches of rain per year so you won't have to water them often for sure. As much sun as you can get them also. Good luck and update from time to time. I'm interested in how they do for you.
  10. milehigh_7

    Sweet Acacia (Acacia farnesiana/smallii)

    @butlern Wow, have not thought about this tree for a bit. Unfortunately, it was one of many that I have had to sell over the years. This particular tree I sold to a member of the LV Bonsai Society. I always hoped it was developed because I thought it had potential. You are correct that these...
  11. milehigh_7

    Kinzu (Golden Bean kumquat)

    Then it's decided! Thanks!
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  13. milehigh_7

    Hi from Ohio

  14. milehigh_7

    Kinzu (Golden Bean kumquat)

    Hey Kinzu lovers, I have a question with regard to developing seedlings. I have two "problems". First I had more seeds than peat pots so so I double planted most of the cells. Almost all have grown, so many of the cells have two seedlings. The second issue is, Kinzu seem to throw multiple stems...
  15. milehigh_7

    AxisDE Vs. Blue Ribbon Cat litter

    Yes, it is and I never heard back from him.
  16. milehigh_7

    AxisDE Vs. Blue Ribbon Cat litter

    I'm not familiar with the "Blue Ribbon" brand. However, it should be noted that EP makes clay products as well as calcined and non-calcined DE products. I only recommend calcined DE.
  17. milehigh_7

    Kinzu (Golden Bean kumquat)

    I removed the seeds and cleaned well, soaked 24 hours in 16:1 water/3% peroxide solution then transferred to a wet paper towel in a Ziploc bag. 95% germination after one week.
  18. milehigh_7

    Kinzu (Golden Bean kumquat)

    Some seedlings! These are so slooooow...
  19. milehigh_7

    The Flying Dragon

    I've always wanted one of these and wondered how they would look in pots. Thanks for showing!
  20. milehigh_7

    2nd Hongkong Kumquat, Fortunella hindsii (Kinzu)

    So here is my second Kinzu (Golden Bean kumquat). This was a surprise as the nursery sent a second one. I notified them and they said to just keep it :) Talk about your happy accidents! Not much to look at but you can't beat the price. The root ball was much smaller (lots of fine roots) but a...
  21. milehigh_7

    My red Chinese Elm seedling...

    Yes, I impulsively bought some elms on clearance... In other news, they are 'true green' (ulmus parvifolia) which is a variety that was developed to be closer to "evergreen" than the species. I took this pic at night and the color washed out but you can see a nice orange and they did have more...
  22. milehigh_7

    Making History!

    He's such a nice, humble guy. I'm honored to call him a friend.
  23. milehigh_7

    If I could spend a day with a Nutter

    No way could I narrow it down to three. However, I would say the people who have continually reached out to me in my dark days and they know who they are.
  24. milehigh_7

    Al Keppler's influence on Ryan Neil

    I think it is both laughable for the level of absurdity and sad for the amount of hatred spent on such a lame attempt at character assassination. If you are gonna hit low, at least pack a punch...
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