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  1. VAFisher

    Procumbens Progression

    These pics span 4 years or so. I wish I would have kept more of the original trunk as jin but I shortened it too much at the beginning - it looked kind of obscene and I ended up cutting it all off. Live and learn I guess.
  2. VAFisher

    A walk around the back yard

    Felt like taking a little video this afternoon. My collection from start to finish:
  3. VAFisher

    Welcome visitors to the garden

    Post pics if you got 'em. I found this guy hanging out today.
  4. VAFisher

    If you had $600 and wanted to buy

    A nice Japanese Maple where would you be looking?
  5. VAFisher

    Literati Virginia Pine

    This one was growing at the edge of the woods about 10' behind my benches. I dug it up 3 years ago and put it in a pond basket. I wired the trunk and put in some bends but never really liked it. This is the oldest pic I could find from Nov 17. This year I decided to pot it up, remove the low...
  6. VAFisher

    Nice score at the club auction

    I don't make many club events but I had 3 trees I wanted to unload. So, yesterday I went to the club picnic and auction. I got rid of the unwanted trees but ended up bringing home 2 in their place. I sold my stuff for $160 and brought these 2 home for a cool $100 combined. The azalea at $50...
  7. VAFisher

    Winter Images

    I took a bunch of pics today of my deciduous trees for record keeping purposes and thought I would post them up to get some feedback. Please feel free to offer advice, criticism, ridicule, whatever. You won't hurt my feelings. I want to make them better in 2019. I'll start with what I think...
  8. VAFisher

    A parcel of pots for sale

    I've got a bunch of pots that I'll never use and need to buy an expensive pot this winter. So some of these have to go. I've got Sara Rayner, Chuck Iker, Shawn Bokeno, a couple Japanese pots and other misc. Let me know if something looks interesting and I'll take some close up pics. Thanks.
  9. VAFisher

    Question for the folks with an automatic watering system

    I've been thinking about setting up some kind of watering system that will allow me to be away from home and take a trip here and there. Actually, my wife has informed me that it needs to happen for the sake of the marriage... Anyway, I always hear that it's best not to water foliage to...
  10. VAFisher

    Ponderosa in VA

    I've been meaning to start a thread on this tree to track my progress and the other recent thread on Ponderosa got me kick started. I bought this tree from Andy Smith last spring. It was just extending candles when I got it. Andy thought it would be ok to wire the tree so I did that but...
  11. VAFisher


    Do we have any watch aficionados here at the Nut? I love watches and have gathered a small collection of affordable watches over the years. My budget doesn't allow me to stray into the world of Swiss watches, so I scratch the itch with Japanese automatics. I also tend towards dive watches so...
  12. VAFisher

    Trout in the Volunteer State

    Every October, I get together with some college buddies for a trout fishing trip to the South Holston River near Bristol, TN. Normally this is a camping trip right on the river but we no longer have access to our normal spot for reasons that are too long to get into. So this time we rented a...
  13. VAFisher

    Pots for sale

    So I went a little crazy over the last couple years buying pots and now I have some to sell. These have all had something in them at some point but have seen very little use. There are some calcium deposits on the rims but no chips or cracks. The first 2 are 9" rounds by Sara Rayner that are...
  14. VAFisher

    Andy Smith Workshop

    If any of you Richmond Nutters have some time tomorrow there still looks to be 2 open slots for the Andy Smith bring your own tree workshop. It is from 10 - 3 tomorrow. I know that Andy also shipped in some Ponderosa Pines for anyone who is interested in purchasing them. It would be cool to...
  15. VAFisher

    Trip to Asheville, NC

    My wife and I are headed to Asheville in a couple weeks for a long weekend. Too early for fall colors, but it's when we could get away. I'm definitely planning a visit to the arboretum to see that awesome bonsai collection. Does anyone have any other bonsai related suggestions for that area...
  16. VAFisher

    Workshop Spruce Group

    I recently found out that Andy Smith is coming to town in October for a bring your own tree workshop with the Richmond club. I'm a big fan of his work and the species he specializes in, so I knew I wanted to be a part of this. I signed up immediately but then realized that I didn't really have...
  17. VAFisher

    Sweet! Gum

    This sweetgum was growing about 4 feet behind the bench where I keep my azaleas - right next to a big sycamore. The 2 trees combined were keeping that bench in pretty much complete shade. I wanted a little more dappled light for the azaleas so one of them had to go. Since @Zach Smith...
  18. VAFisher

    Penjing Project

    I had the idea for this kicking around in my head for a while. It was inspired by an old thread from Grouper52 and his Chinese elm penjing. It's made from "featherlight rocks", a stepping stone and some hokkaido elms. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Any suggestions or critiques are...
  19. VAFisher

    Do you bring a tree or 2 inside to enjoy at night?

    My normal routine is to check all of my trees when I get home from work around 6:30. Starting around June I'll have to water again then too. Then I usually bring a tree or 2 in to enjoy while watching TV etc. Then they go back out in the morning when I do my main watering. I have this table...
  20. VAFisher

    Scots Needle issues

    This came on all of a sudden it seems after several rainy days. The candles appeared normal and green and now rhis. Brown from the middle out. Last year I dealt with needle cast and have sprayed pretty regularly with daconil and copper. And I gave it a systemic fungicide this spring. This...
  21. VAFisher

    Fall contest trees a few months later

    Let's see how they handled the work and the winter. I'll start. As submitted last fall: And this morning. I'm not sure if I'll shorten it or keep working it like it is. Once the primary branches are set I can start wiring the secondaries. It's coming along I guess.
  22. VAFisher

    Flowering Dogwood - cornus florida

    Dogwood has always been my absolute favorite tree and since I started this hobby I've wanted a dogwood bonsai. And yes I already know that they don't make the best of subjects for bonsai due to coarse growth, long internodes etc. But, I've decided to try anyway and this is the beginning of my...
  23. VAFisher

    Fisher's Elms

    I have threads on a couple of these already but I like to consolidate... so, here are my elms. I've had this little Chinese Elm the longest. It spent last year in a large pot in an attempt to heal some wounds and fix the branch structure. I think it has definitley made some progress, but...
  24. VAFisher

    The Mighty Oak

    I was walking around in the woods behind the house on Sunday looking for a nice Virginia Pine to dig up and came across this oak. It has great bark, nice movement and some nice lateral roots (now buried) so I decided to dig it up. The tree was probably about 10 feet tall and I chopped it at...
  25. VAFisher

    Fall Contest 2016... TIE BREAKER!

    Juniperus communis for the local nursery looking not all that healthy. It was cheap. Did a little chopping, thinning, wiring, potting and mossing. I will winter it in the garage so I figured I would go ahead and pot it up. Some of the wire is a little large but that's what I had on hand...
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