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  1. CWTurner

    Last tree of the year, 2019 edition

    Years not over yet. CW
  2. CWTurner

    Dried leaves as overwintering mulch?

    I've used them for 4-5 years with no problems. CW
  3. CWTurner

    Any ideas on shape?

    Put it in the ground for a few years? When the trunk is 3 times its current thickness, the bends won't look so unnatural. CW
  4. CWTurner

    Black Dragon Crypto starter plants

    I bought a Black Dragon at some nursery earlier this year. Name is hard to resist. Haven't done anything with it yet, just keeping it alive. CW
  5. CWTurner

    The rock thread.

    Always wanted a boulder. Got this in June. Used a backhoe to pull it into the yard, but haven't taken the time to jack it up and get the pipe out from under it yet. 4,300 lbs. CW
  6. CWTurner

    Practicing Big Bend Techniques On Collected Lodgepole

    Nice! I'm interested in the background of your first pic. What's with that chasm or sinkhole that seems to have swallowed a tree? Or is it just an optical illusion? CW
  7. CWTurner

    Please Share your Photos

    My God, that looks like a dangerous place for a desk. CW
  8. CWTurner

    What do you think guys?

    Beetle CW
  9. CWTurner

    Frugal beginnings

    Under local JM next Spring? (yes, I know they may not hold true) CW
  10. CWTurner

    Proposed soil

    Try this place: Lava purchase N. Jersey CW
  11. CWTurner

    New knife!

    World's biggest screw, or a nice tiny knife. How long is that thing? CW
  12. CWTurner

    Urban Yamadori Cotoneaster Emergency dig timing?

    On a practical note, that looks like a lot of hard work. Maybe you should rent one of those little excavators from Home Depot. Dig around the bases, then pop them out. A couple hours work vs. a full day or two. Then spend your energy getting them situated at home. CW
  13. CWTurner

    How to develop/grow a baby sapling JBP into Niwaki? What are the correct Steps?

    One thing I would suggest is to get them in the ground. They will grow much faster. When they grow branches in whorls, cut off all but 1-2. Then put YOUR styling into them over the years. CW
  14. CWTurner

    Bonsai inventions

    Cordless hose CW
  15. CWTurner

    Likes are now Reaction Scores?

    Just noticed this. CW
  16. CWTurner

    Show your Yamadori

    This is my first. Its back-budding well. As aspen is a quick growing, short lived tree like birch I think I might have problems down the road. I only collected it because I had the winter rammies. So much to do now, that I wish I could resist those kind of collections. CW
  17. CWTurner

    Show your Yamadori

    True (PA) Yamadori! A few weeks back I visited a farmers abandoned quarry near my vacation cabin in upstate PA. On a rock ledge, in about 6" of soil/shale grit I easily collected a few trees. Unsure of the species, but looks like cherry or birch. I was 20 years late to collect this hemlock...
  18. CWTurner

    World Bonsai Day

    Always seem to miss this. Sitting in Sky Harbor airport now waiting to fly home.
  19. CWTurner

    Overnight Cedar Apple rust explosion

    As if there's not enough to do this time of year, I spent most of the day removing infected branches that had the orange spore bodies. Quite a lot of foliage. I have about a dozen various types of juniper, and not all of them are showing signs of the fruiting fungus. Funny too, but neither of...
  20. CWTurner

    Overnight Cedar Apple rust explosion

    This wasn't here yesterday. Ive got some crabapple, and neighbors have eating- apple trees. Anyone know if I should wash this gel off before treating? CW
  21. CWTurner


    Preparation-H too. Sounds expensive. CW
  22. CWTurner

    Finally found it. New Horizons in Bonsai the TV show

    I remember the show, which got me interested in bonsai way back. I'm sure I would laugh if I viewed it now. CW
  23. CWTurner

    Advice please

    Super messy tree. Seed pods break apart into a fuzz, leaves fall all almost constantly, bark season its fun to look at the tree, but another cleanup, then the fall leaves. I have a big one forming a canopy over my home and while I appreciate the cooling, it is constantly clogging my gutters. CW
  24. CWTurner

    Repairing Japanese Pot with JB Weld

    JB Weld is some powerful stuff. Other, non-water versions have much more holding strength (PSI rating). I've no doubt that it will hold your pot together. The problem is the setting time and the need to hold all the pieces tightly together while it sets. Don't know how you'd go about that...
  25. CWTurner

    Whitebark Pines (Pinus albicaulis)

    Love that 7000' pic. I can smell the pine from here. Is that large round boulder on the right, laying on the downed tree? Looks like the tree fell and pulled the boulder up with it. Really cool. CW
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