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  1. zelk

    Opinions on an Amur Maple being auctioned

  2. zelk

    Persistent Spider Mites

    Check out post #5 on this thread.
  3. zelk

    Larch, so much to like and not like

    I agree that the first one doesn’t look too bad really.
  4. zelk

    Larch, so much to like and not like

    I bought a twig of larch last year at a convention. If it doesn’t die in San Diego from lack of deep dormancy I will be happy. I would love even a crummy straight trunk larch like that down here. Keep looking and I’m sure you will find something!
  5. zelk

    Anyone with disabilities?

    I don’t claim to be disabled but I’ve had low back problems for nearly 4 years now. At some point sitting for over 5 minutes was unbearable for about 6 months but I found a way to take care of my trees despite the discomfort and never ending sciatica/limb pain which persists.
  6. zelk

    Who has killed more trees than they have on their benches?

    You’re all going to hell.
  7. zelk

    When you die, what will become of your trees? Curious who's got this planned!

    I plan on smoking all my trees before I die.
  8. zelk

    Portrait of Nigel Saunders in a Canadian magazine

    I think he needs a pruning Sometimes The Hair is too much
  9. zelk

    @Grimlore is no longer with us...

    RIP @GrimLore Thank you for all of your contributions
  10. zelk

    Starting seeds in sphagnum moss

    Sphagnum moss seems to inhibit the spread of certain fungal pathogens
  11. zelk

    Evergreen Gardenworks

    F$&!?! Hope everything turns out ok for him!!
  12. zelk

    Black stuff on mulberry leaves

    You got mites
  13. zelk

    Looking for small trees/cuttings/whips

    Send me a DM
  14. zelk

    Our most loyal members...

    2006 was hillarious!
  15. zelk

    Not Enough Light, What You Guys Think About This Setup?

    Flouros are weak and on top of that the blinds are shut. You would need a high powered light like a high pressure sodium bulb or something around those lines for a decent experiment. Keep them outside to simplify life.
  16. zelk

    .Does anyone know what’s living in my new/first bonsai? Should I be concerned? Anything I can do?

    Knowing the species of tree could help narrow it down but to be honest I’ve never seen anything like that. It’s probably the devil
  17. zelk

    The bonsai heresy thread

    Nigel’s videos are a cringe fest for me. He would rather stack rocks around the nebari and haul that to his greenhouse. Very limiting in situations where the center of mass of the tree is not directly over the nebari. I can’t ever imagine a situation where his approach would be better than...
  18. zelk

    Bjorn & Bonsai Empire's Advanced Bonsai Course

    What if the show isn’t very good?
  19. zelk

    New bonsai grow area: share your insights

    Think about where you want your hose to be to minimize any annoyance from going around corners. Consider the side of the yard with the longest photoperiod and maximize its functionality if that is important for some of the species that you grow.
  20. zelk

    Thoughts on pollen cones?

    Makes about as much sense as thinking that a runny nose is a sign that you’re going to die just because that is a symptom of a fatal illness at times. If cone production was so detrimental to health don’t you think pines as one of the most ancient species would have evolved a better strategy for...
  21. zelk

    Teach me about "Hardening Off"

    Before the branch is hardened off it is incapable of photosynthesizing at maximum efficiency. The plant is expending resources and hasn’t recovered that lost energy yet. Like others have mentioned, it looses water more easily as well. Pruning these unlignified branches also results in the stem...
  22. zelk

    What is this "discolouration"on my Chinese Elm?

    Reverse osmosis....
  23. zelk

    "You have been warned"

    Let it rip!
  24. zelk

    How do you explain bonsai to someone who knows nothing about it?

    I’ve tried explaining it to a psychologist once. Diagnosis = I am insane!
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