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    Urbandori ash/Fraxinus excelsior

    Three small Ash here. Best suggestion for bending do while growth still green stemmed or just after harden off. Partial defoliating of bigger leaves as well as directional cut backs creates smaller leaves/more branching. Trunk cut back does make more branching. Hardened off branches very...
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    Bored Baby bending of a disposable oak

    The places our trees come from. Personally have at least 5 Oak volunteers :oops:.
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    Clump heritage river birch?

    Personally straight trunks boring uninteresting. But is your money and time;).
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    Bosnian Pine; Pinus Heldreichii

    One lower;). For now. Maybe just keep for trunk growth than when achieved cut to lowest rt branch as new main trunk. Current trunk too straight. Lowest section needs bent
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    Bosnian Pine; Pinus Heldreichii

    Are needles stiff and sharp? Two branches on right side and wiring too thin to be effective. Suggest to cut above top rt branch and wire to be apex and sacrifice. Does not need to be formal upright straight up but should use as at least partial sacrifice for trunk development. Tree is still...
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    Can I prune back this oak while there are still leaves on it

    Yes, But...... If tree in development(trunk growth)I allow to grow before pruning so all possible energy goes to making trunk bigger. Can prune after harden off and will grow again especially if partially or fully defoliated. This gives trunk double(or added)growth in one year;). Can also be...
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    Need to start working on these in the Spring...

    Search archives for much info. Cork bark JBP a different animal and need needles for strength. Weaker than normal JBP for most cultivars. Personally only find 3rd tree graft acceptably low(possibly)and would get rid of others if in my hands:confused:. What surprises is that some actually...
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    Quercus Suber seedlings, what now?

    When growing to develop trunk size roots must feel free to run like ground planting. Of course sacrifice branch/apex is needed as well. If kept in small pots this takes forever;). "Might" get H2O logged prevented with well draining substrate.
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    NOOB ?: What the heck are these things on my JBP??

    Seconded fo Liverwort in #1 picture. Not good to have these but can easily be weeded out;). Subsiding soil may be degraded kakadama turning to clay mud. Get tree into pumice if available there.
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    I dug up a thorny beast...what is it???

    So why you collect this knowing its nasty spines:oops:?
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    Quercus Suber seedlings, what now?

    Should be fine and will grow in Spring as would in nature. If soil not too cold root likely will be growing after a month in ground;).
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    STOLEN BONSAI: re-post from pacific bonsai museum instagram

    Great news indeed. Especially the one from the internment camp. Trees back in good hands and surely looking good again by end of growing season;).
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    Preferred Oaks

    Excellent wonderful potential😍!
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    Preferred Oaks

    Leo; Personally recommend doing in stages due to shortages of side roots. In stages gives these chance to develop more feeders between removals. Seems intuitive to me;).
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    Any idea whats wrong with this pitch pine?

    Personal instinct suspects fungus infection. Suggest copper or Daconil spray ;)
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    One month of research and I have questions

    Growing containers must have good drainage. Do yours? Generally compost/nursery soil bad for Bonsai roots. More inorganics needed;). Study time before bending is most wise. However should not wait so long wood hardens too much to bend without breaking.
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    I cannot get rid of these dang mealy bugs!!!!!!!!!!

    Had mess of them on Ponderosa Pine. Used Whitney Farms Outdoor insect killer. Believe considered insecticidal soap? Sprayed liberally maybe 3 times several days apart until disappearance. Did not come back;).
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    Choose a front please.

    Presently can not. Tree needs angle change to expose all surface roots 360 degreeso_O. Only then can front be properly chosen.
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    LA Garden JBP

    ' Also show better structure:eek:.
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    Advice on this little white pine...repot?

    With slower growers as White pines repotting oftener than 5 years is bad idea. Allowing more free development in bigger container and with sacrifice branch to make trunk bigger will help greatly. Keeping roots confined and foliage more constrained trunk and tree development will be forever:(.
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    How to proceed on red oak

    Excellent. Appears ID of Q. rubra is correct. Planning to dig this year or can wait till 2021? Is there a grow bed to use after digging:confused:? Prevaling suspicion tree may have long tap root and few side roots until 2 feet down
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    Reputation of Bonsai Mirai

    Possibly the other seller obtained some things from less than reputable sources. Black market;). Or even repros.
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    How to promote back-budding?

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    What is your favorite soil to use and why?

    Generally pumice conifers or mostly so decicuous🤪. More soil wars or boycotted?
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