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  1. baldcypress6

    Project Tiger Bark Ficus

    So I've been eyeing this particular Tigerbark ficus for a while at the local nursery (always thought that it was a little too pricey) I went by today & low and behold they finally put it on sale! So I'm going to get it tomorrow. It's in good shape, although a little TLC would do it some good...
  2. baldcypress6

    Pure Awesomeness.

    I was searching YouTube and came across the title "THE 'Ugly Tree' Becomes Beautiful Bonsai" (not sure if this has been posted before) but I just had to see what this was about. ...Let's just say the transformation of this tree is awesome! ...check it out!
  3. baldcypress6

    Loropetalum chinense

    I was shopping for light bulbs at Walmart and decided to check out the garden dept. to see what they had. So as I'm walking through the aisles of trees and plants my eyes fell on this unique looking tree with the knarly trunk and instantly thought "this would make great material for bonsai" ..I...
  4. baldcypress6

    Smart Remarks :-/

    First I want to start by saying that this site is very helpful and informative... ok... So, I've noticed that smart remarks are constantly dished out (especially to the newcomers) to Bonsai. People, myself included (especially newcomers) join these types of communities to be educated and to...
  5. baldcypress6

    Soil for Bald Cypress in training.

    I'm looking to find the best type of soil for a Bald Cypress thats in a training planter. Right now and (temporarily) i'm using Sta-Green Tree and shrub soil and fertilizer from Lowes. I want to find a better soil. Thanks.
  6. baldcypress6

    New to bonsai

    Whats the best time of year to prune your bonsai? Also, when is the best time of year to wire your bonsai & how long should the wire stay on before removing it? Thank you.
  7. baldcypress6

    Project Bald Cypress

    Hello all, I'm a new member of the site and fairly new to bonsai. I've had and have a few store bought bonsai. But the project (Bald Cypress) will be my first actually "bonsai project"! As of now I'm undecided if I want to go with a Flat Top style or traditional Bald Cypress styling. I will say...
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