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  1. Gnome

    Donald Trump.

    Because they are afraid. Afraid that he is going to up set the entitlement apple cart and wreck their promise everything and deliver nothing position in life and actually do something. Sorry, but this is an overly simplistic way to look at this. There are plenty of people who are not concerned...
  2. Gnome

    How to do informal upright (Moyogi) style for Portulacaria Afra?

    goofyboi, The techniques are the same as for many other species. Grow it out, then cut it back to create movement and taper. In my climate I grow them freely all summer and then cut them back to get them under the fluorescents. I have found that these tolerate more frequent watering than...
  3. Gnome

    Neem Oil as Pesticide/Fungicide - Correct Use

    Thanks Dave, I still have a fair amount of the Daconil left as I actually use very little of it but I'll store the info away. Norm
  4. Gnome

    Neem Oil as Pesticide/Fungicide - Correct Use

    Brian, Last year I tried it as a replacement for Daconil in the treatment of black spot fungus on a Chinese Elm that is annually effected. I found it to be ineffective for this application and had to revert to the Daconil. It does seem to be effective against Aphids but, as treebeard55 noted...
  5. Gnome

    Blackspot on Elms...

    Tom, I've had to deal with this problem every year since I began with Chinese Elms. It's important to know that any treatment will not cure any leaves currently affected. Furthermore those leaves must be removed in order to avoid spreading the disease further. As you mentioned, don't water from...
  6. Gnome

    Ficus? (plant ID)

    roelex14, I have a few F. benjamina 'Mini Lucie' which looks like it could also be in the running. Norm
  7. Gnome

    Dwarf Jade and frost

    Patrick, I once saw a large (full size) Jade at a nursery that looked like it had been pruned very hard. When I asked about it I was informed that it had inadvertently been exposed to a frost. Apparently all of the leaves and smaller branches died off but the trunk had not been killed. So I...
  8. Gnome


    Ryan, I've always known these as mortar boxes. Have you considered building one out of lumber? Norm
  9. Gnome

    Performance Issues...

    Irene, If you've come for an argument, that's room 12A. ;) Norm
  10. Gnome

    Collected Buxus

    Rock & Dave, Thanks for the input. I was able to reduce the primary branches some this past season but I will look hard at it again this coming spring. Norm
  11. Gnome

    Sick Cork Bark Elm

    Bob, The product I am using is Daconil. That is a brand name, the active ingredient is Chlorothalonil. I have had good luck controlling Black Spot with this product. Norm
  12. Gnome

    Collected Buxus

    HotAction, Thanks, I was really trying to get some good growth before I did anything too drastic. Understood, the designations were primarily for the sake of the discussion. There is not really any front or back yet. Is your tree posted anywhere on this site? Norm
  13. Gnome

    Sick Cork Bark Elm

    Craig, In the spring, during cooler, damper weather, my Chinese Elms are susceptible to a fungal infection known as 'Black Spot' that looks very similar to what you show in the first picture. This primarily effects tender, new foliage early in the season. I'm not sure what the weather is like...
  14. Gnome

    Collected Buxus

    I thought I would go ahead and update this thread. After two seasons of recovery from being potted here's where things stand now. These pictures were taken on December first as I was putting everything to bed for the winter. Some of the foliage is looking a little 'bronzed' as it was rather late...
  15. Gnome

    Firethorn from seed?

    Chub, I successfully germinated a flat of these in the spring of 2008. The seeds were cleaned and stratified from the fall of 2007 until late January when I noticed germination beginning. At this time I planted them in a flat and returned them to cold storage. By late February many were up...
  16. Gnome

    Broom style Zelkova

    Since I last posted about this tree it has been layered to eliminate the unsightly curve at the bottom of the trunk. It was layered in 2008 and has spent the year or so since then simply recovering. I have not done much pruning to it this year but expect to able to cut it back next spring and...
  17. Gnome

    modeling clay?

    Victrinia, Putting aside the issues of necessity, you raise some very good points. I have used modeling clay (mixed with a little vegetable oil to soften it) in the past and is effective to the extent that any sealant is. It adheres fairly well and does stay in place. This, in my opinion, is...
  18. Gnome

    The Karaoke Bar still showing in new posts

    Harry, Apparently you have misinterpreted me, deliberately or otherwise. I'm not happy it came to this. Guess what, I have other interests besides bonsai, I too own guns, cars and motorcycles. I do woodworking, silversmithing and general gardening, among other things. I even watch the...
  19. Gnome

    The Karaoke Bar still showing in new posts

    Can't see the new 'Guns thread' from the link on the navigation bar. Can't see it from the link next to my avatar. Can't see it in the 'Recent Threads' box. Norm
  20. Gnome

    The Karaoke Bar still showing in new posts

    As I mentioned above, the link next to my avatar returns results including the karaoke bar. While the link on the navigation bar does not. This is the same behavior that meushi...
  21. Gnome

    The Karaoke Bar still showing in new posts

    It was always my habit to use the link located next to my avatar. I never even suspected that the link that I use labeled 'New Posts' would behave differently than another link on the navigation bar labeled 'New Posts' mere inches away. Norm
  22. Gnome

    The Karaoke Bar still showing in new posts

    I tells me that if a change was intended, as I believed it to be, then it was not effective, just as I wrote, nothing more. Norm
  23. Gnome

    The Karaoke Bar still showing in new posts

    If the intention was to eliminate the karaoke bar from new posts then the change has not been effective. I still see it when I check in, sometimes there are more off topic discussions than not. Norm
  24. Gnome

    Dremel died

    flor1. Here's a knock-off of the type of tool that Tom posted earlier. The quality control on this brand is not exceptional but I own this very tool and it has performed well for me. I guess every company produces a...
  25. Gnome

    Tired of Crappy Threads

    What was that Will?:p Norm
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