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  1. Thomas J.

    After The Repot

    Here's some pics of a few of my 7yr old JBP with new Yixing pots bought earlier in the year and recently repotted. Of course because of their youth they are still in development. :cool:
  2. Thomas J.

    Really Healthy But...

    It's really nice to know your JBPs are really healthy and growing good with all that lush foliage but dang then comes late October and then the work begins, pulling literally thousands of needles depending of course upon how many JBPs you have which in my case is around 19. Of course you also...
  3. Thomas J.

    What Was Lurking in There

    When I picked this ch. elm tree out at a local bonsai nursery I knew it had potential but couldn't really see all of it until I got it home and went to work on it. It was such a nice healthy looking tree that I decided to get it rather one of the others standing next to it. A few hours later...
  4. Thomas J.

    Chinese Elm

    Just a picture sketch of one my ch. elms in the penjing style with a Chinese pot from the Yixing region of China. Here's the before pic
  5. Thomas J.

    From That to This

    Bought a few more ch.elms yesterday and did a slip pot and a styling on both. Here's one of them. :) Before After- next repotting will find a nice small pot to bring out more of what its got. :)
  6. Thomas J.

    Principles of Bonsai Design

    The book Principles of Bonsai Design by David De Groot is back at Stone Lantern in hardback cover. It was hard to find recently but is now available. I have this book and as far as I'm concerned it beats any other book on bonsai out there unless you're just looking for pictures of trees. This...
  7. Thomas J.

    What A Showoff

    Do you mind if I showoff ? First one, Chinese Elm. Second, Juniper Procumbens Third, Chinese Elm Fourth, Juniper Procumbens. All are shohin size. :)
  8. Thomas J.

    E Bay Chinese Elm

    This is only my second and probably last bonsai I will buy from eBay. It's sometimes a crap shoot as to what you will get by not seeing it in person to decide whether or not to buy. This first photo of this Chinese Elm was pretty misleading as there is no way to tell that halfway up the trunk to...
  9. Thomas J.

    Chinese Elm- On The Road To Penjing

    Picked up two ch. elms yesterday to begin the styling of becoming a penjing which as many of you probably already know is the Chinese style of bonsai. Although in many cases the term Penjing denotes itself to a landscape type setup, it can go with just one tree also which is what I'm shooting...
  10. Thomas J.


    Just wondering how many here are into the Chinese Penjing style of bonsai. I fell in love the first time I saw them, to me they're more of a radical style for bonsai and the old type pots even with cracks in them just add to the flavor. I think of Chinese penjing more of an art form than I do...
  11. Thomas J.

    Fukien Tea

    Newest acquisition, Fukien Tea (Carmona). I just left it as it is for now, we'll see later with new growth which way to go. I got this crazy love though for cascades and semi cascades.
  12. Thomas J.

    Ten Year Training

    I got this JBP in 2009 from a friend as a one yr old seedling as shown in this first pic. At the time I had been doing JBP for only 2yrs and wasn't sure how this seedling would turn out years down the road. After a few yrs of uninterrupted growth I was at the point to pick a leader for the...
  13. Thomas J.

    After The Rain

    There's just something about what a nice heavy rain does for a bonsai.
  14. Thomas J.

    Procumbens Timeline

    Here's a little time line progress with a procumbens juniper beginning in 1998. This pic is the first styling after getting this $6 juniper home from the garden nursery. I did nothing with this little guy for 5yrs, just water and fertilize, nothing else. The reason was to establish a branch...
  15. Thomas J.

    Anticipation is Growing

    The time is getting much closer now for all these JBPs to be decandeled. Most will be done from early July to mid July since most are shohin size. A few of the bigger ones will be done within a week or two from now. :-)
  16. Thomas J.

    Three Trident Seedlings - Free - Dallas Area

    I have three free trident maple seedlings that I can't use. If you are in the Dallas area and have a place to grow them in ground or even if you don't and are interested, PM me. Two of the seedlings are already shaped with some movement. These would be ideal for someone just starting out. .
  17. Thomas J.

    Ch. Elm Scale

    For all the newbies to the Ch. Elm species, here's a pic of something to really keep an eye out for. This is one type of scale that Ch. Elms especially are prone to get. Theyn will especially hide on the bottom side of your braches so if you should notice one on top of a branch look underneath...
  18. Thomas J.

    That Time of Year Again

    Started doing some wiring and needle pulling on these soon to be 6yr old JBPs. Three down and quite a few more to go. :-) The top 2 pics of each will be the before and the 3rd will be todays. Pay no attention to the pots as they are just temporary, something to grow in for now until the root...
  19. Thomas J.

    Some Ramification

    Here's two before and after pics of my small JBPs that were given to me by someone who started them from seed about 12-13yrs ago. I got them as small seedlings and was a beginner myself with JBPs so I decided to keep them the size they were and see what I could do with them and lessen the...
  20. Thomas J.

    Just Another Chinese Elm. :-)

    I came across this Chinese elm yesterday at a bonsai nursery among probably 50 others also and I picked this one even though it does have some issues mainly that large space from the crown to the next branch on the right, that and the fact that it is so straight and no movement. This is the...
  21. Thomas J.

    Trident Maple Seedlings - One Year

    I would encourage anyone doing tridents from seeds if at all possible to start as soon as possible planting them in the ground. I know for some you might not be able to but just to see what's possible by doing this I'm posting these three that I transplanted on May 20th of this year into the...
  22. Thomas J.

    Nice Elm

    This is one of my first trees when I got back into bonsai back in 1991. It was originally a 4 tree group but one died off. Below are two of its siblings , root cuttings about 5-6 yrs old. The group trees put out a lot of moss on the soil so I had to kill it off this year , the reason why the...
  23. Thomas J.

    Chinese Elm - 2018

    Bought this ch elm back in 1996 for $25 as the seller had given up on it and was quite surprised that I didn't buy one of his more expensive elms ($400-500) but I like what I saw in it and its possible future. After quite a few different styles throughout the years I finally found one I like as...
  24. Thomas J.

    Shaping Up To Be A Good Decandeling Year

    It's only March and these JBPs are budding really good. I won't be decandeling most of these until early July so these candles will be pretty ripe with foliage by then. :-)
  25. Thomas J.

    JBP- Spring Time In Texas

    I hope your JBPs are budding as good as mine. :-)
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