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    JBP opinions sought

    Here are a few pictures of a tree I have been working for a while. I have a few choices for the first branch, the larger stub with a nice secondary branch already in place or the smaller branch originating from right above the original branch. I am tempted to cut the small branch off and give...
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    Juniper advice

    I am posting a couple of pictures of a juniper I have been growing on for a few years. The first one is how the tree has been left, the branches have been pulled down to let light into the interior of the tree while growing the potential jin branches larger. The second picture is what I trimmed...
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    trunk line opinions

    I bought this ap. from Brent last year, I am beginning to cut it back and want to post pictures of the tree as it is now befor I cut anything else off. I cut two large branches off last month so I could see the trunk line better. I am in central Florida with little threat of frost so this is a...
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    Anyone have a trident with bark like this?

    I bought this tree from a club auction a few years ago. It was grown by Bill Henderson and I am sure is not a young tree. I potted it in a 15 gallon pot to let it thicken, it rooted into the ground and I left it. In the past year or so the bark has become even chunkier than it was when I got it...
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