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  1. Dorky_gearhead

    Small collected maple

    Last week I collected a 2? year old japanese maple and I was wondering how long before I can tell if it will pull through? The weather has been cool and raining for almost 2 weeks. I got a ball about 6 inches wide and it was packed with small feeder roots. The leaves havnt showed any signs of...
  2. Dorky_gearhead

    Ground grown chinese elm

    I have a chinese elm that's screwed to a piece of plywood and I was wondering if I could lift the tree and trim the roots every year? Or would it be best to give it 2 years?
  3. Dorky_gearhead

    Mugo roots not happy at all

    The other day I decided to slip my tiny mug out of the original pot to get a glimpse of the roots, to my surprise i only seen a handful of live roots on the perimeter. The top half seems to be chugging along with no obvious signs of poor health. Health wise what are your thoughts on this guy?
  4. Dorky_gearhead

    Weirdest grafts possible

    How distant of relatives can be grafted? Lets say I want to graft a hops vine onto a hackberry, to utilize an already established root system. Would a graft take? They are both Cannabaceae. I assume a thread graft with a seedling would be easiest.
  5. Dorky_gearhead

    Inexpensive ph testers

    So I'm in the market for a PH tester and I was curious if any those testers under $20 are worth buying.
  6. Dorky_gearhead

    Inosculation aka fusion

    We are all familiar with trees being grafted. All those fancy japanese maples were grafted onto a basic green maple root stock. For a long time people believed that the genetics of the 2 species were separated at the graft point. Come to find out that is completely wrong, they swap genes to...
  7. Dorky_gearhead

    Pine sapling collection time

    After many years of assuming pine trees couldn't/wouldn't naturally grow from seeds in the valley floor Im finding them all over the place. Every mature pine tree that has wood chips surrounding it have at least 1 or 2 seedlings under it, and none at all with bare soil. How early can I collect...
  8. Dorky_gearhead

    I really like my coffee (a rant)

    My wife went grocery shopping to get enough to hold us over till the 1st of the month. All I asked for was some black roast coffee. She came home with 3 cases of soda, 2 boxes of ice cream and a gallon bucket of ice cream. I noticed my coffee wasn't there. I asked for the change so I could go...
  9. Dorky_gearhead

    Went for the seeds, and got seedlings

    Yesterday i went to collect some JM seeds, and to my surprise i found several seedlings under 2 of the 3 trees in that spot. 2 seedlings under one tree are very lengthy, and the 1st leaves are very round. The other seedlings under the 2nd tree are shorter, and the 1st leaves are much longer...
  10. Dorky_gearhead

    400 year old bonsai stolen in japan
  11. Dorky_gearhead

    Chinese elm waking up in CA

    With the polar vortex it was pretty warm for quite a few days. In that time my elm woke up, and has even pushed new buds that already opened up. Im brushing new buds off the trunk every couple days. Its supposed to get down to 30 tonight, but tomorrow nights low is in the 40's. Id like to put...
  12. Dorky_gearhead

    JBP contest after 1 year.

    Considering every one of my seeds that germinated, died due to damping off. Im looking for a little motivation, and some do's/dont's with germinating jbp seeds. Originally i used regular potting soil that was screened down to .25 inches. I only watered when the top .25" was dry, yet they all...
  13. Dorky_gearhead

    ISO japanese maple seedling or rooted cuttings.

    About how much should one expect to pay for seedlings, or rooted cuttings?
  14. Dorky_gearhead

    the chinese elm that just wont die

    I collected this elm a few years back and its seen its fair share of dry soil. the last time it dried out was when my mother in law needed surgery and me and my wife went to help take care of her daycare kids. my elm is in regular port soil for now, so it's all to go a few days without...
  15. Dorky_gearhead

    my first attempt at making a pot...

    while panning for gold I came across a huge body of clay, so i decided to take some home. I dissolved it in water, and Sen it through a 30 mesh screen. I allowed it to set for several hours and there was no line of silt so i figured it was decent clay. I decide to make a small pot. it came...
  16. Dorky_gearhead

    Just a rant...

    So my girlfriends mom asked if her daughter could give a hand taking care of her daycare kids this week. I was going to stay home, but i decided to go too so i could do some gold prospecting in the desert near ridgecrest ca. I wake up at 6:30 with the plans of heading out around 7. After...
  17. Dorky_gearhead

    Starting seeds in sphagnum moss

    2 weeks ago i started my third batch of japanese black pine. The first two batches failed due to fungus. My gitlfriend got some sphagnum moss for her orchid, and i decided to try 100% moss as a grow medium. So far the results are night and day. Batch #3 are already at least 4 inches tall, and...
  18. Dorky_gearhead

    Anybody in Alaska? 6a

    Me and my wife have been kicking around the idea of moving to Alaska. The land is super cheap (compared to california) as well as just everything else. Anybody here thats in alaska? What are your favorite trees to bonsai?
  19. Dorky_gearhead

    Severed extensor tendon = no job.

    Graphic photo inclosed. NOT for the faint of heart. So on march 2nd i managed to cut my right pointer finger pretty good. I wound up cutting my extensor tendon (the tendon that deals with straightening your finger) in 2, and shaved some bone off the knuckle. After extensive issues i wound...
  20. Dorky_gearhead

    Giant sequoia from seed

    Late last spring me and my girlfriend went for a drive up into the mountains (up by batch park). The bear creek rout has a gate that's close for months due to snow, so we decided to take balch park road, which is longer with less switchbacks. The first bit of snow we encountered was on a bend...
  21. Dorky_gearhead

    Curious about member titles

    How does the title system work? Also what are the titles from lowest to highest? Sorry if this has already been asked. Casey
  22. Dorky_gearhead

    Suggestion for 6 year general pine tree from a seed *page*

    I've noticed that there are a number of members that are starting other* pine seeds on the "sidelines" just for their own enjoyment, due to reasons not allowing them to participate in the 6 year jbp competition. Let's not let these folks sway in the wind! They deserve the own branch in a decent...
  23. Dorky_gearhead

    Dorky_gearhead's black pine entry thread

    Saturday i ordered 200 seeds From ill be doing a seed count as soon as they show up. More details to come. Casey
  24. Dorky_gearhead

    Best source for jbp seeds

    Where are some good sources for jbp seeds? Rather than buying 1000 seeds to get 100 good ones im hoping yall can help me out. Thanks, Casey
  25. Dorky_gearhead

    Anybody out there working on peach, or almond??

    So on another walk down a creek I found some kind stone fruit, it has white flowers so I'm assuming almond. It has about a 4 inch trunk, that has some nice bends to it. At some point it fell over and the trunk has been half covered for what appears to be a while. Does anybody have experience...
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