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  1. Dale Cochoy

    Something just finished and drying

    21 inches across. 30 pounds of clay to start. Drying. Final photo the pot is on a 24" bat.
  2. Dale Cochoy


    Beware the Norseman with his wooden longship with the Dragon prow to protect him from the monsters of the deep as he sails through the foggy waters.. The rustic unglazed stoneware pot has an attached hand-carved dragon head. The pot resembles a wooden ship with old time rivet fasteners. Large...
  3. Dale Cochoy

    Making a slab-built bonsai pot in a demo

    Two of the types of workshops and demos I do are pottery related. I love doing club pottery making workshops where the members all receive some pottery making instructions and then they 'dive in' and make their own pots. I return home with their pots for drying and refinement and firing and then...
  4. Dale Cochoy

    Making a custom pot

    In an earlier post I mentioned that I am often commissioned to make a pot for a customer for a Specific tree. This might be a tree that is already potted into a bonsai pot or one that is being developed to go into it's first pot. When I speak with a customer about making a custom pot I...
  5. Dale Cochoy

    Power Wood Carving Tools

    I thought I'd switch gear here a bit and talk about what I offer for the world of power carving bonsai. I believe I have the largest selection of power wood carving tools (to be used specifically for bonsai )of any vendor in the USA. I have researched, and tried tools for this...
  6. Dale Cochoy

    Making a LARGE custom pot

    As most of you know ( or should if you read my opening introduction:) )I am a potter who makes one-of-a-kind stoneware pots for bonsai. I make both traditional and contemporary styles. One of the large parts of my Yakimono no Kokoro pottery business is making custom pots specifically designed...
  7. Dale Cochoy

    Wild Things Bonsai Studio

    Some of the older bonsai enthusiasts in the group may have seen me around for quite a few years, but I am probably a new face to many on the talk groups. A brief bit of my History: I first started studying bonsai in 1978 when I had purchased a few bonsai for my wife who had seen...
  8. Dale Cochoy

    Another "Talk Group" bites the dust!!

    Yep! I think it's time Dale moves on again to lurk or completely drop from another group. Just look at all the Junk that has been posted the last two days.Just pure crap! Crap threads started to cause trouble and responses to already existing threads to taunt others. Folks, the old saying...
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