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  1. Lars Grimm

    What to do about early bud break?

    Hi All, In North Carolina, we have had some near record highs. It has been low 70s this week, but it is expected to get down to high 20s next week. Some of my trees (quince, beautyberry) have already started to leaf out despite being in a sun protected cold frame. This is a new experience...
  2. Lars Grimm

    Watering when overwintering in a shed or garage

    For those of you that overwinter your trees in a shed or garage, how do you do it without making a huge mess? Do you bring things outside to water thoroughly? Do you put some water barrier underneath and just lightly moisten to keep the substrate from drying out? I have shohin trees in a...
  3. Lars Grimm

    Root oxygenation and container choice

    Hi All, I was listening to Bjorn's end of year podcast and he was discussing the different types of containers used for growing pre-bonsai/rough stock (specifically not finished bonsai). He made the comment that wooden containers are the best in terms of providing root oxygenation (I'm...
  4. Lars Grimm

    Direct temperature measurements and winter protection

    Hi All, As with many of you, I obsess about winter protection this time of year. I have come to believe that many of us (myself included) go way overboard on protecting our trees. I often see people advocating to have trees placed on the ground and mulched to allow the earth to better...
  5. Lars Grimm

    Query regarding thread vs approach grafting on JMaple

    Hi All, I commonly see folks talk about developing a good trunk and then grafting on all the branches in good locations, but not which grafting approach to use in these circumstances. I am making plans for this coming spring and am debating the pros/cons of thread grafting versus approach...
  6. Lars Grimm

    LG Large Kotohime

    Hi All, This is a new thread to start documentation of a new large kotohime I purchased from Bella Bonsai at the Winter Silhouette Show in 2019. The tree was originally ground grown but has been in a nursery container for several years before being transplanted to the current container. I...
  7. Lars Grimm

    Interesting type of suiseki from eBay

    While browsing eBay to see what type of suiseki were available, I came across an interesting 'category' of stone. I copied and pasted some pictures below. These are cut and polished slabs with very interesting mineral deposits. I think they could be quite interesting in some displays but have...
  8. Lars Grimm

    Advice on rain water collection system

    Hi All, I am working on designing a rain water harvesting system for my garden. I have city water, but for environmental reasons I would prefer to harvest rainwater when I can. I previously had a series of 65 gallon barrels connected to a spigot for hand watering, but I want an upgraded...
  9. Lars Grimm

    Visit to Colorado in September

    Hi All, I am headed out to Denver and then Breckenridge in a couple weeks for a wedding. Any recommendations for bonsai nurseries, suiseki vendors, stone collecting sites, etc while I am out there. I am planning on going to the Denver Botanical Gardens. Lars
  10. Lars Grimm

    Bacterial? Rapid infection on japanese maple

    Hi All, Another day, another problem. I love this hobby, but sometimes it can be very demoralizing. I have a very nice shohin japanese maple that very rapidly was struck by what I presume is a bacterial infection. Day 1: The tree looks healthy. I decide to do some light clean up and remove...
  11. Lars Grimm

    Appropriate fertilizer dosing for injection system?

    Hi All, I recently started using a Hozon fertilizer injection system and am trying to figure out the appropriate dosing. My goal is to use it for every watering so that my trees are always getting a constant low level of fertilizer. For those of you with a similar setup, what dosing ratio do...
  12. Lars Grimm

    Daiza carver recommendations

    Hi All, Does anyone have any recommendations for a daiza carver. I just purchased an interesting Lingbi turtle skin stone from one of the Facebook auctions (see below). I think it would be fun to make a custom stand to embrace the turtle theme like the example below.
  13. Lars Grimm

    LG Chuhin Privet

    Hi All, This is progression thread for my chuhin sized privet. This was one of my very first bonsai trees and the first tree I ever collected back in 2016. It was originally a shrug growing in my side yard. Here it is after initial collection in a pond basket. You can see that there was not...
  14. Lars Grimm

    Presumed recurrent fungal infection on Trident Maple

    Hi All, I have really been struggling with what I assume is a fungal infection on my large trident maple. This is a recurring problem that has been going on for the last three years. The tree puts out great growth in spring and the leaves harden off without any problem. I typically do an...
  15. Lars Grimm

    LG Grey Oak

    Hi All, Here is a progression thread for my Grey Oak. This is the same species and from the same vendor, Cho Bonsai, as @MACH5 as posted here. When I first purchased it in March 2018, here are the pictures from Alvaro. You can see it was in a long skinny box. There is a very fat base and...
  16. Lars Grimm

    Thread grafting during growing season?

    I have a large japanese maple that will need thread grafting of primary branches. Based on the positioning of the graft and the future branch position, I don't think approach grafts are a good idea in order to get the angle of the branch correctly positioned. I have had good experience...
  17. Lars Grimm

    Where to purchase display stands?

    HI All, I am getting close to presenting my bonsai at a show for the first time, but do not have any bonsai stands. Does anyone have any recommendations for places to purchase stands? The facebook groups randomly have stands, but not consistently and usually only 1-2 available at a time...
  18. Lars Grimm

    LG Arakawa shohin

    Hi All, Here is a progression thread for an arakawa maple shohin. It was originally purchased from @MACH5 in the summer of 2017. I felt very fortunate to get a maple from him. Although it is an arakawa species it has not barked up much yet, although it does have the deep set leaves. Here...
  19. Lars Grimm

    LG Yatsubusa Elm

    Hi All, This is a Yatsubusa Elm progression thread. The elm was originally purchased from a nursery going out of business back in September of 2016. It was allowed to grow through the bottom of the pot so the root ball was pretty well intact. The tree was well over 10 feet tall. Here you...
  20. Lars Grimm

    New Bonsai Garden Display Progression Thread

    Hello All, I recently moved into a new house and have a complete blank slate with which to design a new bonsai garden to grow and display my trees. This will serve as the progression thread where I share my ideas and the evolution of the garden. As always, advice is greatly appreciated. A...
  21. Lars Grimm

    PSA: Run your hose first in the hot weather

    As the weather gets warmer and warmer (98F in North Carolina today), make sure to run your hose for a minute before watering. The water can get up to 140F in the hot sun and cause severe scalding injuries to persons and likely damage to fragile plants. Lars
  22. Lars Grimm

    New bonsai grow area: share your insights

    Hi All, I am moving into a new house in July. This will include a much larger area for my bonsai, roughly 30 feet long by about 20 feet wide against the corner of the fence. This is a total blank canvas and I can do whatever I want with it. If you had to redo your bonsai setup, what would...
  23. Lars Grimm

    Weather sensor recommendation

    Hi All, Does anyone have any good recommendations for weather sensors? I have searched the forum and seen some highly variable results. The things I care about are: 1. Temperature and humidity detection 2. Multiple zones (at least 2) 3. Track/record temperature over time (not just current...
  24. Lars Grimm

    Pyracantha sources?

    Anyone know of any places that sell pyracantha pre-bonsai? They seem to be a very popular species in Europe, but I never see them listed for sale in the US.
  25. Lars Grimm

    Any opinions on Shohin Bonsai Europe streaming service?

    There is a new subscription video service on Shohin Bonsai Europe: The video quality looks pretty good. I am unsure of how much content there will be each month. I currently subscribe to Bonsai Mirai which I really enjoy. This new service is focused on shohin...
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