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  1. AndyWilson

    Conifer Id Needed

    Hey Folks There are hardly any confiers that i would recognise but this one has me baffled. I have tried nurseries but they all say "juniper" with a confused look on their faces. This is one of three in my garden, each between 20-25 feet tall and about 12 inches all the way round the base...
  2. AndyWilson

    Where Does your Bonsai knowledge come from?

    I was thinking about the efficacy of various sources of knowledge and information within the field of bonsai. It got me wondering, where does your bonsai knowledge come from? How do you rate the various sources of information and why? Has your source of information changed as you've grown...
  3. AndyWilson

    Growing Cacti?

    Hey Folks, I was given cacti seeds from a wonderful women who is sadly losing her battle against a degenerative muscle disease, she is a great friend and i want to try my best to grow these seeds to honour her. Now, i have absolutely no idea how to grow cacti or what type of cacti they...
  4. AndyWilson

    Some mame from the SABA convention

    Here are some Mame from the South African Bonsai Convention. The first is a beautful Pyracantha cascade, the second is a vine of some sort, i couldnt track down the owner so i dont have the ID, the third is a fantastic cottoneaster, the only thing that i dont like on this fella is the heavy...
  5. AndyWilson

    Olive Forest

    I saw this at the recent SABA convention. i thought i would post it here to see what you guys think. It is my favourite item from the convention. This has been documented in several local books.
  6. AndyWilson

    ID of strange tree!

    Okay, i pass this tree occasionally and always thought it was some kind of pine, after stopping next to it today, it appears to have similar leaves to a holly. Now connifers are rare here, so i cant find anyone who can tell me what this thing is Sorry bout the pic quality its off my phone.
  7. AndyWilson

    Brazilian Pepper As Bonsai.

    :confused: Okay so my gf bought a fantastic brazillian pepper that were are working on but no one here can tell me anything about this species as a bonsai. I have read volumes about it as a pest but nothing specific regarding bonsai. If Anyone can give my any good info regarding to soil...
  8. AndyWilson

    Consider from my perspective, trident stump

    Hey Folks, Just found a trident trunk amongst some bushes that were dug out from my vege garden. this is exciting to me because these things are difficult to find here and i want to make this work no matter how hard or long it takes me. This stump has already been chopped from last season...
  9. AndyWilson

    is my Jap maple waking up too early?

    Hi all, normally i wouldnt post something like this but... I found a Jap maple which is a very difficult tree to find in South Africa and trunk chopped it and began to form it for the next gro season. We are in the middle of winter here and it has just started to push new growth, now as we are...
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