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  1. pbethune

    Winter Silhouette Bonsai Show 2018, Dec 1-2, 2018

    I just reserved a table 2 days ago, coming from NJ
  2. pbethune

    "Urban Yamadori" Berberis

    From a burned out yard. Massive berberis. Dug out last June
  3. 20180206_155853.jpg


    It is still alive
  4. 20180206_155744.jpg


  5. 20180206_155801.jpg


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  7. 20180206_155748.jpg


  8. pbethune

    Yard clean out pot

    This is one of the cool pots found a storage container, with about 20 smaller ones. 8 inches wide by 5 1/2 deep.
  9. pbethune

    New Star trek Show!

    I really liked Star Trek but then .... Two guys were kissing, turned it off.
  10. pbethune


    Check Lowes, they carry the American brand
  11. pbethune

    [FL] Any species that can be collected (yamadori) at this point in the year? If no, when?

    In NJ, I've just did a yard clean out that landed me 14 trees, azaleas, hollies, boxwoods, and a barberry.. Our weather is something else, but these trees were going to the junkyard. So in spring, I'll know which made it.
  12. pbethune

    The Yamadori Thread

    Wow! That is very nice indeed.
  13. pbethune

    The Yamadori Thread

    Thank you. Just received another clean out with 6 box woods, 3 fire bushes, a japanesse maple and some others. I will post more pics soon.
  14. pbethune

    The Yamadori Thread

    Any suggestions with thos Barberry
  15. pbethune

    Cotoneaster are fun!

    Thank you
  16. pbethune

    Cotoneaster are fun!

    Found at a yard clean out... what is it?
  17. pbethune

    Back on

    Back on
  18. pbethune

    Should I try this?

    that's the thing...I don't have a vision but an upright windswept maybe??
  19. pbethune

    Should I try this?

    This is a picture of a pine in my parents yard that needs to be dug up. My question is if it is suitable for bonsai. As you can see from the picture, one side is void of branches. Your thoughts please!!!
  20. pbethune

    bougie - worth digging??

    DO it. Cut that small one out and leave the y-formation for now.
  21. pbethune

    Mid Atlantic Bonsai Society Convention 4/17-4/19

    It was nice, some of the best trees I've seen were in the vendors section. Some very nice pots and stands.
  22. pbethune

    Windswept Mountain Hemlock

    Very nice indeed! I always wanted a windswept, haven't found anything that will work as yet.
  23. pbethune

    Giant Forsythia to dig plus

    Part of the deal, to get them all on that side of the house. But with two nice azaleas, two other type of nice bushes, unknown until they sprout and a honey was well worth it.
  24. pbethune

    Mid Atlantic Bonsai Society Convention 4/17-4/19

    I'm going, first time for me too.
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