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  1. Anthony

    Hey Sorce - fired clay balls

    @sorce , if you could find a rapid way to manufacture 5 mm balls of fired earth. Presently the ficus in the balls is out performing the ones growing in other inorganic mediums. A simple idea for potters. Good Day Anthony
  2. Anthony

    The REAL 21st Century Kids - ah how to be shallow

    3 minutes of fame - enjoy.
  3. Anthony

    Just Sharing - Trunk thickening - which branch to use - side or top

    The most extreme example - note depth of pot and soil mix is 9 parts inorganic to 1 part organic. Placement - full sun Ficus p. - side branch to 3 feet [ 92 cm ] Gave this in x months Whereas this did nothing but thicken the branch. The Fustic [ Flaucortia [ requires a top branch to...
  4. Anthony

    A cool song

    Started with Tai Chi for health when I was about 21, combat form at 25. Guess what my Chinese instructor nicknamed me - Cool Song. K made me a ring to match. Good Day Anthony
  5. Anthony

    Just Sharing - Have enough - thinning down to 50 / 60 at 12 to 18 inches tall or wide

    Well we will probably find 15 or more natives to Bonsai, but the thinning out has begun. Lucked out and got two home grown Cultivars - the Fustic [ nickname - Tropical Zelkova ] and a tamarind, that has naturally smaller leaves and more branchlets. To further the work on the Fustic, 5 more...
  6. Anthony

    Trying to explain how mixed Trinidad is ------ Divali

    Please don'i get angry with me but just wanted to share . [ I am Roman Catholic and my mum was the Pope's sister ] Any Indians [ India [ on the list - !!!!! Happy Divali !!!!!!!!!!! Pax Anthony
  7. Anthony

    Just Sharing - memories and observations

    So six of us got together yesterday, we are all in the late 50's category. Started Bonsai from 17 to 24 years of age. As old friends we get together to chat or help with heavy repottings. Some have younger hands that also come to help. New friends. When the Bonsai Society of Trinidad started...
  8. Anthony

    Just Sharing ------- Name a Tropical tree - lowest temperature - 55 deg, F / 12.8 deg.C

    So I live on a Tropical island [ Trinidad W.I. ] and all of our native trees are somehow seeds of Sub Tropicals and Warm Temperates [ zone 8/7 ] our only clue to a Tropical is the introduced coconut tree. Our seagrape hangs out in coastal Florida, as does the buttonwood. All of those so-called...
  9. Anthony

    Just Sharing - Lingnan - Grow and Clip - Directional Pruming

    @Penjing-Darren , Bolero has already seen this. Grow and Clip - Directional Pruning - no wires used. From a small cutting Soil is 1/3 all - 5 mm silica based gravel, 5 mm crushed red building brick - earthenware - holds water aged compost Placement - full sun Good Day Anthony please note...
  10. Anthony

    Just Sharing - Guava type

    Just a simple update. Also to show how a tree loses a bend and why we don't try to wire young J.B.pine seedlings. Soil is 1/3 all - 5 mm silica based gravel. 5 mm crushed red earthenware brick and aged compost. Position - full sun. Good Day Anthony ladder tree, no back branch. From seed...
  11. Anthony

    Just Sharing - ' Tropical Zelkova'---- Chlorophora tintoria

    Okay, so we tried to go for a 3 inch [ 8 cm trunk ] and in the growing bed, damaged the tree. Lost branches. Back to rebuilding. Chlorophora tintorua - Fustic. zone 9 - As far away as Argentina. Successful acclimating - now a lumber tree in Trinidad. Wood is hard, yellow and toxic. Was used...
  12. Anthony

    Warning - to Older Heads

    Folks, some time in the early 2000's on IBC a warning about people harvesting experience for books [ or sales or other ] was made by Ms. Iris Cohen. Feels like that is being done presently. In response to the above we took to staggering x years, on our research. So if something was...
  13. Anthony

