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    Tree for sale on Facebook Bonsai Classifieds

    All, If you are in NC or SC, I need to sell the tree listed on Bonsai Classifieds here: I have moved and it won't survive the new, sunny yard. If...
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    New Yews becoming Ya'lls

    Three new yew purchased from Mark Comstock aka pre-bonsai mark on Facebook. They are moving from CT to NC Tuesday. We will see how they like the change. Regards, Martin
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    Winter Silhouette Show in Kannapolis, NC (excellent show, lousy pictures)

    All, I very much enjoyed the 1st ever Winter Silhouette Exhibit in Kannapolis North Carolina. Here are some pictures The following are of a Julian Adams literal Mother / Daughter display. The smaller tree is a cutting from the top of the larger. (please forgive my misnaming of the...
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    Acer palmatum 'Goshiki kotohime'

    Hello All, Can anyone tell me if there is a difference between Acer palmatum 'Kotohime' and Acer palmatum 'Goshiki kotohime' ? Regards, Martin
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    Going to the 2008 Carolina Bonsai Expo?

    All, Is anyone else going to the 2008 Carolina Bonsai Expo in Asheville NC on October 11th and 12th? It is a fine show and well worth the trip. More information can be found at: I am...
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    Shimpaku new front

    All, I wired the below Shimpaku last Saturday. The old back is now the new front. I failed to take any before pictures. This made for a much more dramatic appearance. The tree needs some pinching and filling out, but I like the change. Comments welcome. Regards, Martin
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    Bald Cypress Attempt

    All, Here is my first attempt at a Flat Top style Bald Cypress. It has a way to go yet, on the branches especially. I am hoping for some feedback on the trunk line more than anything else. Constructive criticism on any aspect of the tree is welcome. Regards, Martin
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    American Hornbeam

    All, Thought I would share a picture taken today of my American hornbeam, Carpinus caroliniana. It was collected locally(Charlotte NC) about 6 years ago about this time of year from a friend's old family farm. It was 8'+ when dug, and was chopped back hard at collection. All the branches...
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    North Carolina Arboretum Bonsai Collection Trees

    All, While at the 2007 Carolinas Bonsai Expo, I took pictures of some of the trees on display from the North Carolina Arboretum's Collection. I believe it is formally known as the Staples Collection, named after the family that donated the initial trees to the Arboretum, pushing the Arboretum...
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    Red Maple Collected Spring 2007

    All, I collected this Red Maple, Acer rubrum, from my back yard this past spring, probably in early March. Not a very glamorous collecting trip to be sure, but that's ok. Do any B'Nutter's have experience working with Red Maple? I have heard they are difficult and not very rewarding...
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    2007 Carolina Bonsai Expo

    Hello Everyone, Just wanted to share some info concerning the upcoming 2007 Carolina Bonsai Expo. It is the North Carolina Arboretum's web address. The Carolina Bonsai Expo is...
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    Bonsai Society Of the Carolinas Arthur Joura Visit

    On Saturday, the Bonsai Society of the Carolinas hosted our annual visit from Arthur Joura, Curator of Bonsai for the Staples Collection at the North Carolina Arboretum in Asheville, North Carolina. Arthur has been visiting us for the last 12 years in August. After the 97 degree temps this...
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    Chinzan Azalea

    This is the first thread I have ever started on any bonsai website. Please see the picture below of a Chinzan satsuki azalea I have been growing as bonsai since 1998. I purchased it from a backyard azalea nursery in Irmo (I believe) South Carolina in a 1gl pot that year. It was...
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