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  1. evmibo

    Bonsai bench construction question

    I'm building two new benches out of 2x4's based off of @jeremy_norbury benches. Hoping I can have these for a little while. I have a question regarding the horizontal frames/platforms and how they're constructed with 2x4 benches. I'm seeing two different methods of construction where in the...
  2. evmibo

    Liquidambar Formosana

    I've noticed that most sweetgums used for bonsai are the orientalis species, and some styraciflua. Has anyone seen examples of formosana used as bonsai? Seems like it would be more tolerant to warmer conditions.
  3. evmibo

    Started Work on Ficus

    This past winter/spring I received this Ficus, and two more trees from a man who couldn't care for them anymore. I'd been feeding and watering since. About two weeks ago I decided it was okay to take on work this summer, and took it to my first wiring class. My goal was to completely wire the...
  4. evmibo

    New Willow Leaf, New Pot

    The story: I broke down on ebay and bought the pot, I really like shallow rectangles, plus the color and unique dimensions had me intrigued. I bought this Willow Leaf from Wigerts (along with 3 others roughly the same size) last week. When I saw the base of this guy I knew I could probably...
  5. evmibo

    Tiger Bark beginnings

    Got this from Wigert's a couple of days ago. Just put it in the ground after the last picture, will keep an eye on wires. Planning on an informal upright, close to double the size that it is now. This thread will allow me to organize it's progression. Questions, concerns, critiques, cautions...
  6. evmibo

    No chop but from Shigaraki

    A pot that I'm interested in doesn't have a chop. Usually I would say screw it, I like the look and that's all that matters, but I do become concerned with quality, durability, etc with the high cost of shipping added in. I do know that it was made in Shigaraki, or that's at least what the...
  7. evmibo

    2 years of development

    Two years ago I drove up to a non bonsai nursery in Arcadia that typically only deals in large volumes. After some emails they didn't mind having me visit to pick out a couple trees. I ended up with 2 American Elms and a Bald Cypress, at $3 each! All 3 trees were about 6 feet initially...
  8. evmibo

    Which angle for rock planting?

    Sandal for scale. Red dot on rock: tree base location.
  9. evmibo

    Your recommendation to get large buttonwood cuttings to root

    I'll be collecting a couple buttonwood this spring, and would like to get some older branches rooted (if I'm lucky) as well. I'm talking about 2"-4" diameter branches. Should they just be treating like smaller cuttings?
  10. evmibo

    Pest ID and eradication suggestions.

    I've taken off about 20 of these guys from one of my American elms. They've been eating leafs. Any idea what kind of caterpillar they are? Best way to get rid of them other than what I'm already doing? Thanks.
  11. evmibo

    Didn't know where else to put this.

    Thought it was kind of cool and some might enjoy it. :p
  12. evmibo

    Collecting Trees in South Florida

    I have 10 empty anderson flats looking at me. I have thought about trespassing :eek: several times but my conscience always gets the best of me... I'm talking about anywhere south of Tampa. Mostly bald cypress, buttonwood, american elm. Have you collected in south Florida? I've called...
  13. evmibo

    Double trunk buttonwood

    I took a buttonwood workshop about a year ago. During that I killed the top of the tree and did some basic wiring. Today I worked on it for the 2nd time this season, which will probably be the last time this year, besides some carving in the fall. First pic shows it after the first styling...
  14. evmibo

    Stolen American Larch

    Hey there, was just browsing some blogs, etc and came across this - thought I'd share it here for more people to see. This kind of stuff just makes me mad! :mad: It was taken from the Toronto, Canada area. LINK
  15. evmibo

    Tricks to promote aerial roots in Ficus?

    Everything I've read basically says increased moisture on older bark will generally promote aerial roots. I think I'm just going to wrap areas with sphagnum and see how that works. What have others done? Btw, the ficus I'm working with is green island microcarpa.
  16. evmibo

    Another American Elm

    1.5 years ago I bought 3 American elms from a landscape wholesaler at $3 each, trunk chopped them and have been training ever since. I repotted about 3 months ago and all of my trees have been blowing up! I thought I would work on this one today.
  17. evmibo

    JBP Germination!

    Thought I'd share my 2nd and by far most successful JBP germination. - soaked for 72 hours, all sank. - sowed in a fines mix I save from sifting several soil components. - full shade - watered gently when top layer was noticeably dry. seeds were delivered from about two...
  18. evmibo

    ~3 year old JBP pines

    Hey there, I wanted to share these pines and get any criticism and future advice. The idea I had this spring (work was done in February) was to cut back for low back buds, repot and let growout (starting taper early). In particular I want to growout sacrifice branches, from here I figure I...
  19. evmibo

    Is it possible to grow Dwarf Japanese Quince in my climate?

    I realize that at the very least I'll have to provide mostly shade. Which is fine, but do they require a dormant period at all? Is it worth a shot? Any tips if you think it could work? I'm trying out some satzuki azalea this year with good luck (so far) even though I don't see anyone else...
  20. evmibo

    Reusing Soil..?

    I'm talking primarily about inorganics specific to me such as lava, pumice and turface. This is the first year I've done it, and I added some more organic (pine bark) back into the mix. Also, I resifted and am using the larger particles mostly, although the small particles (pictured) would be...
  21. evmibo

    Where to get good azalea stock?

    My local bonsai nursery doesn't carry them.
  22. evmibo

    Acer oliverianum and Acer rubrum var. drummondii

    Does anyone have any experience with either of these? I want to experiment with them a bit and see how they respond to bonsai in my location. I already have Acer rubrum, but not drummondii variety. After some reading, I suspect this is the small leaf, better for bonsai variety people that is...
  23. evmibo


    There's an app on the iPhone and I'm sure other smartphones that allows the user to browse forums easier. I believe it's a plugin and a site administrator or someone with the capabilities needs to allow it... Has BonsaiNut thought about this? It's really a win-win add-on to the site.
  24. evmibo

    bonsaitonight "decandling"

    I'm sure many of you have seen or read this already but to those that haven't it's a good read (with pictures!). I just started working with jbp this year so much of this is new to me still, I'm sure someone can benefit from this especially at this time of year...
  25. evmibo

    Working on my first buttonwood

    I wanted to share this tree with the nuts and get any constructive criticism. This is my first buttonwood and I plan on acquiring several more in the coming years. I live within minutes of Wigert's and this is actually where this little guy came from. In April my bonsai club had the monthly...
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