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  1. BonsaiWes

    Procumbens cascade

    Hello, I went back for another of the 3gal procumbens like in my other recent thread. This one was given a repot and a basic trim up and has the same 1" trunk diam. This one turned out to be a cascade canadite with its low branching and good low sharp bend in the trunk, it's about a foot and...
  2. BonsaiWes


    Hello, This is my first tree purchase in over a year, a 3gal. procumbens I got for under 10 bucks. I couldn't resist the deal. Tree is current 9" tall and trunk is 1" diam, shohin. I gave it a training pot last Sunday and I decided I like this as the front, if it is still growing in a few...
  3. BonsaiWes

    Breaking down walls

    Hello, Thought I would flip this out here for discussion. For a little over a month I have been talking with a new person about bonsai. Answering a few basic questions, loaning out some books, blowing their mind with some pics of Walters mugos etc.. . As the discussions gets deeper I am...
  4. BonsaiWes


    Here is a ficus I chopped a bit back, got me a nice 1st branch going now. I went out today and removed a million suckers off the trunk, found some possible leaders growing from the wrong side of the cambium/bark. Never seen this happen before, guess I won't have to worry with buldges there at...
  5. BonsaiWes


    Ok, Here is a Ficus from the soil it stands a mighty 9 7/8" tall in leaf, I posted this tree at bonsaiTalk like 6-8 months ago. We talked about the hollowing of the trunk then(I don't have that pic since the forum is resting), some where against it some where not. The deadwood is the least of...
  6. BonsaiWes

    American pine

    Here is a collected Ponderosa, the first pics are the tree as I bought it last spring while at a farm watching Marco Ivernizzi wire and style trees. The tree had been collected/potted 3 years prior to my ownership in the 2 gallon can. the a pic from later winter 2006 where I decided it could use...
  7. BonsaiWes


    Here is a BC under construction. Pics are from the first chop and possible choices for a front then followed by a full year of growing and a first wiring/styling. Then taking the large roots down and potting into a 17.5" bonsai dish. I had posted some pics of this tree else where but it was...
  8. BonsaiWes

    The Korean three

    Here is 3 stones from Seoul, Korea. These came with dai when I received them but needed sanding down and refinishing to fix fading and some minor scratches etc.. . I think maybe they are basalt and I do have one other Korean stone like these but it does not fit the same theme as it is a figure...
  9. BonsaiWes

    Yin Tac

    Here is a Chinese yin tac stone, looks like a landscape scene to me, I have heard this type of stone is no good for display but it works for me. I carved and finished a dai for it, one pic is where it was freshly oiled to really make the black&white colors pop. The close up shot is one...
  10. BonsaiWes

    Deadwood,S. Dakota

    Hello, Here is a Jasper stone collected in Deadwood, S. Dakaota by Andy Smith and gifted to me by Dale Cochoy, I recently finished the new dai for it.
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