    Just Sharing - First met the young lady from Why Bonsai Expensive here

    Here she is on BBC - enjoy. Anthony
  14. Anthony

    Just Sharing - Trinidad

    Found this - [1] Jack Warner's sons were stripped of millions by the US. The US got the money, doubt they have any interest in him any more. [2] Our so called - African descendants are less than 30 % Negro in mix. Mostly European, Asian . Brown skin...
  15. Anthony

    World Bonsai Day

    Title says it all. Sleep well Mr. Saburo Kato. Much respect. Worked on the Chlorophora t. today. Best wishes Anthony
  16. Anthony

    Just Sharing - Thoughts on Bonsai

    Well, it's beginning to rain, enough to wet the dry clay, but not run off. If all goes as it should, 1 day rain, 3 days sun, later 3 days rain, 1 day sun, then rain as it wishes. Living on a hill side, no fear of floods or mosquitoes. Plus, the breezes stay, so no real fear of high humid days...
  17. Anthony

    The Tropical Weather Report - from those oh so very hot lands

    If I might tease you folk - Well we are at the height of the Dry Season [ if any rain, less than 1 inch for the month ] Hottest months of April and May - 90 to 93 deg.F for 30 to 15 minutes after 12.00 lunch time. Humidity down to as low as 45% and our highest is 80% with full rain. Strong to...
  18. Anthony

    Question - cool weather affecting listed zone 7 to 9 Chinese plants

    Guys, @Wires_Guy_wires , @Gustavo Martins , And anyone else. Weather since November 4th has been around 65 to 69 deg.F [ 18.3 to 20.6 deg.C ] and is continuing today. From 10 p.m until around 8 a.m. The Chinese Serissa, the Gmelina and Fukien tea, in full sun are dying. Those in the shade...
  19. Anthony

    Just Sharing - Sageretia t - Sparrow plum

    Found out in a Chinese book, recently, this not only a zone 7 vining shrub in China, it is also deciduous. So this year, tried something new. Repot is next year. Soil is, 5 mm silica based gravel 5 mm crushed red brick aged compost all at 1/3. This a thirsty vining shrub. Placement -...
  20. Anthony

    Just Sharing - every sniffers favourite shrub - Oxy

    So repotting has started, as well as tidying. Known as Oxy Age ? Found as a 3 inch stump. Very leaf dense. Still have to learn how to get it to flower. Self defoliating Heals wounds well. Removed 15 branches / branchlets. Soil is 5 mm silica based gravel 5 mm crushed red brick aged compost...
  21. Anthony

    Just Sharing - Going for a 3 inch trunk

    Images - camera listing 15 june 2018 28 feb 2019 Longest branch removed Trunk at 3 inches under the soil Going for free grow one more year. Root above round was removed, left in the image for the viewer to indentify the pine. Soil - 5 mm silica based gravel 1/3 aged compost earthenware...
  22. Anthony

    Alexandra - you asked

    Apologies Alexandra, @my nellie , for the late reply. Yesterday was fertiliser day and the other days - repainting house. There are no images of these plants as they came from nurseries. Enjoy Antonio Fukien tea bought at the Aranguez Nursery, it was 15 cm tall and had an unusual look. Plus...
  23. Anthony

    Thu - Take away sculpture,

    @bonhe , Thu, thought I might share this with you. What is done down here with every tree / shrub, is a test for Maximum Health. The idea is when placing the major branches to fill the shape with as many branchlets as the plant can carry. Then having achieved that. take away. As might be...
  24. Anthony

    Just Sharing - so you say my techniques are old fashioned - welll..................

    Down here a simple soil mix is used and a simple Grow and Clip, as well as Health is more important than Design. So you say my soil mix is old fashioned. 5 mm silica based gravel - rounded shapes 5 mm crushed red brick - rounded shapes less than 1/3 aged compost. Freely draining, yet water...
  25. Anthony

    Just sharing - It's a sub-tropical= able to handle frost #$%^&*(!@

    Well how many are really zone 9 and able to handle frost? So our climate has from the last week of November until last week been high 60's F every night from 10 p.m or earlier until 8 a.m.. Fukoen teas dying, Serissas dying and now Ixoras. Mind you in the ground, no effect. Just in the Bonsai...
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