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    A day to remember...

    There's no easy way to say this without it sounding like an admonition, which it isn't. Many different countries lost citizens in the attacks. We should be thinking of all of them, wherever we are from. Chris.
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    A day to remember...

    :( Chris.
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    Paperbark righter

    Klytus, that's the most awful pun I've ever read on a bonsai forum :cool: Chris.
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    Trident maple, 7 month progression.

    Hi Will, thanks for your comments, much appreciated. I find myself using guy wires all the time, they are such a simple way to achieve major re-alignment. I use them a lot to pull branches down, and also to move branches sideways, across and even up. I feed with balanced fertiliser every...
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    Trident maple, 7 month progression.

    Irene, great bark on your elm, I like it. Chris.
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    Trident maple, 7 month progression.

    Thanks. I will probably end up using the pot for an alpine garden... :) Chris.
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    Trident maple, 7 month progression.

    Hi Irene, I keep forgetting to give dimensions of trees I post online... this one is 24" from the rim of the pot to the top of the crown. Chris.
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    Trident maple, 7 month progression.

    (or more accurately, a 216 day, 19 hour, 26 minutes and 38 seconds progression) Hello to all, Here is a trident maple I picked up on January this year (2009). At the time I was just coming back into bonsai after an 18 month layoff, with hindsight I suppose I could really have spent my...
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    Japanese Larch: Three Year Progression

    I love this tree. It is dripping with character, with lots of scars and deadwood and plenty of angularity. A literati must have some angularity in my book. I like the hanging branches, they really help to convey the impression of an ancient tree. Chris. PS I like your sense of humour... :)
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    Scots Pine Literati

    The briefest of cursory glances down the tree forums shows plenty of people willing to post their trees. Something about a clever theory being spoiled by a plain fact springs to mind (Sorry Mr Huxley). I'll go away now and stop asking pertinent questions. Chris.
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    A few more I have been working on...

    Will, the pictures don't appear, :confused:. Chris.
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    Scots Pine Literati

    (my bold)Come on, just pander to little old me and post the dates the photos were taken. :) Chris. ps not keen on the hanging lowest branch or the pom poms. I like the trunkline.
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    Scots Pine Literati

    I really can't follow this :confused: There is nearly a year between the photo is post #1 and the photo in post #3, because in post #1 you said: and in post #2 you said Now skip forward 10 months, and you post a current picture and say: Counting backwards from the latest photo in post #45, we...
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    Chinese Elm - Another Beat Up Survivor

    I'm a big fan of Chinese elms, the one here is simply wonderful. Deadwood and deciduous do mix. I look forward to seeing it in the future. Chris.
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    The Karaoke Bar still showing in new posts

    can still see them... posts from the last 24 hours. Chris.
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    An open letter to Mr. Nut

    Exactly. And when the bad feeling generated in the bar spills into a thread on bonsai, and someone complains, we are told "if you don't like what you're reading, don't read it", which can quite reasonably be alternatively stated "if you don't like what you've just read, you shouldn't have read...
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    This will be's project (Red Prince Weigela)

    If I remember correctly from a weigela we had in our garden a while back, the new shoots and juvenile branches are pithy. Or am I thinking of another plant? If they are pithy then wiring to shape will be difficult. Ifr they're not, forget I posted... Chris.
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    Noob + homemade trunk jack walk up to a juniper... hilarity ensues

    I didn't think, I suppose it would, with a small head on the bolt. My own home made jack had a curved steel plate that was threaded to take the end of length of threaded bar and was secured with a lock nut. A thick rubber pad was all it needed for cushioning. Unfortunately I don't have it...
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    Noob + homemade trunk jack walk up to a juniper... hilarity ensues

    Well done for getting stuck in there, I like to see people having a go. With regard to the scar caused by the central bolt head, maybe something similar to the items on this page would help: rubber chair feet or even just a square of cork or something. Chris.
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    Marco Invernizzi's new tool - "Ichiban"

    Both. (if you were asking me) Chris.
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    Marco Invernizzi's new tool - "Ichiban"

    I have always used my twig shears to cut wire, with no detriment. Not because I'm a cheapskate, but because they easily cope. I'd like to see a video or at the very least some stills of how to use the new tool as a chisel without the obvious risk of the other blade getting in the way. Or it...
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    Exsanguinating Trident

    That would have been me. It wasn't a problem as such, just a small amount of weeping down the trunk from the removal of a small pencil-thick branch. Chris.
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    Trident Maple

    Post number 22 will go into my bookmarks folder, thanks for the photos of this process. Chris.
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