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  2. artofthedaiza

    Amboyna Burl Daiza

    A long while ago, I purchased two blocks of this really rare rosewood burl, the rarest actually, Amboyna rosewood burl. Gorgeous color and very hard to find as well as Been saving it until the right stone could be matched with it. I knew this brecciated jasper was the first one when I saw it!!!!
  3. artofthedaiza

    Shoji Screen

    Peter Macasieb sent me this photo of his display with one of my large shoji screens He ordered as backdrop. Really makes a difference in the presentation!
  4. artofthedaiza

    Ziricote wood Shohin stand

    Gorgeous Ziricote wood Shohin stand 6.5” x 8.75” x 6” tall Beautiful and unusual “cloudy” grain!
  5. artofthedaiza

    Chechen Shohin stand

    Chechen rosewood (Carribean) Shohin stand 8.5” x 12” x 5” tall Rich, golden grain!
  6. artofthedaiza

    Share your stones!

    Surprised after coming back to Bonsainut after being gone a while how few people are posting stones! I know you guys have nice stones out there, I meet you at the shows! Please share!
  7. artofthedaiza

    Burmese Rosewood stand

    Oh yeah! Burmese rosewood! Expensive and hard to find! 5” x 9” x 4” tall
  8. artofthedaiza

    Cocobolo wood Shohin stand

    Cocobolo wood stand with 8” x 10” top Ebonized walnut legs
  9. artofthedaiza

    Mini petrified wood

  10. artofthedaiza

    Mini desert stone

  11. artofthedaiza

    Crazy jasper/quartz

    Multi colored jasper with quartz veins. Daiza is black palm wood.
  12. artofthedaiza

    Flat bottom Eel River jade mountain

    A VERY flat bottomed large Eel River jade mountain stone. Great peaks and smoothness and that Eel River green color! 11” across x 8” tall! Daiza wood is Paduk rosewood, a very red colored wood shot sprayed with a dark brown dye. Resulting in a rich reddish brown color.
  13. artofthedaiza

    Black palm wood daiza

    Picked up a couple of blocks of black palm wood to try making daizas out of. Interesting patterns in this wood grain!
  14. artofthedaiza

    Small Eel River stone

    Small Eel River Stone, uncut
  15. artofthedaiza

    100% Cocobolo wood stand

  16. artofthedaiza

    Walnut wood Shohin Stand

    Shohin stand 6” x 8” x 4” tall Top is old growth walnut wood Nice colorful grain! I have two of these
  17. artofthedaiza

    Bocote Shohin stand

    Shohin stand 4.75” c 5.75” x 4” tall Top and rails are Bocote rosewood Legs are ebony
  18. artofthedaiza

    Ziricote Shohin stand

    Shohin stand 9.5” x 12” x 6” tall Top is Ziricote wood (expensive exotic wood)
  19. artofthedaiza

    Carved leg shohin stand

    7” x 10” x 4” tall shohin stand. I attach over sized double mitered legs and then carve them into the edge of the top for that sweeping corner look.
  20. artofthedaiza

    Indian Paint Rock arch stone

    with a light purple and gold colors, the desert polish is very nice!
  21. artofthedaiza

    Arizona petrified wood

    Beautiful red petrified wood Mesa suiseki
  22. artofthedaiza

    Arch stone

    This Indian Paint stone should make a good arch stone! Colors and texture are cool!
  23. artofthedaiza

    Nice desert mountain stone

    This Death Valley desert stone I just cut has a nice mountain shape! Interesting material too! I’ll be making a wonderful rosewood daiza for this soon.
  24. artofthedaiza

    Trinity River Suiseki

    Mountain suiseki with new daiza About 11” long, walnut wood daiza
  25. artofthedaiza

    Large yellow/red jasper arch stone.

    Arch stone and new natural bottom daiza. Looks rough but is all smooth river polished!
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