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  1. BunjaeKorea

    Study Bonsai in Korea

    So I had a meeting with the President of the Korean Bonsai Association and others in the Association and have the go ahead to make an English language bonsai course in Korea. It would be the first such course and I am how accepting expressions of interest. Please let me know if you would be...
  2. BunjaeKorea

    So you want to be a bonsai master.

    Me saying stuff about studying in korea.
  3. BunjaeKorea

    I passed the Korean National Bonsai Exam! Woooohooooo

    I am super happy! The announcement just came out on the Korean Bonsai Association website today! I am the first foreigner to get qualified in Korea! Super happy! Stoked in fact. I think this is more exciting than havng completed my doctorate! This is way cooler. I am now certified in Bonsai at...
  4. BunjaeKorea

    I just finished the Korea National Bonsai Certification Test

    I just finished the test. My brain is going to explode from memorising all the Korean, Latin and Chinese. 3 long hours are finally over and now I have to wait for the result. Of course it isn't at all nerve wracking to have an eagle eyed judge with super blank and stony expression standing...
  5. BunjaeKorea

    Who are you? The Human side of Bonsai

    Bonsai is not just about trees but also people who love trees. I am pretty much fascinated with the array of people that are attracted to this art. I want to know your stories. Why did you start etc. In my case I moved to Korea and worked as a teacher. This was pretty stressful at times and...
  6. BunjaeKorea

    Another Video of My Master explaining stuff

    Another video of Master Kim Young Jong explains some essential knowledge for growing healthy bonsai and penjing. In this video, Gardenia Jasminoides, Juniper Rigida, Azeleas and Quince Check out the video. Also if you haven't entered yet, why not enter the Golden shears competition. It's easy...
  7. BunjaeKorea

    My master explains stuff

    Some of you wanted to see my master. So here he is. Enjoy and feel free to comment.
  8. BunjaeKorea

    Gamauji Bonsai Online Competition: Win some snazzy golden shears

    Please read terms and conditions listed under the youtube video.
  9. BunjaeKorea

    Typhoon update

    So the wind got into the greenhouses and ripped off the roof. No one hurt. But some trees are damaged and some decided to go for flying lessons .
  10. BunjaeKorea

    Juniper air layering and update

    Here it goes...... The first got 10,000 views
  11. BunjaeKorea

    Real Bonsai VS Look-Alike Bonsai

    The history of bonsai does not begin in Japan. Rather, it begins s earlier to the west in what is today China. Bonsai is taken from the Chinese Characters “盆 pen = a bowl or tray” and “栽zai = planted (in). Tiny landscapes called penjing were then also created and caused a split in two distinct...
  12. BunjaeKorea

    Need pot........s?

    G'day mate Gamauji here from Gamauji Bonsai in Korea. Do you need pots? All sizes available. Prices vary on type, size and origin (China, Korea, Japan). Wholesale bonsai and pre-bonsai along with Masterpiece trees are also available.* *Please note that quarantine regulations vary from place to...
  13. BunjaeKorea

    How to water for Noobs

    Here's how to water. Do it now. Do it right. Guide to Water Bonsai
  14. BunjaeKorea

    Check out this Hornbeam Video

    Yo you good old Master Kim helping out....and getting annoyed by his camera.
  15. BunjaeKorea

    I have 10 months to prepare for National Bonsai Examination

    So I have been living in Korea for quite a few years and doing bonsai for a few too. Got a master to train under and it has finally got to the point where he thinks I am skilled enough to go for the written and practical test to recieve national qualifications. There is only one test day per...
  16. BunjaeKorea

    Made a Video of Hallim Bonsai Museum

    Made a video of my recent trip to Hallim Botanic Gardens Bonsai Museum. Watch. Enjoy. Like. Comment. Forgive my bad camera skills.
  17. BunjaeKorea

    Not bad for $20...shimpaku

    Okay so went to the local tree market that opened for spring......looked at this and that......expensive to bonsai section......walking....yawn......mostly fruit trees and flowering trees because theyre and I quote "in fashion" not sure how that works...... Hang on...... False...
  18. BunjaeKorea

    JRP(KRP) styling ideas

    Had this little fellow for three years. The tree itself is probably four. Wondering how I should proceed...inspired by the literati gowing in the mountains here .....this is what I came up with. It has loads and loads of buds so I can fan them out into a canopy. Womdering if anyone has any...
  19. BunjaeKorea

    Western White Pine....from seed?

    So I got 30 seeds from an Amerikern pal. Any tips in germination or care? Pruning pinching etc?
  20. BunjaeKorea

    Nursery Review Thread

    Pureun Bonsai Nursery 푸른분재원 It is late on a Tuesday afternoon and I am after a small raw material type juniper......I don't want to pay more than five to ten dollars....... Yesterday I already had a bad experience. Having stopped at a different nursery I had asked about some basic prebonsai...
  21. BunjaeKorea

    Not bad for five dollars

    Nice little juniper prebonsai material. Only five bucks at about a inch thick base. Pruned, potted and wired up. Not half shabby....seen these wired up in this condition for fifty bucks here ... For some reason theyre not popular but hey ......I like em. Let me know what you think. Going to...
  22. BunjaeKorea

    A Story of human greed, the Winter Olypics

    The year is 2015, summer is high and the air is swelteringly hot with the stifling breezeless humidity that is so common of Korean summers. Most people hit the beach or else watch a beach on TV with their air conditioning blowing a gale. Not I! Off to the mountains where the air is cool and...
  23. BunjaeKorea

    Korean Bonsai Tours by Me

    hey folks I can provide reasonably priced accommodation, tours of historical places, introduce bonsai farms and dealers as well as bonsai pots of all descriptions. I am fluent in Korean and am actually a Prof at University. There is a lot of reasonably priced stuff here so I really hope that...
  24. BunjaeKorea

    Korean Yamadori Juniper first styling

    Had a dinner of pork intestine soup and rice.... Walked the dogs..... Then decided to wire and style one of my junipers..... The tree was collected as a 2 inch wild sapling in the mountain okay so not yamadori in the true sense of the word but still.....find that wild trees have much more...
  25. BunjaeKorea

    Trees on Guam can you identify them?

    I know its a long shot but any ideas about the species that these may belong to or at least genus. The first pine species is ridiculous, grow in terribly exposed positions in poor soil. Second I think is calophyllum inophyllum
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