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  1. rodeolthr

    Shipping trees

    Thanks everyone for your thoughts. I've decided to order boxes that are closer in size to the actual trees I'm shipping (large shohin), rather than using FedEx boxes.....which aren't cheap either. Perhaps that will bring the prices down a bit. I just feel like these shipping companies are...
  2. rodeolthr

    Shipping trees

    I've been selling several trees on ebay and continue to be shocked by what buyers end up paying for shipping. I opted for FedEx ground/home delivery because I believed it was the best option to get trees to their destination in a timely manner. However, I'm thinking that there must be a...
  3. rodeolthr

    Air Layering Dissectum Japanese Maples

    @derek7745 I routinely get lots of reticulated seedlings from my Shigitatsu sawa…..some have been more interesting than the mother plant. I believe that it is the source of all of the 'Ghost series' of reticulated maples.
  4. rodeolthr

    Amur discoloration

    Acer ginnala is very reliable at showing signs of chlorosis (lack of iron absorption, if I understand correctly) When I grew them in my garden in Wyoming, where both the water and soil are very alkaline (but the tree is bone hardy) I would sometimes have to supplement with agricultural Sulphur...
  5. rodeolthr

    What is this in my landscape azalea?

    Could it be adelgids?
  6. rodeolthr

    Info requested.

    There is a variety routinely found in gardens and garden centers here named 'Rosebud'. Yours certainly looks like that.
  7. rodeolthr

    Identify Please

    Looks like it could be Santolina. Very popular in herb knot gardens. Can be sheared repeatedly.
  8. rodeolthr

    WANTED TO BUY: Ficus benjamina 'Variegata' with lots of white

    This is how Starlight should look if it's truly the named variety. I hunted for a few years before I found a grower in California selling them.
  9. rodeolthr

    Japanese Flowering Apricots?

    I believe that he is correct, this appears to be the same as my friend's 'Bonfire' peach.
  10. rodeolthr

    Help with huge shishigashira.

    This is an excellent time to transplant maples in Seattle. With the forecast of mid/high 50s and plenty of rain, this should do fine in a large nursery pot. I have moved 12' trees just as they are leafing, and provided that we have our standard cool/rainy spring, they seem to reestablish...
  11. rodeolthr

    Irish Moss nightmare

    Irish/Scottish moss (sagina subulate) is a flowering plant and NOT a true moss. It appears that you have both on your pine......the sagina growing in the substrate and actual moss growing in the root zone and up onto the bark. This is very common in my climate until the heat of summer arrives...
  12. rodeolthr

    Elm Root Cuttings

    Bwaaaaahaha, I think that there was a joke in there that may have been missed by some.
  13. rodeolthr

    Black mangrove propagules

    Perhaps this nursery can help
  14. rodeolthr

    Dwarf Japanese maple?

    It appears to be one of the many varieties of Laceleaf Weeping Japanese Maple. As many people will attest, they are almost impossible to air-layer.
  15. rodeolthr

    Acer palmatum 'Tama Hime'

    An acquaintance of mine in Seattle had Tama hime growing as a landscape plant in his garden. It had the smallest leaves of any of his trees, including the other Himes. I'm not sure if that's always the case, but they were absolutely miniature and the "tree" (more of a butterball of a small...
  16. rodeolthr

    Landscape Japanese Maple

    Yes, as soon as you are able to dig and there aren't frozen clumps of soil.
  17. rodeolthr

    Landscape Japanese Maple

    Weeping acer palmatum grown from seed do just fine on their own roots, at least for me. They are however much slower growing than their upright counterparts. I personally move trees whenever the ground is not frozen, though others may have differing opinions, my experience comes from...
  18. rodeolthr

    Please help with identification

    This looks like one of the small-leafed hebes. Do they grow in your area?
  19. rodeolthr

    Chojubai in the ground?

    You may also want to ask about preferred PH for them. Both soil and water in SoCal are very alkaline.
  20. rodeolthr

    Japanese Maple Development

    Fwiw, I routinely dig, chop, and root prune my Japanese maples in my garden in Seattle at this time of year. They often freeze solid in their little training pots, but to date (knock on wood) they have sailed through without damage or issue and push very strong growth in spring. I recently...
  21. rodeolthr

    Unusual trident maple sources is currently having a Black Friday price reduction on their Trident maple variants
  22. rodeolthr

    Unusual trident maple sources has many/some of the varieties you're seeking.
  23. rodeolthr

    A. P. Species ID

    Many of the palmatum varieties will have red/bright red new growth, especially the autumn flush.
  24. rodeolthr

    ID? Tree? Weed?

    I would certainly concur with the cherry identification......looks identical to all of those that pop up in my garden
  25. rodeolthr

    Advice on Japanese maple development

    Here in Seattle, Japanese maples are just pushing their late summer growth which will continue well into September...….sometimes longer depending on how the season progresses. Just a consideration for you if you're thinking about chopping now.
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