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  1. zelk

    Mosquito control

    Hey everyone, I'd like to hear how you guys tackle this seasonal problem. Here in San Diego I'm having a tough year with this problem. I've done all the obvious things to help like not having standing water. What else should I be doing? Any good outdoor repellents you feel comfortable using...
  2. zelk

    Bonsai in Star Trek

    I saw this today while watching The Next Generation. I noticed that there are bonsai everywhere, mostly in the school. It is nice to know that bonsai still exists in the 24th century!
  3. zelk

    Filtering Water

    Hi everyone. Does anybody filter chlorine and chloramines along with other detrimental substances like heavy metals from their water? I know that here in San Diego the water is hard and filled with junk. I've looked into filters that go in line with a garden hose and wonder if they may help. I...
  4. zelk


    Here is one of my 2 year old Zelkova Serrata seedlings that im growing inside of a 5 gallon pot. None of the others are showing these curly leaves, does anybody know if this is a deficiency of some sort? i did not see any pests on the leaves.
  5. zelk

    my least favorite tree thread

    title says it all just like irene's thread but trees you do not like what trees do you not like but also give a reason for why you think so.. needle junipers because they are prickly and i get an itch from them after handling pines because they are really slow
  6. zelk

    liquidambar progression

    Hey guys, I paid $38 dollars for this Liquidambar Orientalis. I purchased it at the Bonsai-A-Thon convention which took place at Huntington Gardens in San Marino, CA. This tree had several problems with the most obvious being the cluttered apex which was starting to give the tree reverse...
  7. zelk

    hacking at bonsaitalk?

    sorry i had to bring this up here but i cant post over there. what the heck is going on over there?? is this some sort of sick April fool's joke that they are playing on us or is this a real attack? the colors are all weird severar moderators and members including myself and bonsaiwes...
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