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  1. Steven1969s

    Can someone tell me what tree is this?

    Found this sticking out of my driveway and planted it. Thanks
  2. Steven1969s

    Early repotting Satsuki Azaleas

    Hello everyone. As a rule of thumb we are supposed to root prune and repott Azaleas after flowering right? What are the consequences of repotting before they flower like in early spring? Will the tree flower anyway? The reason that I ask is because I bought an Azalea from someone that wasn't...
  3. Steven1969s

    Ealry Amur Maple Bloom

    Hello everyone. Have an Amur maple that I was going to repot in spring, however, It started to bloom and was wondering if I can repot now eventhough temps are going to drop around the freezing mark next week? This tree is in a none heated garage along with all my deciduous trees. Please let me...
  4. Steven1969s

    Seeds from Grafted JM.

    Hello. First I would like to know if grafted JM produce seeds as adult trees and second If they do produce seeds will the seedlings be from the graft itself or from the mother plant? Thanks Steve
  5. Steven1969s

    Living in Japan?

    Hello everyone. Looking for a member other than Bjorn who lives in Japan. I tried contacting him but no luck. Anyone please? Thanks, Steve
  6. Steven1969s

    Visiting Nagoya Japan

    Hello. Will be visiting Nagoya Japan and was wondering if anyone can tell me where is this market? I know where the nurseries but would like to visit this Bonsai market. I tried contacting the author of the video but no answer. Mind you this video is from 2012. Thanks, Steve
  7. Steven1969s

    Propagating a grafted maple.

    Hello everyone. I have a grafted Arakawa maple that I would like to propagate next spring. Can I propagate from cuttings? I read somewhere that they are difficult to root. What are your experiences? Thanks.
  8. Steven1969s

    Large elm cutting

    Hello everyone. Just wanted to know what is the largest cutting that you were able to grow? There's a video on Youtube of large thick branches being cut off of an Elm and turned into trees by simply cutting the branch, removing the foliage planting the branch in bonsai mix, keeping it wet but...
  9. Steven1969s

    Growing a tree from a stake cutting.

    I was on youtube the other day and came across this video of a man cutting real thick branches from a regular sized elm tree. He would defoliate them completely and stick them in bonsai soil and a couple of months later they would start to bud and at that point you would have what seemed to be a...
  10. Steven1969s

    Crabapple tree question

    Hello everyone. Just got an old crabapple tree that has been neglected for some time now. It currently has a fungus that I hope to control before next spring. How well do these trees backbud on old wood? This is my first crabapple so I have no experience with them. I would like to cut it back...
  11. Steven1969s

    Any idea what this could be?

    This is my friends crabapple tree and leaves are red and scorched. Any idea of what this could be?
  12. Steven1969s

    Korean Hornbeam cuttings

    Hello. Back in May I planted some cuttings of Elms, Zelkova and Korean hornbeams. All have rooted and have new growth except the Hornbeams. They were all planted the same way, on the same soil, in the same tray with root hormone dip. This is my first attempt at growing hornbeam from cuttings and...
  13. Steven1969s

    Air layering

    Hello everyone. I'm located in NJ Back in mid May I proceeded with air layering a Trident maple. Today, upon closer inspection I see roots everywhere and I was wondering if I could cut the air layer off. I know I'm supposed to wait until Fall, but by then roots will be bursting out of the wrap...
  14. Steven1969s

    Help ID this tree

    Last year I picked this thinking that it was a beech tree since it sprouted right next to the the large beech, but now i realize that it's not and I can't figure out what kind of tree is it. Maybe someone in here could help.
  15. Steven1969s

    Privet late root pruning

    Hello everyone. I have a privet that I was supposed to root prune in spring and forgot about it. Is it to late to root prune now? I'm starting to see roots pop out of the pot and don't want to see the tree suff er. Please let me know. Thanks, Steve
  16. Steven1969s

    Design help

    Hello everyone. A friend of mine's attempt to bonsai has failed and now he would like for me to help him design this tree. Unfortunately I have looked at this tree and can't come up with anything. All the branches are as thick as the trunk, too much missing green on the inside. I know someone...
  17. Steven1969s

    Chojubai trees coming from Japan on ebay??

    Just checked ebay and I see a bunch of chojubai trees with free shipping from Japan? Has anyone seen this?
  18. Steven1969s

    Pyracantha Question

    Just bought a Pyracantha from a person who was growing it indoors under artificial lights. Apparently he thought this was a tropical tree. He only had it for 2 years and this was going to be the second winter that it spent indoors. I live in Nj and temps here are currently below freezing. Can...
  19. Steven1969s

    Collection reduction

    Hello everyone. I'm reducing my collection and will be having a garage sale next Saturday July 8th (weather permitting) where I'll be selling my trees. I'll be selling: Chinese elms, Japanese maples, Chinese privets, Chinese quinces, Japanese black pine, Ficus Retusa, Fukien t's, Korean...
  20. Steven1969s

    Would like to save my Juniper

    Hello everyone. I have kept this Juniper for the last 2 years. I repotted it this spring and apparently the tree has not been able to recover since. I only cut about 1/3 of the original root ball and only removed about half of the original soil, it was repotted using pUmice, akadama and crushed...
  21. Steven1969s

    What is this white slimy stuff on roots.

    Hello everyone. I was repoting my elm and saw this white slimy stuff on the roots. Any idea what this could be? Thanks Steve
  22. Steven1969s

    Japanese Cherry Blossom trunk chop.

    Hello everyone. I'm getting a few Sakura's this week and was wondering if anyone here has had any experience with doing a trunk chop on this particular tree. I know I have to wait until spring. The trunks of the trees I'm getting are only about 1" and about 2' tall. Any help will be...
  23. Steven1969s

    Overwintering a Sub/tropical

    Hello everyone. I bought a Zelkova this year and it's the first time I have a subtropical. I've been keeping this tree in my unheated garage since November. It dropped almost all of its leafs as expected but now the temp have dropped dramatically to teens outside and inside the garage this...
  24. Steven1969s

    Itoigawa pot???

    Hello everyone Is there such a thing as an Itoigawa pot??? Somebody asked me and before I give that person an uneducated answer I wanted to see what you guys have to say. I know there's Itoigawa trees but not sure of pots. Thanks, Steve
  25. Steven1969s

    Repoting Tropicals

    Hello everyone. I have a Chinese Privet that I would like to repot now since I believe it is rootbound My intentions were to repot it during the summer but I never came around to do it. I know I'm supposed to repot in the spring and wanted to know what are your thoughts on repoting now. The...
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