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    Plenty of trees and great folks. I highly recommend Meehans
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    Which of these J maple cultivars are the most resilient/tolerant to direct/full sunlight? …ranked from Most to Least?

    Hi, I've had shishigashira for about 6 years and about 5 years for the other. They are in training containers (but not too big). One factor is that my yard is grass so not as hot as concrete. When it gets real hot I place them on the ground in partial shade. Maybe your particular maples...
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    Virginia Pine (Christmas Tree Farm)

    Stop by in December and ask if you can dig, tell him you're doing Japanese gardening and you're looking for something with movement. Maybe they have some rejects that aren't straight enough for Christmas
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    Which of these J maple cultivars are the most resilient/tolerant to direct/full sunlight? …ranked from Most to Least?

    In my yard Shishigashira and Kotohime are fine in full sun.
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    Chinese elms will ship trees. They have many Chinese elms and are good folks.
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    Young Hinoki Bonsai help

    I'd keep it alive this season. Next spring it needs to be repotted into a good bonsai substrate which is granular and well draining. . The soil it is in now looks like potting/garden soil with gravel added. It is essential that a bonsai be in a granular soil. It should live outside all year...
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    Nursery Stock, Solstice Styling (Chinesis)

    Go for it and keep wiring, that's the way to learn. This wiring job will not hurt anything. Keep an eye on the wire and make sure it doesn't cut in too much. Should be able to stay on 'til next spring.
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    Workshop Spruce Group

    VA Fisher - how are you maintaining the foliage? Are you pinching the new growth or pruning later in season? I started with one of Andy's BH Spruce about 4 years ago and pinched at the "fuzzy egg" stage as he described. Last year I followed the advice of Walter Pall, and others, where pruning...
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    Dry Stall Pumice - What it is and where to get it

    I think Drystall is a great product but cannot find it anymore in MD.
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    Would you buy? And which? ASAP!

    I'm with NY Bonsai: maybe the second amur if i had to pick something.
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    Are These Pine Roots Healthy?

    No disrespect to OSO and Leo, they are very knowledgeable practitioners also. But if you're confused and need a definitive answer, do what Wood said!
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    Are These Pine Roots Healthy?

    Someone said they are not an expert, me neither. However Gary Wood is an expert, do what he recommended. Watch your watering and repot next season at the appropriate time.
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    Damn shame boxwoods

    Find and call one of the big bosses and explain it is a way of preserving historical plants and offer them a bonsai for the estate. Explain the process and that it may be a few years before they actually have the plant but you'll keep them apprised. A few photos and paragraphs a couple of times...
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    Pink Serissa lighting advice

    IMO 4 hours sun outside this time of year is better than indoors not to mention fresh air and humidity. CAUTION - acclimate your tree little by little to the sun over the course of a couple or three weeks (If you care to take it outside)
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    Fertilizer Question

    Thank you very much,
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    Bought a Hinoki cypress.. now what?

    It needs to be wired in the pot securely so the new roots are not damaged . Don’t do anything until the next growing season, not the one coming up, the one after that. Fertilize and give it good care so roots will grow. Nice tree. Read up, this species has to be pinched to retain foliage close...
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    Ginkgo gone wild

    Let it run free for max thickening of trunk at this stage. Good luck
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    Sweetgum prebonsai

    Evergreen garden works carries the oriental species
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    Colorado Blue Spruce - need to find info

    Here’s another question, please. So when do you guys wire? I prune in August but wire in the fall. Thanks again
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    Anyone know what this is?

    looks like Mr. Plankton from Sponge Bob.
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    Colorado Blue Spruce - need to find info

    Follow this good advice. Pump 'em up and prune in August. The response is excellent. I also did the opposite in years past and pinched new shoots, won't do it anymore. Trees do not become vigorous and backbudding is very limited. Thanks Guys,
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    Bonsai Auction in Laurel, Maryland on May 25, 2019

    There will be everything for sale, rough stock to pre-bonsai to refined trees, prices are normally very reasonable and sometimes downright cheap. Thanks,
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    Bonsai Auction - May 25, 2019 - Laurel Maryland

    All, You are cordially invited to the Baltimore Bonsai Club's 2019 Spring Auction on May 25, 2019. Registration at 9:00 AM. Auction begins at 10:00. Everyone is welcome to buy and sell. Location: Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory,11100 Johns Hopkins Road, Laurel, MD. (take Exit 15 off...
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