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  1. TomB

    Pinus densiflora air layering?

    Has anyone out there successfully air (or ground) layered Pinus densiflora? The general nurseries near me are stocking a nice dwarf cultivar but they're all grafts of course. If one could layer off above the graft, I've seen some stock that has great shohin potential. Has anyone done this with a...
  2. TomB

    3-point display

    I've been playing round setting up a display involving these two trees, a cascading shohin Field Maple (Acer campestre) and an informal Sloe / Blackthorn (Prunus spinosa) which is slightly larger than shohin size. Any constructive criticism welcome. My own self-critique is that the elements are...
  3. TomB

    Collected Scots pine material.

    Inspired by @M. Frary 's recent post, here are four Scots pines I collected this last winter. Three out of the four are looking healthy and pushing new growth, the fourth is at least 99% likely to dead but I won't toss it for a while just in case. They're small trees with decent shohin...
  4. TomB

    Small oak root stand

    Thought I might put this here, as there's a forum specifically for stands and I haven't posted many of mine. A few shots of a new shohin-sized stand (height is 45mm, diameter of the roughly-rounded top is 130mm). Made from oak burr wood. The material is pretty rough and a pain to work with, but...
  5. TomB

    Hinoki cypress cultivar 'Teddy Bear' - any experiences?

    Hi all I've been seeing examples of Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Teddy Bear' in regular nurseries local to me, and I'm wondering if anyone had any experience of using that specific cultivar for bonsai (or indeed any information about it, I can't find much). It seems to have fairly compact foliage...
  6. TomB

    Some options for a display.

    I'm planning a display for next weekend. The tree is a (large) shohin-size Prunus spinosa (Sloe or Blackthorn). I've got a couple of options of an accent plant. I'm fairly sure what I'm going to choose but I wondered what other people might think. What would you choose, and why? A: 'Tiny Tears'...
  7. TomB

    Movement of tree - your views?

    This is a work-in-progress common Hawthorn, Crataegus monogyna. I have a bit of a conflict about the movement of the tree, so I wondered how other people saw it. Based only on what you can see in this picture, would you say the movement of the tree is to the left or to the right? Why?
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