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  1. pbethune

    Yard clean out pot

    This is one of the cool pots found a storage container, with about 20 smaller ones. 8 inches wide by 5 1/2 deep.
  2. pbethune

    Should I try this?

    This is a picture of a pine in my parents yard that needs to be dug up. My question is if it is suitable for bonsai. As you can see from the picture, one side is void of branches. Your thoughts please!!!
  3. pbethune

    My 100 yr. old Rose...

    Hello people, I'd like to know what you think so far and where I should cut. Also, I was wondering if it could be split. I want to keep the larger portion and will be carving it up some.
  4. pbethune

    Please help Identify

    Hello, I've seen this tree growing from the curb on a bridge. I cleaned around it to expose some nice movement. I have permission to get it and when asked what type of tree it was...I said I couldn't tell from the bark, but maybe, just maybe someone out there has ran into this bark before.
  5. pbethune

    A nice find became a raft

    Look at this wild tree that was found in the woods near my house in NJ. I believe it to be a hedge maple raft. Will see soon when it leaves. The largest trunk is dead in the middle.
  6. pbethune

    Please Help Identify???

    The owners wanted it removed, but they have removed the tops already, but I just couldn't pass up the movement on each one...since they were free. Any suggestions???
  7. pbethune

    Large Chinese Hollies

    Free large hollies taken from an old residence in North Jersey. It was amazing how deep they were and how heavy. Unknown what age they are but must be very old.
  8. pbethune

    Giant Forsythia to dig plus

    Does anyone one have any idea how to dig out this giant? It is a Forsythia that has been there since the house so I was told. Also, got two azaleas from the dig.
  9. pbethune

    New Club to Open in March

    This is the new name, other sent in error. Calling All South Jersey area who want to search for the perfect yamadori, urbandori or constructadori to come on in and share.
  10. pbethune

    New Yamadori Club opens in March!!!!

    South Jersey New Club Opens in March!!!! Taking all suggestions and questions. Nothing is out of bounds except for the spaceship ones ...or the mars landing.
  11. pbethune

    Cascade Pots for Sale

    I have a friends pots that he is willing to sale for 1/2 of his cost back in 1980 if you can believe it. I had to buy one, but here are the other two for sale. $100.00 $120.00
  12. pbethune

    Vines as Bonsai

    Does anyone have a collection of vines as bonsai, I would love to start. Their are many types here in the Jersey...wild grapes, night shade and some unknowns. Many are twisted and have been twisting up trees for some very long years.
  13. pbethune

    Help Identifying a bush/tree

    New Jersey Pine Barrens, came across a depression that ran for more than 60 yards, it was very boggy like. Ont the edges are these neat little specimens. I guessed at some type of wild azalea, but want some help...
  14. pbethune

    Please help Identify

    Found only about eight such plants in a quarter mile radius. I think it is a type of azalea, but not really sure.
  15. pbethune

    Help Identify tree

    This tree has to be removed in Spring, do you think it is bonsai material and what is it. I do not see the thorns so I knocked Hawthorne out.
  16. pbethune

    New Bonsai Club to start in Feb.

    Hello Everyone, A new bonsai club will be starting in the Pemberton, NJ area for beginners and those who want to experience the thrill of hunting wild and urban potential bonsai. I have found a free spot right off Route 38/ and 206. So the cost per year is only 15.00. Hope this reaches the...
  17. pbethune

    Please Help Identify

    I found this tree half eaten by termites but still living. I then poured oil into the holes to kill the termites and preserve the wood. I just don't know what type of tree it is. No leaves to suggest anything but maybe one of our expert level persons can give me a college guess. What wood do...
  18. pbethune

    Large Ficus Tree

    I just received a 5 foot ficus and 3 foot wide. It is unbelievable. I need suggestions please!!!
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