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  1. music~maker

    New Zelkova Broom

    People grow one species to look like another all the time. Zelkova leaves do bear a slight resemblance to oak leaves, and they scale down a whole lot easier. If the tree can grow that way, who cares? I'm guessing that the "something" that happened to Al's zelkova is that he probably pruned it...
  2. music~maker

    New Zelkova Broom

    I, for one, am looking forward to seeing what you do with this tree. I think a gnarly oak style would work really well. Quick question - you said this has been in a pot for 12 years. Has it always been in that pot (or a pot)? It's got a decent looking trunk, so as a life long student of trunk...
  3. music~maker

    Where has every one gone?

    Still here! I was really busy over the past six months, so haven't been commenting as much day to day. But I've still been around lurking ... =)
  4. music~maker

    Acer Palmatum - Looking for feedback/ideas

    Here's a quick update on this one. This is what the tree looks like as of April 2019. You'll notice I haven't made any big moves yet, partly because I've been busy, and partly because I wanted to see how things evolved a bit first. I've done a little refinement, and I chopped back to an apex...
  5. IMG_6602.JPG


    April 2019
  6. music~maker

    Look at what I did with my Mark Comstock maple!

    This is a fun idea for a thread. Looks like I'll need to grab a maple from Mark at some point so I can play along. =)
  7. music~maker

    Garden center Chinese Elm

    Before you prune anything, ask yourself what you are trying to accomplish, and what phase of development are you at. Are you happy with the trunk like this? That's one possible path. Do you want the trunk to thicken up? That's another. How are the roots? Is that tree root bound? If so, you...
  8. music~maker

    All I know is that I don't know nothin'

    Lol, no, we don't ask for a resume, but we do have people set their "flair". Flair contains where they're located and their (self-evaluated) experience level. The location allows us to give them accurate advice without needing to continuously reply with "where are you located", and the...
  9. music~maker

    Does anyone else name their trees?

    The extent of me naming my trees are things like "the big larch" or "the big trident" or "the little seiju", etc, but that's about it. Just enough to distinguish them from the others.
  10. music~maker

    Would anyone be interested in getting a contest going where we're all either starting from a propagate, or from a collection w/i certain parameters?

    Interesting idea on a multi-year contest. I've been toying with the idea of proposing a multi-year format for the reddit contest. Still thinking that one through ... For this one, I like the initial rules suggestions you've come up with. Having an annual judging with annual prize pools is an...
  11. music~maker

    Japanese Maple #16

    More is more. I'm happy to see as many pics as Walter posts. =)
  12. music~maker

    American Bonsai Society Announcement

    And for those asking about the artist links in the sidebar, that was something done in anger by the original mod who posted the open letter, and we didn't notice it for a long time. Adam's page has been added back in, and I've sorted the pages alphabetically. A little unintentional drama there.
  13. music~maker

    American Bonsai Society Announcement

    FYI - I just posted this over at /r/bonsai. Open Letter to the Bonsai Community: Follow-up on Adam Lavigne (adamaskwhy) Ok, I’ll admit that I’m more than a little hesitant to re-open this particular can of worms, but here goes. No matter where you stand on this particular issue, I ask that...
  14. music~maker

    Acer Palmatum - Looking for feedback/ideas

    It's coming along. The leaves should be changing color soon and I'll post some more pics then. I took a pretty conservative approach for this season, bit of a holding pattern. Made some small moves and then let it recover for the season. Mostly because I was busy in the spring, but also just...
  15. music~maker

    It's a Hobby part 2

    I guess I'd say hobbyist, but it often feels more like "lifestyle choice" at this point. =)
  16. music~maker

    Shout out to a few fans.

    I'm just going to say, as somebody who is completely outside of this conversation and not one bit attached ... if you three don't at some point take @Smoke on this you're crazy. I've seen threads where @Smoke gives detailed feedback, and it's alway in depth, thoughtful, and the kind of stuff...
  17. music~maker

    American Bonsai Society Announcement

    Sorry, maybe undisputed was a bit strong. All I meant was that he was here and that he left. That actually is undisputed. And that there is a claim that whatever happened caused him to leave. That there is such a claim is also undisputed. Now, whether that claim was made by Juan himself or by...
  18. music~maker

    American Bonsai Society Announcement

    This is the problem I have with all the evidence I've seen to date. Nothing conclusive, nothing rising to the severity of the claims, nothing even fully detailing all of the claims. If somebody has something substantial and real, now would be a really good time to come forward with it. Maybe...
  19. music~maker

    Are you a Parrot?

    I spend time on semantics because I think the words we choose matter. And especially a word like design, that has a clear set of definitions that people use regularly. If you use it differently than people expect it to be used, they're going to necessarily be confused by what you're trying to...
  20. music~maker

    American Bonsai Society Announcement

    Also, I added this note to the open letter as a stickied comment: Just a little addendum that I didn’t want to get lost in the noise. Let’s not forget that in all of this, that Juan Andrade, an extremely talented and highly respected member of the bonsai community, did in fact leave the...
  21. music~maker

    American Bonsai Society Announcement

    I was simply trying to mitigate somebody getting thrown under the bus without any sort of due process and without any chance of a rebuttal. I'm not against naming and shaming per se, but I am very much against taking actions to punish people without first knowing all the facts. And to be very...
  22. music~maker

    American Bonsai Society Announcement

    I've been unexpectedly drawn into a drama that I had nothing to do with, but as one of the reddit mods, I feel I now need to make a statement on this. I became aware of Juan's situation last night via unsubstantiated 2nd and 3rd hand information. It came from people I trust, but still, I have...
  23. music~maker

    Are you a Parrot?

    I want it to rock!
  24. music~maker

    Are you a Parrot?

    You can use whatever words you like, but you seem to latch on to very narrow definitions of words that you yourself assign, and then you argue endlessly about why you're right. I've seen you do it with the word "art" and now I've seen you do it with the word "design". You are entitled to your...
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