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  1. plant_dr

    Quercus gambelii

    Heres my little gambel oak I started from an acorn last year. Just wanted to start a thread on it for documentation. Those lower small leaves have just started growing recently from a second flush of growth this summer.
  2. plant_dr

    I stuck it to the (wo)man!

    I have been fighting to get custody of my daughter for nearly her entire life and she turned 12 a few months ago. The only person I ever mentioned it to was @JudyB about five years ago very briefly. I never brought it up because every step of the way was just filled with frustration...
  3. plant_dr

    Ginkgophiles of the world unite!

    Much like the mugo train thread, except this one can be about ginkgos. Good, bad, etc. Even if you dont have a photo but want to tell a story about them, go for it. Even if you hate them, you can even give your reasons if you want. I'll start with a photo of one of my 3rd year seedlings...
  4. plant_dr

    Quince- What's the difference?

    I have a quince bush growing in my yard. For some unknown reason the lady who lived here before planted it directly under a giant Scots pine so I don't think it's doing the best it could be. I tried digging around last year to see it I could transplant/ divide it but that's not gonna happen due...
  5. plant_dr

    Freaky ginko leaves

    Some of the leaves on my ginkgo seedlings went a little cray-cray this year. It happened to both first year and second year trees. I'm not worried about them really, just thought it was interesting.
  6. plant_dr

    The difference soil makes

    Around the end of March I started this box with about 120-ish Scots pine seeds collected from local trees last fall. They were all arranged neatly about an inch apart and I had high hopes. I used just regular soil from the garden. To this day only a few have started growing. Then about three...
  7. plant_dr

    Plant_dr's personal pine entry thread

    Planted 31 JBP seeds on the 8th of March. Seeds originated from from F.W. Schumacher Co.
  8. plant_dr

    Brother in law's Ginkgo

    Here is a ginkgo tree my brother in law in Oregon has had for a couple years. I don't think he has done anything with it since purchase. Sorry, don't have any pics with leaves. This picture was the only one I was able to take before my phone died. I'm thinking it needs to be airlayered just...
  9. plant_dr


  10. plant_dr

    Acer campestre buds swelling, should I be worried?

    My field maple got too dry once over this past summer. The edges of the leaves burned and got crispy but the inside stayed green, firm and healthy so I assumed the damage was done and I remained vigilant on watering the rest of the season. However after awhile I noticed the brown was creeping in...
  11. plant_dr

    Idea for a new contest

    I dont know what the rules would be. But just think about the benefits of a contest with this lovely piece of material! Everyone starts with the same thing, you can't kill it, you don't have to worry about losing the three-dimensonality of your project in photographs, it's cheap... the...
  12. plant_dr

    Could this be trident maple?

    This tree is planted at my wife's work, don't know what type it is. the leaves throughout the tree are pretty varied, some have that three lobed pattern some havefive clear lobes, they all have the rounded tips though. It is in hardiness zone 5a-6b, although it can get much colder that those...
  13. plant_dr

    Norway maple air-layer experiment

    I was thinking about airlayering the branch from thisCrimson king Norway maple. The whole tree needs to go since it is mostly dead, so I figured I might as well salvage what I can. Do the leaves reduce very well on these? Can the internodes be shortened? Do you need to see more of the live...
  14. plant_dr

    Free Juniper

    I got this one free from the manager because it was covered with spiderwebs and debris and it just didn't look good. I got rid of the spider, cleaned it up and it is actually quite healthy now. just a bit of winter coloring. The trunk used to be straight as an arrow, but I'm working on it with...
  15. plant_dr

    Garden Center Hornbeam

    Here is a columnar European Hornbeam that I got last spring. I will chop it next year behind that branch above the shari.That heavy back branch will go too. The tree actually has better taper and movement than what shows in the pics.
  16. plant_dr

    My first Austrian pine

    This came from Lowe's. I've had it the longest of all my trees. It seems a little worse for wear because it has been with me through all the rough times I've had the past several years. Now that everything has settled down for the most part and stabilized, the tree and I are ready to progress again.
  17. plant_dr

    Austrian pine- Oregon green

    Ok, this is me starting to post some trees that I have been reluctant to share before. This is an Austrian pine 'Oregon Green' I got a couple years ago from a garden center. It was an end of season clearance sale and I haven't done much with it other than cut back a few branches here and there...
  18. plant_dr

    Two Japanese White Pines

    These two pines were both in the dumpster with the Mugo pine I posted. Neither of these were in a pot at all. I brought them home, potted them up and they seem pretty happy! The short denser one is 'Wyeast' and the taller one is 'Glauca'. I like that they both have really low branching. Do you...
  19. plant_dr

    Free Mugo

    I was at a garden center earlier this year and found this mugo pine in the dumpster. All the deadwood that you can see used to be as tall as the live branches. the pot was all cracked and broken and it looked pretty hopeless in general. Hopeless to any normal person, but not the Plant Doctor...
  20. plant_dr

    Removing dried pitch

    I got an austrian pine from a garden center last night and there was a lot of pitch that had drained down the trunk from some damage awhile back. What is the best way to clean that off?
  21. plant_dr

    Anyone with disabilities?

    Does anyone know of bonsai-ists out there who pursue this hobby despite any physical impairments or limitations? When I was a teenager, I was involved in a shooting accident that left the left side of my body paralyzed for the rest of my life. At first I couldn't move a muscle on that side...
  22. plant_dr

    Acer palmatum 'Shaina'

    I stole this from the garden center yesterday for two dollars(regularly $189)! It was actually in their throw away pile. Before I got it home it was about 3 times taller, but all dead on top. All I've done so far is cut off the dead parts.
  23. plant_dr

    Update on burning bush

    I originally posted this tree here a little over a month ago when it was bareboned just after collecting. It didn't get much response back then, but here is an update now that it has leafed out and I have a good camera to take pictures of it. Hope you like it better now:) I have not trimmed...
  24. plant_dr

    Yamadori burning bush

    First of all, I'd like to apologize for the low quality pictures. My camera is dead and I had to use a phone. I collected this Euonymus Alatus yesterday from school. I've had my eye on it for awhile so I decided to be brave and ask about it, what did I have to lose? It was awesome, I asked...
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