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  1. ABCarve

    Kintsugi for beginners

    As an old guy who is working on auto-pilot 60% of the time, I broke a leg off one of my favorite pots putting it away last fall. This begins my journey. The tree was in need of a repot so I bagged the root ball for the 1-1/2 days it took to complete. Supplies Pure "patent" gold leaf.....Got the...
  2. ABCarve

    Some Spring 2019 pots

  3. ABCarve

    Repotting porcelain berry

    First time try out how this pot actually works.
  4. ABCarve

    Winter Hazel

    This is a tree a pal gave to me. He bought it as prebonsai and put in the ground for a few years. When he dug it up to pot it he discovered, to his dismay the trunk was completely hollow. It was chopped and put back into ground to be an ornamental in the garden. It only put out very leggy shoots...
  5. ABCarve

    Hand-me-down Carissa

    This is another tree which was given to me in spring 2016 by a good friend when she could no longer care for them. It began its training in 1972 and was in a 6" X 11" round cascade pot. Nary a green leaf on it. Its trunk emerged from the pot and turned 90 degrees to hang perfectly vertical. Its...
  6. ABCarve

    Info on lemon cypress

    I started this from a 3" nursery pot 3 years ago. Trunk is about 2" dia. now. I was gonna give it away, but thought there might be something in there. I've seen a couple of really nice Monterey cypress and the foliage gets very similar to shimpaku. "Lemon" are a cultivar of them, so do these...
  7. ABCarve

    Building a wet slab bonsai pot

    Most hand-built pots (not wheel thrown) are made from slabs that are leather-hard. This is a technique I've been working on to make pots from wet slabs. This thread will go step by step showing how this finished pot is constructed.
  8. ABCarve

    ROR Trident rehab

    This was a trident seedling that we did in a root over rock class in 1993. Over the years I mostly just let it grow with occasional pruning. Most of all it was fairly unappealing in design and it had acquired a fairly nasty case of fungus which really curtailed its development for years. Last...
  9. ABCarve

    Pots For Sale

    These are all pots that I have made over the years and have not used. They are all high fired between cone 6 and cone 10. I'm making room for new ones. I really don't do shows so you won't see these anywhere else other than the web. I don't have a website. If you are interested in any please PM...
  10. ABCarve

    American Beech Collection

    This came out of my woods today. It was chosen for the root spread. Last spring I undercut the upper most roots completely off and packed the cuts with long fibered sphagnum. Then put recycled bonsai soil on top of that and covered with leave. Roots filled up that soil mass in a little over a...
  11. ABCarve

    Yashino Cherry Collection

    This Yashino cherry was a victim of two nasty winters in a row...2014 & 2015. Last year I cut it down only leaving a few suckers coming up from the base. I buried the base in mulch. had to go.....being replaced with ornamental grass. Around we go with the saws-all.
  12. ABCarve

    Small Eastern Hemlock development

    Eastern Hemlock is often overlooked as good material for bonsai. Where I live (5b) they are quite vigorous growers, heal extremely fast and are the most shade tolerant of all the conifers. This allows for small, dense foliage pads with less risk of die-back for shaded inner growth. Material...
  13. ABCarve

    2016 Spring pots

    Some new ideas for pots this spring.
  14. ABCarve

    Unsecured Derivatives- Present Pots Past

    It's said there's no original art...everything is derivative of something else. Bonsai has only arrived to western culture with any popularity in the past 50 years. I thought it would be an interesting experiment to explore the idea of how bonsai pots might look if they would have gone through...
  15. ABCarve

    Grewia progression

    So here's a Grewia post. History- Started from a cutting 1991. Nurtured as a flowering ornamental by my mother until 2012. I would give periodic haircuts once or twice a year on my visits. These haircuts implied bonsai. The grow was always long and leggy because of how the flowers form. First...
  16. ABCarve

    Unconventional Hmmmm??

    Meet Cousin It... "the anonymous euonymus". Not really a tree form but I'm enjoying IT.
  17. ABCarve

    Hand-me-down JM

    This was given to me last spring. It is a mere shadow of what it used to be. The story goes it was started by Grace Suzuki's grandfather in 1924 California. It was purchased in 1968 by it's former owner (I know this for a fact), whom I got it from. Its original composition was 5 trees. I don't...
  18. ABCarve

    Little Gem....Big Pot

    Here's little gem spruce I pulled out of the yard 2 years ago and it's getting its new home. I'm heading down to Mulberry Creek nursery tomorrow to get me some crazy plants for its perimeter yard. The pot is 24"
  19. ABCarve

    Collected vines

    Here's a wisteria and trumpet vine I did today from a pals yard. It took the band saw to tame the root balls enough to pot them up. I used a partial mix with grow stone to lighten the load. The soil media is probably half the weight of normal. I've never used it before so I'll see how it goes...
  20. ABCarve

    Sprayer for cleaning bark?

    I've seen a number of people using a small pressure sprayer for cleaning bark. Seemed to work quite well. Does anyone know what they call this device and where do you get one?
  21. ABCarve


    Latest creation for a friend's Chinese stone.
  22. ABCarve

    Next year buds turning black?

    I have a trident maple that the buds forming for next year are turning black. The leaves look healthy. I'll try to get a pic. Any ideas?
  23. ABCarve

    Defoliation...which species??

    Since defoliation can do wonders for ramification, how do you know which species can have that do to them? Is there a list? What is the criteria for a species as a candidate?
  24. ABCarve

    1974 Procumbens

    This was my very first bonsai that I purchased in 1987 from one of my art profs. from college that she had started in 1974. At the time she was trying to cull her crop and I was looking for a gift for my mother. My mother loved it......for 23 years!! I couldn't keep my hands off of it when I...
  25. ABCarve

    Japan Maple leaf spots

    A friend has these spots on all her maples. Anyone know what it is?
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