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    guardians of the yard

    sharing two larger collected banyans kept as yard trees. pruned this afternoon with hedge shears some pictures. best wishes, sam
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    murraya paniculata as bonsai

    murraya is a popular bonsai species in asia. growers in taiwan, philippines and other south east asian countries create high quality bonsai from this material. while murraya abound in hawaii, primarily as hedge or landscape plantings, it is underutilized as bonsai material. here is one of...
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    starting over

    this is a story about a collected ficus with a decent trunk and taper with potential to be bonsai. the branches and canopy were left to grow wild until recently. unfortunately, I didn't think to take a picture before I started cutting things off, so the bushy tree below is kinda like...
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    twisty bougainvillea

    sharing progress pictures of collected bougainvillea; both with interesting trunk movement and the potential to develop into nice trees. best wishes to all for a safe holiday season sam
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    winter weather on kauai

    reading about weather fronts sweeping east from alaska, hard freezes, winterizing trees. weather on kauai today. high about 82 F, clear sky with some clouds, light south wind, no precipitation. sharing a few trees in the yard. be safe. stay warm. best wishes, sam
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    old red hibiscus

    collected from an abandoned landscape. only the exterior shell remains but growing strongly. cut back today. best wishes, sam
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    design for the future

    this is the top half of a tall bougainvillea collected earlier this year. what this is essentially, is a large cutting which has rooted and is flourishing. decided today to look at the tree with an eye towards developing a future design. assets include a tall trunk with nice movement. old...
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    just before dark

    finishing another day. had my camera handy took some random pictures of trees scattered about. some worked on, some not. sorry for the poor quality of the photos. pictures taken in situ; no prep. best wishes, sam
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    bougainvillea cuttings
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    bougainvillea cuttings
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    another step

    another step of many steps yet to come. some kauai bougainvillea best wishes, sam
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    sharing pictures of three of my ficus best wishes, sam
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    yard things

    posting some things in progress best wishes, sam
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    bright spots in the yard. best wishes, sam
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    junipers . works in progress latest iteration

    best wishes, sam
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    second chance

    I recently acquired 7 bougainvillea that'd been rough styled and potted in 2011, then seriously neglected. the grower had let the trees go to the point where they were very weak, suffering from a multitude of problems- not the least of which was rampant rot . sharing some pictures of a...
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    spring is coming

    just what I really wanted to celebrate spring ( not really ), more bougainvillea best wishes, sam
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    tropical ramification

    working on ramifying my bougainvillea. you'd think fast growing tropical material would develop dense ramification quickly. trees in the ground pruned regularly do. ramifying bougainvillea in a pot is another matter. progress is slow. here is a tree about 7 years after collection...
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    puttering outside

    some pictures from the yard. macy's bougainvillea development, small premna over stone with bougainvillea- a work just starting. large premna raw material best wishes, sam
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    first 3 pictures taken today after partial defoliation and wire. pictures 4 and 5, circa 2011 - 2012, trunk hollowing in process. best wishes sam
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    how about some green?

    snow and ice posts are everywhere - brrrr. hoping a bit of green might make winter days a tad more bearable. developing a bougainvillea cascade in my yard. stay warm. best wishes, sam
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    clip & gro, clip & gro - jan 2011 - jan 2014

    bougainvillea best wishes, sam
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    premna microphylla projects

    collected premna stock in varying stages of development. branches and foliage are being grown as complimentary accents to the contorted, deadwood rich, trunk material. best wishes, sam
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    maintenance kishu shimpaku

    some pictures of recent work on a shimpaku. the main task was to thin the tree which had become so dense that light could not penetrate to interior branches. superfluous branches were removed and the tree rewired where necessary. best wishes, sam starting, undone, completed...
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    recent chinese juniper

    sharing some pictures of a XXL shimpaku best wishes, sam
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