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  1. remist17

    Tree vendors

    I have dealt with three tree vendors over the past five years and have been happy with the smaller trees. Im now looking for some larger trunk trees but do not have alot of money to put out. Is there any vendors that can be recommended to get larger trunk trees that will not break my wallet? I...
  2. remist17

    Time table for re-potting trees

    I have elm, hornbeam and maples. They were all repotted this spring (2014). My memory serves me correctly these trees should not need re-potting until spring 2016? correct or no. They are all in 10" bulb pots with a Turface / stable dry mix. No roots are growing out of the bottom and no root...
  3. remist17

    Approach Graft - Japanese Maple help

    I need to fill in two areas on a Japanese green maple. I have done some looking at sites and I was hoping someone could send me a good link to a site that explains every step. I have never done this before. My main concern is how deep you cut the tree. I understand you scrape off the bark on...
  4. remist17

    Unknown species of Elm with yellow leaves

    I have a small elm that since leaf bud had yellow leaves. The leaves now have a small amount of brown on them. The leaves are still tender and have not hardened fully. I have fertilized with Dyna Grow twice this year. Every two weeks. The leaves remind me of a plant not getting enough sunlight...
  5. remist17

    Koto Ito Komachi as Bonsai?

    Has anyone used a Koto Ito Komachi for a bonsai tree? The leaves remind me of spaghetti. I never had one of these before and really could not find any bonsai tree photos. I am thinking this is a landscape tree only. Your thoughts are appreciated.
  6. remist17

    Some Elms that could use some suggestions

    Hello all; Finally got some good sun and nice day to take some photos. I would like to get some help with design suggestions for these elms. Jacqueline Hillier Miscellaneous elm I am not sure of the top branch that goes off horizontal. I bought this tree two seasons ago and left this branch...
  7. remist17

    Trident maple with dark black edges

    I have three young tridents that are leafed out still young leaves. Majority of the leaves have black on the edges. Not spots. Im thinking wind burn? Or frost got it. I'll post photos tomorrow.
  8. remist17

    Raised Bed Soil

    I am making 6 new raised beds for growing stock trees. I am building them into a side of a hill so I am adding soil. Currently I have some discount top soil in there mixed with some homegrown manure (it has set for 2 years). I would like to light up the soil some. should I add vermiculite or...
  9. remist17

    Repotting time for south Central PA?

    I have some maples and elms that will need to be repotted this year. The buds are starting to swell on all the trees. The concern I have about repotting now is that the weather forecast is still calling for lows around 32 for the next few weeks but highs in the 60’s. Has anyone started...
  10. remist17

    Has anyone use these maples for Bonsai material?

    I just picked up 5 maples today from Topiary Gardens. By the way great place to get trees from. Nishiki Gawa Rough Bark Kasen Nishiki Koto Ito Komachi Edgewood golden ( red lacy leaf) If anyone has used or seen these before I would like to hear from you. Any problems or quirks? Thanks Tim
  11. remist17

    Help with gravity water system

    I have an idea for a gravity fed water system but need some help. I will try and explain what I am looking to do . I have a 8 foot raised bed that is 3 feet deep. I would like to take a 4” PVC pipe stand it vertical and attach a T to the bottom. Basically a upside down T. Off each T section...
  12. remist17

    Plastic pots or Pine boxes

    This spring I have some re-potting to do. I have in the past used the green plastic bulb pans 8 and 10" sizes. I need a few larger ones this year and I am trying to make up my mind what to get. I found some nursery pots that are 5 and 7 gallon sizes. They are way to tall for what I need to use...
  13. remist17

    Landscape Design Book Recommendation

    Can anyone point me into a good direction for a landscape design book for terraces? I am looking to terrace the hillside I live on and would like some photos of gardens done this way. I know this is not Bonsai related, but hoping for some help.
  14. remist17

    Window Screen

    Can window screen be used for the bottom of pots? We are getting new windows and I have a bunch of window screen that I can use. I am not sure if it is too small of holes. Thanks
  15. remist17

    Green Japanese Maple help

    Needs some suggestions from the Nut family. I have some Japanese maples that are in the ground now. They have been growing for about 2 years here. The issue is this area is very dry and has direct sun all day. Last two years the trees have been leaf burned and have not grown great. I am thinking...
  16. remist17

    Shade cloth percentage?

    I will be growing Japanese maples, tridents, hornbeams, crabapple, elms and cherries. Last year I got some bad leaf burn so I put up a canopy. What is a good shade percentage for these trees. I have 60% now but I am thinking that is too much. The trees will get direct sun from 10 to sundown...
  17. remist17

    Most common Japanese Maples used in Bonsai

    I am going to be purchasing some japanese maples and would like to see what the most common better suited maples are. My plans are for trees under 30" in height so they will not be extermely large. What I found that I like: -Kastsura -Arakawa -Deshojo -Sharps Pygmy Can you help me out...
  18. remist17

    growing seedling in pots

    I have been thinking about getting some seedlings to grow out along with some smaller trees I already have. The trees I have currently are about ¼” to ¾” in trunk diameter. I know that the best way to put some trunk size is put them in the ground and grow for the next 5 to 15 years...
  19. remist17

    propagation book?

    I remember reading a post on layering and growing trees from cuttings and someone mentioned a book that covered what the best way to root each species of trees. Can someone recommend a book that will help me?
  20. remist17

    Tree seedling online- best location?

    Is there a place that I can purchase seedlings. I am only looking for a few to plant. Trees for zone 6.
  21. remist17

    Planning for spring

    Hello to all I spent my Christmas reading a bunch of posts to try and get ready for this coming spring. I have had some issues in the past few years with wet soil and dead trees. I see there are so many different opinions on what good soil is, what the best way to grow out trees, watering...
  22. remist17

    Mesh for pot holes

    I have been using black mesh I purchased from Lowes that is used for Tar roof patch backing(called patching fabric). The material seems to be a plastic base or nylon combination. The holes are small probably less than 1/16" x1/16" maybe 1/8" x 1/8". Is this to small? Is there anything that can...
  23. remist17

    watering during winter

    Can you please go over watering during winter for me? I plan on sinking my pots in mulch up as far as I can to the first branch. My question is once the pots are under mulch how frequently should I water during winter. I normally sunk pots in dirt and would not water until I took them out. This...
  24. remist17

    Low temps but leaves are still green

    My area will be getting down into the low 20's at night but getting near 60 during the day. The trees still have green leaves. What precautions should I be taking? I think its to early to put them into winter storage.
  25. remist17

    Winter question for Zone 6B

    I have read different methods of storing trees for the winter. I am in south central Pennsylvania. In the past I have sunk trees and pots into the ground. Now I have to many to do this. Do you need to place these in mulch or just putting them on the ground ok? I plan on putting my maples...
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