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  1. bwaynef


    I've recently started to approach bonsai more seriously, ...actually seeking (regular) instruction. Recently, after learning how to repot in person (instead of just watching videos/DVDs, reading about it, and looking at pictures), I decided I'd try to capture every step of the process. What...
  2. bwaynef

    Acer palmatum ‘Miners’

    I'll be working on this maple in the next couple of days. I've waited to do the work until I can also repot to avoid bleeding. I'm hopeful it will turn out pretty nice, in a mature spreading maple form. Right now it needs to be reined in a little first. The picture not taken square to one...
  3. bwaynef

    Itoigawa juniper initial styling

    Here’s how I’ve spent my free time over the past week or two. This was mostly about setting branches at the right angle and getting foliage laid out for efficiency and backbudding. I’m hopeful to see this one get into a pot that it deserves come spring.
  4. bwaynef

    When is it acceptable/preferred to cross wires

    (I posted this in Advanced Topics, mostly so I could put this warning in here: I'm not asking for permission to be sloppy.) I enjoy wiring. In the past I haven't done as much of it as I should, but I'm trying to do the work at the right time on the trees I have that are ready for the work...
  5. bwaynef

    CIA Bonsai

    Here's an interesting story:
  6. bwaynef

    Chemical to organic fertilizer regimen---> Timeframe for satisfactory growth?

    This post is for anyone who's switched from "chemical"* fertilizer to organic: I've read/seen/been taught enough to believe that my trees would benefit from organic fertilizer. (Which is best isn't really for discussion on this post, ...please and thank you.) I was wondering for anyone...
  7. bwaynef

    Hedge Maple: Tips, tricks, and general wisdom.

    Last spring I took possession of a nice Hedge Maple with some ...heritage. (Awesome nebari, thick trunk, hollow...) When I brought it home, it was before it had leafed out, and it (and several of those that made the trip with it) appeared healthy but would soon show signs of stress. I...
  8. bwaynef

    Shohin J. Maple

    Here's another tree that thru no fault of my own found its way to my backyard. It suffered a bit of dieback last winter or early spring so was mostly left to get healthy last year. I believe it was also slip-potted into this pot after its original fell and cracked. This pot's slightly larger and...
  9. bwaynef

    Pretty raw Trident

    Through no fault of my own, this tree found its way into my yard last year and I tended it minimally. I'm probably going to cut some things back hard but the first order or business is getting it repotted.
  10. bwaynef

    Japanese Maple cutback in winter

    I've got a small JMaple. I'm not thrilled with where it is and want to improve. Anybody care to advise? What do you think?
  11. bwaynef

    Free JBP seeds for SASE

    If you're interested in participating in this contest but can't be bothered to order seeds for whatever reason, I've got 50 seeds waiting for you. I bought a lot more seeds than I'll use, particularly since I'm swimming in young JBP seedlings. Send me a PM and I'll send you my address. Then...
  12. bwaynef

    Rejuvenating some JBPs

    I had the opportunity to bring home several good sized JBP that weren't in the best condition this past fall. Some have more potential than others. Here they are as I received them.
  13. bwaynef

    Japanese Maple I wasn't going to purchase

    At the recent Silhouette show, I'd decided before I left the house that I wasn't going to be buying anything. (You can see how that worked out.) This was tucked away on the back table of the Bonsai Learning Center and as I was purchasing it, Martin Sweeney complimented my eye. Turns out that...
  14. bwaynef

    A Japanese Maple

    I've had this one for several years, having raised it from a seedling. It might not be your cup of tea. I don't say that as a cop out, because I'd like your input. I just know its different than what many strive for, ...myself included sometimes. Regardless of all that, what do you think?
  15. bwaynef

    Can you guess? Name this pine!

    This one is 2½ years old. I've only been working it for a year now. I think it was a volunteer in one of my other pots. Take a guess as to the species ...unless I've spoken with you about the tree. Take other shots at (me?) it about its styling too if you want. I'm aware of my problems...
  16. bwaynef

    movement in a Virginia Pine

    Here's a virginia pine I recently brought home with me. Its health has improved drastically this year (having been collected 2-3 years ago) but I'll wait til I see evidence that its thoroughly happy before I work on it. Until then its got time to speak to me. I moved it from a pretty shady...
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