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    Pomagranite oak style

    I have had this pom since 2012. The first photo shows it as I bought it and the second one is three years later. I hope that it will be ready for a bonsai pot next season.
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    Carving practice, suggestions needed

    I've had this juniper for several years. The only thing I have done wsa to remove some branches on one end and change the planting angle. I think it has a lot of potential, especially for carving, but I don't know which way to go with it. Any suggestions?
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    Pom Potential?

    These are some Pomegranates that I purchased from an old and dilapidated nursery. They were about 5 bucks apiece so I thought I'd buy some to experiment with. I went back to following year to buy some more but the nursery had been replaced by vineyards... probably much more profitable. Do any...
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    Two identities

    A few weeks ago I posted here and also made the same post on Facebook. A Bonsainut member here asked why I had two identities, one on Facebook and one on BonsaiNut. I thought it careless of this member to post my name here, when it would seem obvious I that I rather not use my real name. I let a...
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    Frickin' Ficus

    This tree was given to me two years ago when the top half died in a frost. As shown, it has a double trunk. I cut on trunk way down hoping branches would pop up and I'd have a nice sumo. However, a new trunk popped up at its base. So currently I have three parts: 1) Originally stubby trunk which...
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    Bonsai as Carry on

    I will be transporting a grape vine bonsai by air later this week. Does anyone have experience taking a tree as carry on? I plan is to pack it as if I were going to ship it (but unsealed for inspection), just in case I can't take it as carry on (it is two inches too long) and have to check it...
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    African honeysuckle

    I was a little surprised by the flowering on this plant at this time of the year, but it was bright so I thought that I'd share it.
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    Excess sap on young JBP

    I bought this JBP earlier this week. When I got it home it had sap on the needles and I couldn't find where it was coming from. Does anyone have ideas what this might be or whether I should be concerned?
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    Looking for a resource for pots.

    Can anyone provide a link to web sites that sell bonsai pots?
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    Newly carved grape

    This grape was one of five from a vineyard that was removing older stock. This was a discard. It didn't look like it had a chance but this one survived. I planted it in the ground for two years and dug it out of the ground last year after the new growth was established. I carved away the wood...
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    New GoPro Camera

    Just bought a new video sports camera but it takes stills, too. So I snapped a few of my backyard. Got to get used to the fish eye effect. Probably not the best camera for bonsai photography, but it should be fun in the Kayak.
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    Which would you choose? (JBP)

    I am anticipating wiring this pine later in the fall. About half way up on the left side you can see a rather thick branch with a new, thinner branch growing beneath it. Which branch would you keep. 1) Thick branch because it is similar to the proportions of the other branches. 2) Thinner...
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    Inspiring Oak (2 min. Youtube)

    I thought this tree pretty cool:
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    Save this tree.... save my marriage.

    Usually I'm not sentimental about my trees, but my wife bought me this tree four year ago for our 30th anniversary. I've been away for several weeks and returned to find the tree lacking vigor, with some yellowing branches and some die back. It's been well watered (perhaps too well). Any one...
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    Growth on the trunk

    I recently bought this Benjamin ficus. It has a grow on the base. Should it be removed?
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    Trunk by the inch

    Recently, there have been numerous threads regarding the price of trees. Of course there are many factors that impact price, but the diameter of the trunk is an important one. Recently I bought an eight foot ficus with a four inch trunk. Before I left the nursery, I removed to top six feet of...
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    Bonsai in nature

    I found this tree interesting. It is an native oak growing in a few inches of soil on a cliff in Yosemite valley.
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    Nice trunk, little else... suggestions?

    This was originally two close growing potted ficus about eight feet tall. It was given to me after a hard frost killed the top half. I chopped just above the highest living branches. Two years later this is what I have. I've assumed that I would have to graft the shorter (but fatter) trunk...
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    Itty Bitty Grapes

    This grape vine was salvaged from a garbage heap and planted in the ground for two years. It still has a lot of work to go, but I was enthralled by the tiny grapes. Maybe I'll become a vintner ... it will have to be a very limited bottling.
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    Olive... I will survive

    I Repotted this olive yesterday. Although not too apparent in this photo, it seems many branches are not leafing out except at the very ends. I'm hoping that repotting the tree will encourage it to become more vigorous. This year, I've taken turface out of my soil mix which is now mostly pumice...
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    Question about defoliating and repotting an oak

    I hope to repot this oak tomorrow. In earlier posts a few experienced members talked about defoliating their oak tree before repotting. Is it a good idea to defoliate an evergreen oak when repotting?
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    Spanish language bonsai sites

    I have a friend in Consta Rica looking for bonsai sites written in Spanish. Any suggestions?
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    Nice bonsai oak

    This is a deciduous oak that I've had in the ground for ten years. It looks great as the new leaves break bud. It's difficult to photograph and to see the proper front you'd have to turn the tree about five degrees to the left. I've included cutters and trowel in the second photo for scale. I...
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    A temporary Literati

    I bought this about four years ago at a landscape nursery, with the intention of growing out the lower branches. Meanwhile, I've had fun constructing a literati style in what is evenutally going to be a sacrifice trunk. I can see four different trees within this one: Literati, the shohin...
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    African Honeysuckle

    I bought this as a one gallon Home depot plant about six years ago. It started growing very fast at at one point it was a (poor) cascade. Its growing has slowed down and I was planning on getting rid of it (local charity auction). The branching is a mess.But recently it has gotten a lot of...
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