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  1. CWTurner

    Likes are now Reaction Scores?

    Just noticed this. CW
  2. CWTurner

    Overnight Cedar Apple rust explosion

    This wasn't here yesterday. Ive got some crabapple, and neighbors have eating- apple trees. Anyone know if I should wash this gel off before treating? CW
  3. CWTurner

    Stanley PRO bonsai tools

    Went to a local home show and Restore (recycle type place) had a stand. I found these PRO scissors, and a planting tool set. The scissors are pretty good quality. The planting set doesn't seem very useful. $15 CW
  4. CWTurner

    Pinus Contorsa - Spaan’s Dwarf - Shore Pine

    I was down in Maryland over the weekend and visited Susanna Farm Nursery (great place) and picked up the rather large Spaan's Dwarf. Trunk is about 5"-6" across and has some nice taper and movement. I wasn't sure if it was a bonsai candidate, but figured it for a nice landscape tree if it...
  5. CWTurner

    Cemetery Junipers (potted)

    So my cemetery contact texted me today about two bushes that had to be removed. Turns out they are junipers that have been in concrete planters for 15 years (my contact remembers them arriving). No idea how they survived. The planters had a single 1" hole in the bottom and roots escaped from...
  6. CWTurner

    Collected Hemlock

    I collected this Hemlock in early spring of 2016 upstate PA. Mostly barerooted it and potted it up. I decided it needed to lay down and be styled as a raft. This is a recent pic. I put some wire on it and took out some foliage. I think a lot more needs to go, but I really moved some of...
  7. CWTurner

    Caterpillar ID

    I am ground growing an Iberian Oak (nice small leaves) and today I found these slimy little buggers on the underside of some discolored leaves. I couldn't find any ID on caterpillars this small. They are very wet looking, unlike any caterpillars I've seen before. I clipped the affected branches...
  8. CWTurner

    Check out this full-size garden raft/multi-trunk

    I was browsing the Conifer Kingdom website and saw this For Sale in their "Specimen" area. Would love to have it, but it would be lots cheaper to get a bonsai grove already finished. CW
  9. CWTurner

    For the Chicago area members

    Saw this in my recent American Conifer Society newsletter. CW
  10. CWTurner

    I never see my own posts

    Earlier today, I entered the 6yr JBP contest and when I next visited the site my entry didn't show up in the ALERTS menu. What am I missing? (well, not too much, since they're my own posts) But this isn't just today's post, but all my posts. Is this by design? I don't see an option to...
  11. CWTurner

    CWTurner - 6yr. JBP contest entry

    Let's see if I can at least keep some of these alive for 6 years. Sounds like fun now, but I'm likely to get lazy/distracted when my bigger trees start growing again, so hope I don't completely forget about these seedlings. Mother Nature better be kind if this is going to work. I decided to...
  12. CWTurner

    Pre-demolition plantings Chicago area

    I was browsing a demolition sale here in the Philly area and saw a link to a Chicago area pre-demolotion seller. Anybody into landscape collecting for bonsai or their own landscape? Some yew and burning bush available that you might want to check out...
  13. CWTurner

    More cemetery azaleas

    I got a call from my cemetery contact a week or two ago, saying that they pulled some more azalea that I might be interested in. I did collect a couple and while I was there they pulled a half dozen more and dropped them in the dump area for me. Here's some pics. This was an easy one. Bare...
  14. CWTurner

    Modified thread graft

    So I have this stout little Dwarf Eastern White Pine that's seems to be pretty healthy, but as with most EWP the foliage is out at the end of the branches. See: So I have to do something to get this looking like a...
  15. CWTurner

    Boxwood repot

    I collected this boxwood from my front walk in April 2015. I trimmed a good bit of foliage off after potting it but it hasn't really thrived. I think that my poor dense soil might be the cause. So today, I did a repot. It had a fair amount of healthy roots, but for two years growing in...
  16. CWTurner

    Bench from a fallen tree

    In one of the winter windstorms I lost a hemlock, probably 60 years old. So I decided to make some use of the trunks. First project was a bench out of a log that I sliced lengthwise. The reason I decided to do this was that the log had a natural pair of legs from a couple branches on the...
  17. CWTurner

    Nursery auction in Oregon!

    A bit late posting this, but west coaster's might be interested. CW
  18. CWTurner

    How do YOU use Bonsainut?

    After the enlightenment from @Lazylightningny post on finding old threads that we've started I figured we might all learn some more about this great site. When I come here (and I never log out, so rarely have to...
  19. CWTurner

    Art piece question

    Two sets of tiny paintings on some sort of translucent paper (you can see some newspaper, that I have them resting on, through the bottom set). Rice paper would be my guess, but I really have no idea. They are very colorful and appear to be painted, not prints, if that's the right term. You...
  20. CWTurner

    Lava rock purchase

    I have been using stone dust as a component of my soil and needed to upgrade to some good lava. From this post, , I found out about Partek Peat Corporation in Great Meadows NJ. This company's main products are for baseball fields and other...
  21. CWTurner

    Old note in a book

    Someone recommended this book to me and I received a used copy as a Christmas gift. I was looking through it and found a handwritten list of trees that an E. A. Fetting wanted from Evergreen Landscaping in Sturgeon Bay WI. If anyone is near there can you run over and see if the order is still...
  22. CWTurner

    Bonsai purchase

    Thanksgiving I traveled to Atlanta to visit family and fit in a visit to Plant City Bonsai. Enjoyed my time there and Steve's hospitality. I also made my first significant bonsai purchase, this Japanese Red Pine. It was dug from a field last January at Muranaka's if I remember correctly. I...
  23. CWTurner

    Crushed stone work area

    I've just begun renovating my bonsai area into something a little more orderly. I want to have the entire area covered in some sort of stone. Currently it is grass/weeds with slate stepping stones. I figure that I'll remove the slates, skin off the grass and top inch or so of top soil, put...
  24. CWTurner

    Practical or lazy yew collection?

    I got a call this morning from my friend at the cemetery. He was told to remove a couple of yews that I had previously expressed interest in. He asked if I wanted to dig them up rather than him just yanking them with the chain on his backhoe. Well, I had my morning planned out already and...
  25. CWTurner

    Crab Apple air layers

    So I have a landscape crabapple that I needed to prune back for aesthetic reasons, and instead of just chopping off the offending limbs, I thought that I would apply some air about a half dozen. This was during an unusual February/March warm spell. A few days ago I figured that...
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