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  1. yenling83

    New Pondo

    You might have seen me post this on Instagram already, but wanted to post here as i'm super pumped on my new tree. Last week I drove from the Central Coast of CA to Converse County, WY to visit Dan Wiederrecht and Steve Varland from Back Country Bonsai. Round trip took me 5 days of driving...
  2. yenling83

    Zuisho cuttings/air layers for sale?

    Curious if anyone knows of anywhere you can purchase Zuisho small non specimen plants for sale? Thanks!
  3. yenling83

    Info on my Mr. Jim Barrett?

    I'm curious what anyone can tell me about Mr. Jim Barrett in So Cal? I've recently realized that several trees I really liked over the last several years were his-I'm a fan! Particularly love the twisted pomegranates he's created. Does he have a nursery or does anyone possibly have his contact...
  4. yenling83

    Lemon Layer

    When I first started Bonsai in 2007, I bought a $500 grafted Japanese Maple, attempted to layer it above the graft. RIP-It died about 2 months later. We must learn from our mistakes right? The tree was not in good soil and it had just been re-potted. After that I figured I need to practice...
  5. yenling83

    Knittle Studios

    Has anyone ever worked with David Knittle from Knittle Studios? I have not seen his stands in person, but from the pictures i've seen i'm very impressed! I attached a couple of my favorites, likely going to have him make one for one of my Sierra Junipers. Would love to hear what you guys think.
  6. yenling83

    Double Trunk Sierra

    Hey Fellow B Nuts, Here's my Double Trunk Sierra Juniper-Juniperus Occidentalis-Australis I collected in 2010. I just showed it for the first time this weekend at the BIB show in Oakland. Currently in a Gyouzan handmade pot, which i'm borrowing from Boon. It turned out to be a very special...
  7. yenling83

    Sierra Juniper on Auction Site

    Hey BNuts, I'm listing this Sierra Juniper on the Facebook Bonsai Auction site later this evening if anyone is interested, it will be a no reserve auction with $25 starting price. Here's some info on it: Tree Sierra Juniper –Juniperus Occidentalis Australis . Approx. 16.75inch tall, base...
  8. yenling83

    Antique Chinese Bonsai Pots as Investment?

    Kind of a funny topic that I was thinking about today especially because I got another antique Chinese Pot today in the mail:) is are quality Antique Chinese Bonsai Pots a good investment? What type of appreciation in value do you think you could get per year? Some Reasons Why I think they...
  9. yenling83

    Masakuni Sale this week

    Wish I had some more $$$ to spend on tools. Dallas Bonsai is having a 45% off sale this week on Masakuni tools. Not bad.
  10. yenling83

    Chocolate Vine pics?

    Hey All, I was hoping you could help me out by posting pics of Chocolate Vine Bonsai? Akebia Quinata
  11. yenling83

    Anyone listen to Podcasts? Bonsai and a Beer

    Very much a work in progress, I just published my first episode of the Bonsai & a Beer Podcast which should be available now in the itunes store if you search, "Bonsai & a Beer." Please go easy on this. For this episode I sat down with Matt Reel and Tyler Sherrod on a late Saturday night...
  12. yenling83

    Demon Feet

    Mr. Tanaka of Aichien in Nagoya is the owner of this bad ass pot below and I believe Juan Andrade was the one that took this pic. I asked Juan if he knew the maker, but he didn't. -Anyone have any pics of unusual pot feet they like? -Any other good demon pot feet out there? -Like this...
  13. yenling83

    Bay Island Bonsai Show 1/28 & 1/19/17

    Anyone going to the BIB show this weekend? I'll definitely be there:) Details: Exhibit BIB’s Annual Exhibit 2017 January 28-29. Oakland, California Bay Island Bonsai Annual Bonsai Exhibit at the Lakeside Garden Center, 666 Bellevue Ave. Hours: 10AM-4PM, Saturday and Sunday. Auction on...
  14. yenling83

    Kokufu Book Trade

    I bought my first Kokufu Book in 2008, since then I've only managed to buy two more. I've probably looked at each tree in every book 100 or so times in each book. Absolutely love the Kokufu show books but I just can't bring myself to buy more because of the cost. Anyone want to trade? I have...
  15. yenling83

    Time for a smaller box

    Time for a smaller box:) I'm starting early on my re-potting season so I can make sure and get everything finished.
  16. yenling83

    Orchard tree to Bonsai?

    Any one have progression pics of creating Bonsai from an Orchard Fruiting/Flowering tree? The pics could be from anywhere. Also, do you think any of the nice old Ume in Japan come from old orchard trees or are they mostly either collected in the wild or grown from seed/cutting for the purpose...
  17. yenling83

    A couple from my last trip

  18. yenling83

    Shiro Cochi

    I'm a huge fan of Shiro Chochi pots, absolutely love them! But don't know much about them. Can anyone shed some light on this for me? What does the, “Kochi” or “Cochi” in “Shiro Kochi” mean? I believe Shiro refers to the color white. Also, what classifies something as Shiro Cochi? It seems...
  19. yenling83

    Bonsai Garden and Koi Ponds in Japan?

    I'm considering building a Koi Pond in my garden someday. I'm curious if anyone has any pictures or videos of Bonsai gardens with a pond? I'm curious what the relationship between the pond and trees looks like. I've only seen pictures of a couple. One being Kunio Kobayashi- And the...
  20. yenling83

    Where to find this tool?

    For removing bark on Juniper, anyone know? Thanks!
  21. yenling83

    Watering System Help

    Hey All, Hope you can help out a total newbie to watering systems. I'm looking to set up my first watering system for trees in Training. Was hoping to set up a system for maybe 40 small trees in training, would like to have the capability to expand the system in time-probably just a drip...
  22. yenling83

    What Tools do you bring when collecting?

    What Tools do you bring when collecting? Thanks!
  23. yenling83

    Where to find Kinzu or Princess Persimmon?

    Fortunella hindsii and Diospyros rhombifolia Anyone know where to find seedlings, cuttings, seeds?
  24. yenling83

    Trip to Japan/Visiting Apprentice

    Hey Fellow B Nuts, In early spring I had the opportunity to go to Japan and apprentice for two weeks at Aichi-En. Aichi-En is now a fourth generation Bonsai nursery, maybe most well known in the West because of Peter Tea, Juan Andrade, John Milton and Danny Coffee who all have studied or are...
  25. yenling83

    Clay King Bonsai Soil-BonsaiTonight

    Looks like you can now buy Clay King from I've been very happy with this brand and think it's one of the best available, very good quality akadama. You can mix it with pumice/lava to get a drier mix and make it last longer if you would like. I think it's somewhere around...
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