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    I'm wondering if anyone here has used coir (shredded outer hull of coconuts) it works exceptionally well for cacti, but there seems to be some debate amongst thorned xerophyte aficionado set about its 'appriopriateness'. So at risk of setting of yet another soil debate, has anyone here used...
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    Banks Pine\Pinus banksiana

    I'm looking to buy or trade for seedlings of this species of pine. Private individuals only, NO businesses please. Thanks, Nigel
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    Digging it... Or not.

    I have a quandry, a dilemma, a seemingly insoluble problem. There is a stretch of road nearby that has a small stand of Virginia pine on it. Seedlings and older plants both, all of varying ages. And I found out that they are going to bulldoze it come this Monday, July 23rd. I know, I know...
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    Favorite Bonsai Books?

    I figure the "Worst Bonsai Books" thread has sat here long enough. Now for the optimistic view, in a manner of speaking.... I suppose it may go without saying for many of us that John Naka's Technique's Vol's I and II are invaluable. I know they are my favorite among favorites. I also...
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    Looking to Trade

    Greetings, Here's what I'm after: Carpinus turczininovii (seeds, seedlings or rooted cuttings) Fagus crenata (seedlings or rooted cuttings) Pinus banksiana (seedlings only, don't care for grafts) I have tons of material to trade. The list is long, but to name a few I have: Ulmus...
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    Another Trade\Plants Wanted

    To see what I have to offer (partial list) see the previous trade posting in this forum section. Here's what I'm after this time: Carpinus tuczininovii (seeds, seedlings or rooted cuttings) Fagus crenata (seedlings or rooted cuttings) Pinus banksiana Thanks, Nigel
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    Under-used\under-rated plants

    I've been thinking about this subject quite a bit lately. As a result of having worked in nurseries over the last decade I've come across quite a few plants that I haven't seen get much use or exposure, although apparently well suited for bonsai. A few that I have been working with and...
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    Trader Feedback Tracking

    Greg and anyone\everyone else, Seeing as how I mistakenly believed the willingness and\or ability to keep up with trades by our fair moderator to be zero ("nonsense" he said, and I'm glad) then how 'bout it? I'll leave it our fearless leader to decide how to implement this. As I said...
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    Tree Trade

    Greetings all, I'm looking to acquire a few rooted cuttings of smaller cork bark elms, Japanese White Pine, Jack Pine (Pinus banksiana) seedlings. I have tons of material to trade. The list is long, but to name a few I have: Ulmus parviflora Acer palmatum (seedlings) Buxus ('Morris...
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    The EXPERT

    Nigel here, I joined this forum a while back when there were only about fifteen members. My how it has grown. I've been absent partly because I've been too dang busy, but mostly because of my disappoinment at the arrival of a certain nameless entity here. I've seen this nameless indiviual...
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    "Florida" Elm???

    Elsewhere on this site someone mentioned a plant refered to as the "Florida" Elm. I asked about this but no one chose to respond (ignore?) my question. I ask honestly with out meaning to challenge or confront: What species of elm is this? Is it actually an elm at all? I'd really like to...
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    Wood Carving Tools

    What would you suggest for inexpensive, general purpose wood carving tools? Nigel
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    I'd like to suggest another plant forum: Evergreens. Otherwise where do we put Hollies (Ilex spp.) Camellias, Gardenias, Pieris, Boxwood (Buxus spp.) and the like? I know that someone will say some of these belong in the flowering category but then I'd have that I could generate a much...
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    Secret Techniques of Bonsai

    I hope I didn't butcher the title. I had an opportunity to look through this book at a retail chain type bookstore (read: Hell) and was somewhat impressed. Admittedly, it goes over some of the things that have been repeated ad infinitum but it had plenty of new and interesting ideas I...
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    Worst Bonsai Books

    I'll put this sort of thing here until this site has a section for books, videos etc. Now I know this will likely be a contentious subject, but I believe it could be useful. This comes about because a friend of mine loaned me a book called Bonsai the Art of Dwarfing Trees by Ann Kimball...
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    Nick Lenz - Maleficient Tree

    Hey everyone, Anyone here familiar with Nick Lenz, particularly his "maleficient tree"? I tried doing an image search with no luck. Anyone know where I might find it? Thanks, Nigel
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    I'll sum it up to begin with: I'm perplexed by the bonsai process. Although I know how to prune, grow and generally work with plants. I'm really unsure of the process itself. What steps in what order? When does one begin reducing the root system and put a plant in a training pot, as...
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